Mars in Virgo

Written by Susan

Today, Mars leaves the flamboyant sign of Leo to enter Virgo Everything that revolves around the will and activities will be tinged with temperance, precise calculations, sometimes cautiousness or fussiness.
Commercial and accounting activities will be largely highlighted with clear opportunities to progress towards further development or new projects. If the occupations are less spectacular, they will however be solid, well built and practical.
It remains to be seen how each of the twelve signs will be able to make the best use of the energy from this laborious transit.


The ambient energy will change color and it is best to still adapt instantly to a more sober climate, a production that is more discreet and better controlled. You can benefit a lot from these few studious months by developing the strategies of your means of action. You will have to take a closer look at your daily life to deploy the means that will allow you to make it easy and enjoyable. If you use this strong but channeled energy, you will have all the assets in hand to resume more exciting activities in a few weeks and in excellent conditions.


After a lot of agitation and fatigue due to a stressful period of conflict of interest or conflicts in general, you will, for a few weeks, go through a first-rate improvement in all your energies. There is a lot of sensuality to be enjoyed and concrete, meticulous activities to complete in optimal conditions. If you have children, it is in your role of a parent that you will flourish best during this time. Many of you will be able to take care of your pleasures. Your desires will finally be understood and mastered, you will be able to start from scratch if the situation requires it and, more generally, everything is in place for a period as constructive as it is pleasant.


After working for a few weeks in a dynamic and enterprising company, you will have to face a much more intimate and cerebral atmosphere. Your attention will be focused on your home and your family will become the focus of your activities until the end of the year. You will have to endure very specific new constraints, which can annoy you often but will prove very useful afterwards. So you have every interest in following the movement and looking at details that may hinder your progress. By doing this in a methodical manner, you will prepare a prime field for your future activities.


Your energy is a little on the back burner lately. Many of you have had the uncomfortable feeling of being overwhelmed by events. Some felt a sense of frustration exacerbating darker moods; others have become discouraged in a climate that is just as gloomy. Things are changing in the next two months. The conditions in which you will act will be much more adapted to your temperament. Your close entourage will be the foundation for your next exploits, all in nuance and sensitivity. Artists and those who live from communication will be particularly privileged.


With Mars in your house for a few weeks, you have had plenty of time to complete most of your projects. From today until December, the atmosphere will be much more intimate. It will be time for balance sheets and the adjustments that will follow. Admittedly, this climate is less festive and above all, you will hardly be in the spotlight. However, it is a most profitable configuration and this largely offsets that. If you use this energy intelligently, you will lay a healthy foundation for a very profitable year, both in terms of work and your emotional security.


You are the stars of this return of Mars in your sign. Many of you will come out of the shadows and be noticed by your seriousness, your punctuality and your professional conscience. The opportunity to evolve very positively in your activities is given to you for a few weeks. Initiatives concerning accounting, the organization of everyday life, relationships with the world of health and the world of education are protected for two months. It is therefore an excellent, fulfilling and profitable period for Virgos. Take this opportunity to get started on the project that is most important to you, success awaits.


The beautiful team spirit that prevailed for several weeks will give way to a more sober and more personal climate. This is the time to look at your situation so as to identify and prepare the ground for the passage of Mars in your sign in a few weeks. In the meantime, accounts, reports and plans will be at the forefront of your concerns and your activities will focus on meditation, reflection, critical feedback about yourself, your activities, your results and your hopes. This is a bit of an austere break in your life but very useful for the longevity of your next occupation.


After weeks of tension, feverish activity or forced inaction, the entrance to Mars in Virgo signifies, for you, the return of a working atmosphere infinitely more comfortable. It is likely that your social circle will be the driving force of your main activities until December. You will be able to act at your own pace: cautious, sometimes picky. Your capacity for introspection will be put positively to contribution and you will be worth a great precision in your accounts, balance sheets and projections. The activities of this period are marked by precision, duration and professional conscience. It's also a great time to share activities with friends.


The excellent atmosphere of emulation and mutual aid that prevailed for a few weeks will unfortunately fade in the face of a much more frustrating climate. You only have the choice to make the best of this situation. You will have to subdue your way of glibness and develop your ability to concentrate. Those who have enough discipline for this introspection will draw very useful conclusions in their future activities. During this time, it's your strictly professional life, with its very difficult routine to support that will be the most profitable and, on arrival, the most fulfilling.


After dynamic but tiring activities, a period more adapted to your temperament opens today with the entry Mars in Virgo. Your activities will now directly target your highest ideals and you will make every effort to arrive discreetly but surely to your goals. Your concentration skills, your physical and moral courage, your talents as a builder will be highlighted and will bring you money, notoriety and personal satisfaction. A period of prosperity to garner in every sense of the term. Marriage, children, new job, moving or expatriation are possible situations, depending on the big project you have in mind...


In the last few weeks, many of you have been acting fiercely, sometimes in conflicting relationships, always in the most dynamic entrepreneurial spirit. From now on, the color of the energy will change by moving towards more personal, intimate "building sites". A review of yourself is necessary to prepare the ground of your next affair. Daily life and the routine takes back its rights and suggests that you take care of your balance sheet. What are your successes, where are your flaws, what mistakes will not be repeated? These are the existential questions that await you and that you will have to confront with more discreet but useful activities.


Your occupations in recent weeks have often been confined to the most gloomy routine, far from the turmoil observed outside. The entry of Mars in Virgo signifies the return of a beautiful dynamism in your life and the emergence of the relationship aspect in your various projects. It's a good time to sign a contract, whether one of work or marriage, to start your business in good conditions for survival or to work as a team on a concrete and well built project. Moreover, luck accompanies you and you currently have the power to change the very structure of your occupations.

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