Calendar of the Full Moon in 2024

Written by Evie

The Moon's cycle begins when the Sun and the Moon are conjoined. During the New Moon, the Moon travels 10 to 14 degrees of the zodiac per day, staying two or three days in each sign and completing the circle in 29 days. On the 14th day of the cycle, the Moon is at mid-trajectory and opposite the Sun.

This is the Full Moon. It then decreases for 14 days until the next New Moon. The Full Moon illuminates consciousness. It gives wisdom, which predisposes us to constructive discussions. The Full Moon invites you to go out of your home to meet others. It sometimes induces a natural effervescence, and contacts and exchanges are numerous. Nervousness can result from all this agitation.

Full Moon of January 25, 2024

So what is the result of this long awaited change? A lot of ink has been spilled, but here we are completely in this great astrological shift. This Full Moon shows that if the world is changing, we must change with it (Sun in Aquarius). But the change is not obvious, because it is deep and intense. We risk wanting to do too much and excess is never good (Moon in Leo). The required transformation must be done with respect for nature, which is none other than our nature. It is the fact of remaining focused only on oneself that distracts us from the real subject. If we seek to be the best possible, the most brilliant, we must think that it is to offer it to the collective.

Full Moon of February 24, 2024

The Full Moon of February 24, with the Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces, is focused on the analytical and critical qualities of the zodiac. Everything will be explained through pure reasoning, data analysis, and the spirit of synthesis. It is also a time to clean up our daily lives by organizing ourselves neatly and methodically. Health does not escape this logic. We advise you to eat healthily and in accordance with what nature gives us the best. Do not get lost in speeches or structures whose mechanisms are obscure. This full moon wants us to understand everything we do. And if love and freedom tempt you, ask yourself what limits you should set, for this full moon wants you to better yourself first.

Full Moon of March 25, 2024

As we have just entered the season of spring, the ego (Aries) and alter (Libra) axis, me and others, characterizes this full moon. It tells us that the two can obviously coexist. Altruism, "thinking of the other", does not have to be at the expense of oneself. Something from the realm of the invisible allows us to understand that the other is only our mirror. Looking at things from this angle, everything seems very clear. We are also capable of a love completely devoid of all material considerations. We then feel our heart connected to the heart of others, a phenomenon of compassion takes hold of us and perhaps even of the authorities in charge of helping those in need. Finally, we can get rid of the terrible accounting logic which, terribly, proceeds by discrimination.

Full Moon of April 24, 2024

This Full Moon of April 24 is intense, because it presents a very deep aspect related to the invisible, the occult (Scorpio),possessions, fears (Taurus). There is an energy that pushes us to cut ourselves off for a while from matter and the need for possession that it arouses. But obviously, nothing is simple and easy to accept when we refer to our wealth and our possible losses. The issue is finally very psychological in this period which still requires us to take our time. It is finally a privileged phase for those who are willing to question themselves by diving into themselves and observing in consciousness what is at stake when fears arise.

Full Moon of May 23, 2024

Just after entering a season that values communication and learning, this Full Moon in Sagittarius, opposite the Sun in Gemini, wants us to remember to take on ideals. For if we can be content with what is directly within our reach, it is also important to see further and especially higher! And there will be no lack of inspiration! We must not be afraid of new ideas, of reviewing our entire copy, of accepting that the status quo has no place. But it is also possible that we will realize that the main thing is there, in front of us. This need to grow perpetually will probably bring us back to the starting point, to the joy of sharing moments with loved ones. A certain simplicity could then be affirmed as being essential, as being in sum a beautiful ideal.

Full Moon of June 22, 2024

This Full Moon marks the difficulty of cohabitation between rigor, love and letting go, between Capricorn and Cancer. It seems to be a time to focus, to put things together and to set serious goals, while at the same time you risk spiritual disconnection. If you want to plan everything, there is no magic left and love cannot be satisfied with reason and logic. Love, especially at this time, needs depth of feeling. It is necessary to try the difficult balance between unconditional love and logic. It is a difficult balancing act, because the fall is never far away... This is how the energies in astrology sometimes appear, through the play of opposites.

