Mardi Gras is here again!

Written by Alison

Mardi Gras is here again! This popular, wacky holiday mixes the promise of Easter with the much awaited, and earned, return of spring during this harsh winter. This is your chance to relax, find your inner child, and dress up however you desire. We will tell you in detail, and with humor, the best way each sign can celebrate this holiday, and offer you a few ideas for finding out which costume fits you the best.


There's nothing quite like Mardi Gras to satisfy Aries adventurous spirit. You like change, and this enjoyable celebration will help you let go and to let out the most charming part about you: your inner child. You are dynamic, highly creative, and imaginative, and so you'll be likely to win the award for the most outstanding outfit. To make sure you win, you'll turn yourself into a one-of-a-kind in record time. Always in a time crunch, and as you hate complications, you could appear so natural in the wave of a magic wand that others might forget you're even dressing up!
Costume: As a woman who likes action and inependent thinking, you will choose to dress up as a heroine. You will be unrivalled as Joan of Arc or as a warrior ready to defend her convictions at all costs. As a man who is courageous and consumed by a pressing need to take action, you will choose a superhero costume: Superman, firefighter, anything that makes you standnout!


If you are a little on the plump side, your elegance will be based on hiding your curves while preserving your charm. A refined and charming esthete, you like all that is beautiful and need to feel physically comfortable. As such, you won't settle for bland or boring dress. You'll take full advantage of this happy holiday, surrounded by those close to you, to sport a pompous costume made all of lace or to pay homage to nature, which you love so much.
Costume: As a woman, your choice will be between a diva dress or a ravishing poka-dotted dress that represents your bucolic disposition. As a man, going as a tree would represent your strong taste for nature, and, if you turn yourself into a bullfighter, you seductive powers will reach their height.


Lively, joyous, an excellent dancer, and quite the clown, you have the knack of setting the mood everywhere you go. This Mardi Gras looks to be one of the most festive. You will spare no expense so that those close to you can hang out with you and to make sure the party is a good one. You have more than one trick up your sleeve and will give it your all to not go unnoticed. Sensitive and refined, you will take advantage of this chance to exert your powers of seduction on everyone.
Costume: As a woman, your innate elegance will make you a good noblesse or benevolent fairy. For a man, going as Sherlock Holmes will bring out your gentlemanly side and a pirate's get-up will make you iressistible!


Discreet and not really the sociable type, you avoid hustle and bustle, and so will almost certainly celebrate Mardi Gras cozy and snug in your own home, where you'll pull out all the stops to make sure your close friends and family are welcomed into a warm and harmonious ambiance. You respect tradition and so will be certain to take advantage of this happy time to put your fertile imagination to use putting together costumes for the whole family. A true romantic who is fond of extraordinary stories, you will take a devilish pleasure in going through your childhood memories to come up with the outfit that suits you best.
Costume: As the homemaker you are, you could end up deciding to dress up as a lunch lady, that is if your romantic side doesn't make you opt for a princess instead. Male Cancer, your attachment to the past, and the importance you put on family, could lead to you dressing up as a strong man or a sad clown.


Here comes Mardi Gras, and you can't wait! You love acting as the organizer for any big event. You can't live without or party without dying of boredom, and so it is with great enthusiasm and know-how that you will do your all and pull out all the stops to make sure this moment will last forever. Your need to stand out, as well as your esthetic taste, will make you the star of the evening.
Costume: Lady Leo, as sensitive you are to elegance, luxury, and prestige, you will move heaven and earth to put together a sumptuous outfit out of the Roaring Twenties. That is, if you don't instead choose to dress up as Empress Elizabeth of Austria to conquer your prince charming. Male Leo, Louis XIV or Tutankhamun will underscore your undeniable authority and irrepressible desire to rule over everything in your own little world.


