Calendar of the New Moon in 2024

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The Moon's cycle begins on the New Moon when the Sun and Moon are conjoined. The Moon takes about 29 days to travel around the zodiac and therefore stays 2 or 3 days in each sign. Halfway through its revolution, it faces the sun, and it is a Full Moon. The Moon is invisible on the New Moon, and the night is dark.

The New Moon is a sign of beginnings, departures, and starts. It induces a climate of concentration, reflection, and calm which contributes to making good decisions to prepare well before we take flight. It is the moment to expose one's arguments, launch a business, take responsibility, or make a promise.

People born on the New Moon exalt the energy and dynamism of a gushing impulse. They can draw others into their wake and lead them. But this conjunction also induces confusion because they perceive others and the world through the filter of their own person. The New Moon favors pioneers.

New Moon of January 11, 2024

A few days after the beginning of the year, here is a New Moon in Capricorn that allows you to set goals. It calls upon your strength of will and determination and asks you if you are able to set and achieve your goals. This New Moon is also here to help you prioritize what you have to do. We are fortunate in that something from within, an intuition, helps us to make choices that are sometimes difficult. In any case, nothing will distract you from what you feel is right to do. This is an excellent New Moon to lay the foundation for this new year.

New Moon of February 9, 2024

The energies of the February 9 New Moon in Aquarius are very closely related to the values of altruism and brotherhood that have been so lacking for years. Societal change is slow and sometimes the movement gets carried away. This is what is likely to happen with this very demanding new moon. For example, we may want to go and help our fellow man directly if the relevant authorities do not do so themselves. We are simply expressing our discontent that things are not going fast enough. This is simply due to the fact that we don't realize that we are in a process that lasts more than 2000 years. We have two options: anger and love. The choice seems quickly made...

New Moon of March 10, 2024

We are immersed in the energies of Pisces which connect us to the Great Whole, in the kitchen of creation. It is the understanding of the world and the universe that is offered to us if we decide to accept its infinite greatness and to let go of the low frequencies of our daily life. Words can flow out, which seem to come from no book. Everything is intuition, sensation, feeling! Also, it is time to learn for the most curious among you. Learn what the ancients have left as their legacy: astrology, alchemy, tarology, etc. All these sciences that explain the unexplainable are now within your reach. Nothing has ever been easier for sharing this love of knowledge of the genesis of the world.

New Moon of April 8, 2024

Still in springtime spirits, this New Moon in Aries makes some slowing down necessary. Perhaps we need to gather all the scattered pieces after the strong movement of the zodiacal new year. If willpower and love are pressing, we need to come to our senses with some order. We then set out on a fast track, but we may have already forgotten about destiny. It is there to tell us that there is no point in running, that this life is a cycle and that each test on the way to the end of this cycle must be considered with calm. A prudence is to be found which allows us to detect the true from the false, the shady actions, the spiritual embrigadations, etc.

New Moon of May 8, 2024

The extraordinary nature gives itself to us without counting the cost! The New Moon of May 8 in Taurus is almost exclusive and invites us to a reconnection with matter, that which nourishes us. The energy is crazy, it pushes us to move, but always in the respect of the rhythm of nature. It is up to us to tune in to her after such a long period of wanting to change our environment so that it obeys our every whim. It is also time to reclaim what is due. The major value of this New Moon is the value of work, the value that tells us that we can reap the fruits of our past efforts. And then we must sow again to reap. This is the basic rule that we should never forget.

New Moon of June 6, 2024

Here is a New Moon in Gemini that is focused on curiosity and understanding of things and... love! Yes, this June 6 marks a planetary configuration directly connected with the heart and more globally with our feelings. The energies related to communication are in full swing and the desire to share is omnipresent. Sentimental issues need a breath of fresh air, sharing of opinions, but also lightness, play and laughter. You may find the atmosphere a bit superficial, too curious about everything without being able to dwell seriously on a subject. However, this is a privileged moment to enrich yourself with new knowledge, be it intellectual or relational. This New Moon is a bit of a rejuvenation, the spirit is jovial and youthful.