Full Moon of July 21, 2024

The emotions (Sun in Cancer) are disturbed by fears for this Full Moon on the Capricorn-Cancer axis. Inexplicable fears that seem uncontrollable, images from the past should not scare you though. In fact, one must not forget to connect to the divine energies, to the images that connect us to the great whole. Spiritual rites are then to be privileged and nature is the ideal place to find this connection. By bringing your senses to life, by capturing the magic of life, the images that haunt you will no longer frighten you. Every sound, every smell, every image of the living that you see in nature leads you to an understanding of the world. What happens beyond the border of reality cannot touch you.

Full Moon of August 19, 2024

The Full Moon of August 19 in Aquarius, opposite Leo, shows a demanding sensitivity. The time for ego has gone on long enough and altruism is needed. It is then a full moon in tension that sees two principles that seem irreconcilable oppose each other. How to reconcile personal satisfaction and altruism? Our love issues are also upset by a certain weariness and the fact that we do not get what we long for. Only the word can allow us to find a form of consensus which then offers us something to breathe and wait patiently for softer astral energies. This word will perhaps not be tender and will take the appearance of a popular vindication. But this is also how our society has evolved throughout history.

Full Moon of September 18, 2024

We are immersed in the waves of limitless imagination. After a New Moon that asked us to complete our understanding of the world, this Full Moon invites us to total disconnection (Pisces). But this disconnection is not without risk! We must keep a sense of responsibility and make sure that this approach to the secret worlds serves the greatest number. There is in fact a beautiful mixture of the worlds of reason and spirituality. One manages to stay on one's path, but a path enlightened by new knowledge and a sweet symphony that tells us that all is well where we are. And there is no need to look far: this path is within.

Full Moon of October 17, 2024

The grip of the ego may have overpowered the energies intended by the previous New Moon. It is ultimately a difficult act to let go of such primitive issues of self-love. The will to do alone and for oneself is strong and ultimately appeals to something very animal after all. This Full Moon in the Aries-Balance axis marks the reign of impulsiveness, of self-assertion. It is to be believed that this period is necessary for some to find themselves and thus revisit what they want in this world, and how they will go about getting there. Only then will they be able to seek a new balance in their relationships with others.

Full Moon of November 15, 2024

We are in the eye of the storm on this Full Moon of November 15 between a Moon in Taurus and a Sun in Scorpio. The tremors are going to be felt and perhaps we will be the cause of it by wanting to show our most extroverted side? This Full Moon is also a time when we can legitimately show our disagreement with what seems to be imposed. In any case, there is no question of playing the sheep of Panurge! Even if you seem eccentric, it is better to side with the good of all by proposing unexpected solutions. The most idealistic ideas are frowned upon, but it is still a risk to take. And so much the worse if the effects of your efforts are not felt immediately, because the main thing is to be in agreement with your deepest convictions.

Full Moon of December 15, 2024

Are we in energies that value ideals, or have we fallen into a form of excess? The question arises and divides! It seems that this is not to everyone's liking and that reason would want us to calm down. Perhaps philosophy is confused with intellectual agitation. This is the risk that we run and that is why an apparent pause is necessary. It is good to sort out all these ideas that are flying around and that we do not know anymore if they allow us to define a new philosophy (Sun in Sagittarius) or if they are simple ideas, products of an overactive mind (Moon in Gemini). The sky of this Full Moon is made of retrogrades that force you to take a step back and to look at the big picture, because this is the season of Sagittarius.

Full Moon of January 13, 2025

Resentment and anger are felt. Previous discussions, at whatever level, probably did not satisfy everyone. The values of the past resist, traditions persist, because the transformation simply has to be slow. There is also a feeling that we are not doing what we would like to do. Changing habits like this, in such a short period of time, is very disturbing and this is what this Full Moon in Cancer-Capricorn announces. A spiritual and certainly idealistic current seems to be the solution to these issues. It tells us to let go, for everything will be in harmony with the universe, this great whole to which we are intimately connected.

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