During this holiday period, you will avoid the crowds, big cities, hustle and bustle, and will put your organizational skills to good use to plan time with your close friends and family. Always ready to do a favor, and very detail-oriented, you won't neglect a single detail to make sure the party will be as successful as possible. Your esthetic taste will bring out your creative gifts. Without a doubt, you won't fail to add your own personal touch and to put 100% of yourself into creating the costumes and decor.
Costume: Lady Virgo, your innate need to lend a hand to others will lead you to don a nurse's outfit or to dress up as Alice in Wonderland. Sir Virgo, your taste for extraordinary adventures and your natural charm will be highlighted as James Bond or even Edward Scissorhands.


By nature, you are an Epicurean who enjoys all of life's pleasures so what better than Mardi Gras for joining in on the fun! This festive time will allow you to reveal the full power of your charm. Organization? Not on your life! You can still take advantage of this occasion, however, to put forth your artsy side and your love of putting on a good display. As such, you will pay extremely close attention to your costume to make sure you look your best.
Costume: Lady Libra, your charisma and refined taste will push you to dress up as Cleopatra or maybe Sleeping Beauty. Sir Libra, going as Prince Charming will bring out your romantic side and your irresistible need to be loved.


No routine for you! Mardi Gras couldn't have come sooner, then. Now, you can satisfy your fantastical side and and draw on your vast organizational talents. As good of a leader as you are, you'll be able to bring along with you even the most hesitant of people, but letting anyone steal the spotlight from you will be absolutely out of the question. And so, you will rely on your imagination and distinct taste to be pushed to the background!
Costume: With as much as you love adventures and epic stories, lady Scorpio, you will shine in all your brilliance as an Amazon woman or femme fatale. Sir Scorpio, you will cause a sensation by revealing a bit of your dark, mysterious side, perhaps as Dracula or Al Capone.


You are one of those signs that yearn to always be partying, and so it won't take anything at all to make you join in on the fun during Mardi Gras. Your taste for exploration could even take you to Venice or Rio and live life large! Whether in your own neighborhood or halfway across the world, you'll always be able to find a way to have fun and discover new things. You prefer huge events, filled with many different people, even it means have to travel quite far. Exercise never scared you, especially in these conditions.
Costume: Lady Sagittarius, you will be positively irresistible as a horseback rider or ballerina. Sir Sagittarius, Robin Hood will show your loyal side while a bishop will turn you pompous and kind for a few hours!


You hate the unforeseen and showing off, and so you will take advantage of Mardi Gras to organize a huge party in your own cozy home. You will scrupulously pore over every single little detail to make sure that your guests have a good time. In any case, you will pay particular attention to the choice of decor and of your outfit, which ought to reveal the depths of your goodness and generosity.
Costume: Lady Capricorn, you are always dressed to the nines and love elegance as much as fairytales. Nobody will be shocked to see you as Cinderella or Snow White. As for you, sir Sagittarius, show off you sense of humor with a clown outfit or by dressing up as a knight templar.


You like anything that's off the beaten path and love to party. That works out nicely: Mardi Gras is here with its own surprises in store, and you won't fail to seize the occasion to jump into the fun. Among all the others, you will stand out thanks to your cutting edge fashion. You like to turn conventions on their head and so won't need to drum up too much imagination to don the attire of some stunning character and attract attention from all the other party-goers around you.
Costume: Lady Aquarius, an explorer's outfit will reveal your taste for adventure. That is, unless you decide that you want to highlight your wacky side and dress up as an alien! Sir Aquarius, your open-mindedness and inventive side will be brought out as professor's garb/Professor Calculus or as an astronaut.


You have a wild and lively imagination and love to celebrate every little one of life's events! And so, it is with great enthusiasm that you will take part in this Mardi Gras. You hate to be in the spotlight, preferring to work in the shadows, behind the scenes, to fashion a costume that is worthy for the party. Your heartfelt qualities are sure lead to you lending a helping hand to those around you so that the party will be a good one.
Costume: Lady Pisces, your cool, even-tempered attitude and innocent looks would make you a wonderful mermaid or kindly nun. Sir Pisces, you would be downright irresistible as a corsair or an angel.


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