New Moon of July 6, 2024

The July 6 New Moon in Cancer brings emotional and sentimental issues to the forefront. All that is related to the past, to the mother and more broadly to the family is valued. This is a time to focus on family issues and the sense of protection that family provides. What happens in the home must now move to the level of consciousness and it is on this intimate area that your intentions must be focused. And love takes its place there! The sweetness will spread in the homes and everything seems to flow. Just keep a connection to the earth, keeping a logical mind, in order to find an energetic balance.

New Moon of August 4, 2024

Creativity is in the light as it often is at this time of year, and children are probably our most beautiful creations. This New Moon in Leo wants us to bring out the best in ourselves. Calling upon our theatrical qualities is an example of what can be initiated or undertaken. The energy and enthusiasm, by their presence, help us find the courage to get on the stage. Even for the shyest among you, this New Moon is a great time to dare to show off. Your only enemy is your over-analysis, so put on that suit that shows your previously hidden face so the world can see you in a different light.

New Moon September 3, 2024

Understanding what is happening before our eyes must be accompanied by an understanding of what is happening beyond matter. Equations do not explain everything, for logical reasoning always finds a limit. This New Moon in Virgo encourages us to learn, to be interested in everything that constitutes our environment, but also in metaphysical questions. For we can ask ourselves the question of the origin of the world: is it only concrete matter, or is it spiritual? In this new moon, art can inspire us by feeding our intuition. Artistic works are obviously charged with these metaphysical questions. We can appreciate a painting for its spectacular beauty, but we can also see in it the reflection of our presence on Earth.

New Moon of October 2, 2024 at 8:49 pm

Thought and relational issues are at the heart of this October 2 New Moon in Libra. The energies of the moment want us to be in exchange and finding balance, for our relational lives only make sense if there is harmony. This New Moon wants to infuse communication, exchange, and nourish each other. Diplomacy is also a virtue to be promoted, as we simply need to listen to what others have to say and that can help us adjust our thoughts. This is a time of collective enrichment on the condition that we consider the other as our equal, and the general intuition of the moment should help us to do so.

New Moon of November 1, 2024

The New Moon of November 1, 2024 in Scorpio is very powerful and fully immersed in energies that value emotions and intuition. Everything we can feel is happening in the limbo of the unconscious, where secrets, memory and connection to the universe are nestled. Everything is harmonized for this new moon which then allows to understand what usually remains very opaque. A clarification of knowledge is then possible, by learning in the esoteric fields for example. This dive into the universe of the invisible will make us forget a certain weariness that may have settled in the love sector. The most powerful and profound energies take control of this New Moon and make us forget even our small worries.

New Moon of December 1, 2024

The building of our ideals is to be thought of slowly. This New Moon in Sagittarius asks us to slow down a bit, as we need to differentiate between ideas and ideals. Today, it is a long-term thought that we must develop, even if it comes up against the incomprehension of the majority of decision makers. The fear of a change of paradigm frightens those who live comfortably thanks to old patterns, old institutions. So yes, we must slow down to explain and convince argument after argument. The question of love, on the other hand, is a happy one and goes smoothly. One can even expect novelty, or happy surprises. Love takes on a broad dimension, as if souls were communicating and loving each other beyond appearances.

New Moon of December 30, 2024

Here we are at the end of the year 2024, and this New Moon in Capricorn is already opening to 2025. We feel the will to end one year and start another with at least apparent peace. But in the end, everything is not so simple and the page that was turned this fall with Pluto is difficult to implement. The discussions are not over and the actions to be taken even less so. All this is felt at all levels of society, even in our lives and in the private sphere. Deep dissensions still divide us and this is normal. Some are afraid of losing their privileges when it comes to rethinking the foundations of society.

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