Mars transits in Aquarius

Written by Susan

Mars enters Aquarius and brings a certain anti-conformity, the need for independence and freedom. With this transit the atmosphere is energetic and fun. It pushes you to do a lot of original things and to stand out from others. However, the actions can be unpredictable, unrealistic and marked by a good dose of individualism.

Positive aspects: Technical ingenuity, honest and loyal friendships, desire for independence and freedom of action. Originality, respect, sudden initiatives and combativeness for your ideals.
Negative aspects: Rebellion, irritability, disordered activities. Impatience that leads to precipitation, violent anger attacks, injuries to the legs, back, ankles, electric shocks.


With the passage of Mars in Aquarius you take the right to have fun and to do things only your way. You are on the front line, with enthusiasm and efficiency, you express your ideas, your desires and tread on unknown lands. You get excited about new motivating and exciting projects. You get rid of all constraints to evolve according to your desires. Your sentimental life lacks a little stability because you are especially fond of freedom!


The entry of Mars into Aquarius makes you difficult to grasp and follow. Indeed, on one side you cling to your need for emotional and material security and on the other you are ready to send everything away, in order to enjoy your freedom. Your ambivalent behavior may create some tension with your loved ones who have trouble understanding what you really want. At work, you are stimulated by your tasks but not necessarily pleasant. You want to keep the monopoly on everything and you act with a certain selfishness.


With the passage from Mars to Aquarius, you think you are allowed everything and act as if you are alone in the world. Your only goal is to distract yourself and impress your audience by strutting all over the place. In love, you act passionately and unpredictably. But your taste for freedom may not be shared by your partner and fuel their jealousy. At work, your ideas are a little crazy and your nonconformist remarks may disconcert your interlocutors. However, this period is ideal for throwing yourself into an innovative project or get started on a freelance activity.


The entry of Mars in Aquarius brings a good dose of fantasy to your daily life, upsets your habits and makes you more dazzling. Now is the time to take advantage of this period to broaden your thinking, open up to new ideas, bring your projects to life, and go enthusiastically towards others. This period is also ideal to put your sense of dedication in the service of a humanitarian cause. In love, you manage to overcome your shyness to get closer to the other and slip a little spice into your relationship.


The transit of Mars in Aquarius makes you particularly fearless and makes you act on impulses. In this somewhat hectic atmosphere, you want to stand out above all others and prefer to go it alone to achieve this. Projects can be started and interesting ideas can be expressed but being stubborn about your positions and believing that everything is owed to you would be a mistake. So, if you want to impress your audience without making waves, keep your feet on the ground and be a little more moderate.


With the entry of Mars into Aquarius, you act with boldness and determination. You do not hesitate to take initiatives and have relevant ideas. Indeed, this transit allows you to cross a few limits and to go further than usual. In terms of relationships, you are particularly funny and bubbly. Because of this, your company is highly appreciated and you are rewarded with multiple invitations. You swim in a joyful atmosphere that allows you to open up to others and win in freedom.


With the passage from Mars to Aquarius, you are inclined to adopt a destabilizing attitude, to make decisions on impulse, to lack consistency and to have totally inappropriate reactions. Indeed, this transit makes you act like a free spirit and nothing and nobody seems to be able to reason with you. Whatever the field, you feel the need to evolve as you see fit and quite fancifully. So, do not be surprised if, in passing, you create some waves!


With the entry of Mars in Aquarius, you do not lack any ingenious strategies and original ideas to evolve in your activity and make yourself noticed. You act as much for pleasure as power while having the tendency to lead your boat solo. Whatever the field, you have many ideas to achieve your goals. With this transit, you also take advantage of all the opportunities that come, in order to live new experiences and satisfy your taste for freedom.


The passage from Mars to Aquarius has everything to please you. Indeed, with this transit you can bet on your originality of thought to seduce your interlocutors, start a project or launch new challenges. You get rid of all the constraints of everyday life to act as you see fit and according to your desires. However, this attitude, a little bit selfish, may not do well with the expectations of some of your loved ones.


The entry of Mars into Aquarius brings you a breath of freedom, makes you more lenient, encourages you to take back roads and see things from another angle. By dealing with others, you are making significant social progress. By developing original ideas you surprise your superiors. By being more approachable, you can take on the role of leader within a team. Beware of keeping a sense of proportion and not wanting to go it alone!


With the passage of Mars in your birth sign you do not do things half measured. Indeed, you rely on your freedom of thought and independence to do what you want without worrying about those around you. Your only goal is to live life to the fullest. But beware of your extravagance and selfishness! Analyze what you have, in order to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.


With the transit from Mars to Aquarius, you have a tendency to disperse, to lack consistency and to waste your energy unnecessarily. Indeed, with the current atmosphere you have more desire to vary the pleasures than to show rigor, seriousness or to bend to the orders of anyone. It is with joy and dynamism that you multiply exchanges and outputs. In love, you will not be bored because you are full of ideas that break with monotony.

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