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Descendant in Libra meanings in your Natal Chart

Written by Mary

The characteristics of the Libra descendant:

Your Descendant is Libra

A priori, this combination "goes in the direction of the zodiac". In other words, if we apply the sign / house analogy we talked about in the introduction, you are in perfect harmony. When it comes to a relationship with the other, you have a lot more interpersonal skills. It is that the Descendant in Libra could be seen as an ideal: you instinctively know how to make the proper room and leave aside the more raw aspects of stripping your nature. Moreover, it is also the combination that brings us into the second half of the zodiac (Libra is the seventh sign out of 12),which implies a higher consciousness and maturity than the first six signs of the zodiac (the latter having more freshness and spontaneity for them).

If you do not know your astrological descendant, use our application "Calculate your descendant" by entering your date of birth.

Behavior of the Descendant Libra

As expected, you know how to tame your fiery nature as soon as you want to make a contact. It's as if you have an innate knowledge of what the other expects of you. So, you are particularly adaptable: able to flatter or encourage the best part when you start to build the foundation of a relationship. You also know how to make the other understand that you need them, that he or she has their place. The approach is therefore gentle, either because you decide so, or because you are attracted to people who have these qualities of weight and balance.

By taking a little height, you will admit that you admire, above all, people who are radically different from you, who are complementary to you. Sometimes, by mimicry, you copy this attitude, so elegant, so civilized. In any case, when it comes to partnership or marriage, you need total harmony. You dream to hear yourself on all fronts and to know no conflict. You do everything in your power to avoid them. As a result, you erase aspects of your personality that are not as smooth as desired.

The Love of the Descendant Libra

Love is a big deal, with this position. From a very young age, you dream to meet your other half, the one who will know how to share everything. So you are rather demanding, but not suspicious. You often fall in love with those who seem to you endowed with Venusian qualities. Once in love, you respect all the little rituals: Valentine's Day and especially, marriage. More than the idea of starting a family, you want to mark, by a symbolic act, the transition from a spontaneous relationship to a life for two where everyone focuses on common goals. And you share everything.

Business for the Descendant Libra

In this area, it is above all balance that you are looking for. Maybe Saturn, second master of your Libra Descendant, stamps his influence? Still, you are not looking to take all the credit. It is important that the other party makes their voice heard and that the exchange or the benefits of a contract benefit both sides. More than ever, we must refer to the symbolism of the sign: a balance, with two scales constantly seeking stability ... So you do not expect to hit the jackpot but rather to enrich yourself with the other.

Your Partner

That's right, you value the appearance of the other. Already, you succumb easily to the power of beauty. But it must be accompanied by gentleness and elegance. Whether you are a man or a woman, the other must fill you with their taste, their pace and their finesse. You also like that they open social horizons for you. Being yourself very natural and all in one piece, you appreciate these mundane games where subtlety is required. You have the impression that the other is exceptional.

How to Bond with the Descendant Libra

A romantic soul, you adore the idea that THE meeting of your life unfolds like a movie. You will be very receptive to the context: a magical summer night, a brilliant cocktail, the most beautiful theater in the city. In any case, you are more comfortable in urban, civilized settings, with the perfect decor and the perfect outfit for the moment. You like to remember it long after ... and relive the highlights, such as the gesture of getting down on one knee, the ring, the question, in short, all of it.


Conflict, you do everything to avoid it! As much as your Aries (Ascendant) nature does not hesitate to rebel, as much as you hesitate to embark on relationship disputes. Either you give the other the best in this area, or you come across a partner or partners who will have the wisdom to think before getting angry. On the other hand, you will live through periods of doubt or uncertainty, which are contrary to your temperament. When you feel that you are stuck in a problem, you could stumble, moan and do whatever you please, it would be better to learn to admit that you can be wrong.

Celebrities who share the Descendant in Libra :

Shakira, Pénélope Cruz, Laura Smet, Gaspard Ulliel.

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