The transit of Mercury in Cancer

Written by Daisy

This transit predicts a few weeks focused on the family, the home and the children but also an increased creativity, accompanied by changing moods and a certain predisposition to dramatize situations. This climate will be appreciated differently by each sign.


The entry of Mercury into a sign as sensitive and as whimsical as Cancer may make your daily life uncomfortable in your usual relationships. Tensions, nervousness and subjectivity are in the air and your reaction to the Ľ turn may at times hit an exaggerated but very real sensitivity. Wait a few weeks when faced with these moods before finding a nice fluidity in all your exchanges. But for the moment, do not try to force your way, it will not work and you will get bogged down!


With the transit of Mercury in the friendly sign of Cancer, it is a few pleasant weeks that await you, full of emotions and pleasant sensations in your exchanges and your travels. The climate will be more romantic, meetings often marked by affectivity (love, friendship, family). Your contacts, more intuitive, will take on a new dimension, a mixture of trust, complicity and intimacy. It is a beautiful time to express yourself, especially if you have a declaration of love to make. It also marks a lot of creativity for all artists.


With the entrance of Mercury in your neighbor, Cancer, you will become more discreet, more centered on your own existence and, by the force of things, more focused on your finances than on the chatter or trivia that you like ... your intellect will be solicited by your material security. It will be a good time to develop a solid budget, to concretely prepare the ground for your future projects and to inform yourself of your rights in these areas. You will need, to evolve positively, take into account the ambient susceptibility and moderate your critics, who could sometimes be offensive.


The transit of Mercury in your sign will bring a lot of comfort in your relationships, giving them a tone that suits you. It's a great time to express yourself with the assurance of being listened to and understood. Take advantage of this time when you have the floor to claim recognition or promotion, to express more authentically your feelings to your loved ones and to organize your schedule by taking more account of your children or relationships with the younger generation. It's finally a great time to study and pass an exam.


With Mercury in Cancer, your exchanges and your travels will slow down somewhat, leaving room for reflection rather than business. It's a good time to refocus on yourself, your achievements and your hopes before a new start. It is a period of introspection that should allow you to see more clearly in your aspirations, to positively use your emotions and your intuitions to complete your sense of organization and initiative. This passage of a few weeks is very useful before a new deployment of your abilities.


The transit of Mercury in Cancer exalts your social life, which will intensify and your exchanges which will be tinged with sweetness, understanding and even complicity. A less frenetic pace and a more dreamy atmosphere will rest you from your last nervous tensions. Take the opportunity to focus on your home in your planning, relax in the preparation of good food or entertaining evenings with your friends. On this occasion some of you will reflect on the expansion of their families or their entire environment, this can result, for example, in an invitation between new neighbors or a bargain between colleagues.


During the passage from Mercury to Cancer, you will have a lot of work to do, in order to harmonize all your exchanges. Feelings are on edge and your sense of universal balance will sometimes be difficult to deal with cloudy states of mind, a tendency to dramatize situations and an overflow of sentimentalism in every respect. Rather than trying the impossible with family, lovers or friends, focus on your social or professional life: you overflow with charm and this seduction could be worth a promotion, a hiring or any recognition of your talents.


This transit of Mercury in Cancer will make your exchanges intuitive and full of great feelings. Your ideals and attachments will be strengthened. Your actions are full of ease, your words are expressive and very seductive, it is a good opportunity to review your personal ambitions on the rise, especially in the spiritual or intellectual field. It can be a good opportunity to start challenging studies, travel far or meet influential people. In addition, your trips will be protected and bring good news.


For Sagittarians, the entry of Mercury in Cancer slows down the rhythm of your contacts and your movements. This unavoidable break will however give you the opportunity to refocus on yourself in a very restoring tranquility, like a taste of holidays ... you will spend excellent moments with family or friends, around good tables and surrounded by a lot of warmth. However, feelings will be sharp and you will be wary of your tendency to moralize or motivate with, sometimes, very personal arguments or excessive enthusiasm...


With the arrival of Mercury in your complementary sign of Cancer, your various exchanges will be tinged with passion and great feelings. You will probably have the opportunity to make constructive and lasting agreements with reliable partners. It is indeed in the field of associations and contracts that this influence will be felt, whether it is marriage or business. These few weeks are perfect for expressing yourself, listening to others, and building a strong, balanced and effective or profitable alliance, in a duo or in a group.


The transit of Mercury in Cancer will considerably slow down the rhythm of your exchanges and your outings. Your routine will be more regular but less exciting. This is the time to properly organize your day-to-day existence, to make appointments that are constantly postponed, to start a diet or to set up a healthier lifestyle. You could join the local pool or a sports club ... In any case, it is in your daily environment that you will have the most opportunities to express yourself and to discover interesting information.


The entrance of Mercury in the friendly sign of Cancer greatly softens the climate of your exchanges with others and your various outings. It is intuition that takes over from pure logic and it suits you well. During these few weeks, you will be able to communicate "on the radar" with few words, a lot of feelings and a very expressive look. This is an ideal opportunity to say what you have in your heart with the assurance of being listened to and understood. It is also an excellent influence on creativity: artists, artisans, salespeople and writers will be very inspired.

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