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The signs that form a shock couple

Written by Mary

Thanks to astrology, we can determine which are the compatibilities in love and which are the signs of the zodiac which form solid and inseparable duos. Whether it is a trait of character in common or complementary differences, the shock couples of the zodiac often have a long-life span. Also, if you are single, read this article to find out what is the ideal sign with which you are gluing! Place then to the astrological duos that make sparks:

Aries - Aquarius: Creative independence

The Aries and Aquarius have these particularities in common: tirelessly taste the novelty, position themselves in the action and be turned towards the future. The fiery nature of Aries is constantly fanned by the aerial nature of Aquarius that blows on it to put it in a state of positive nervous excitement. Their egos get along perfectly because the cerebral quality ofAquarius, never short of an original idea, feeds the capacity of Aries to be realized in the action. They are never boring: their duo is fundamentally optimistic, full of humor and always ready to push their limits. Their tendency to be thoroughly in the present moment makes them carefree and happy. This attitude spurred on the good side of things attracts them beautiful opportunities that they will seize in flight to make them grow. In other words, they walk to open tomb! Small flat, they will however learn to measure the possible pitfalls on their way to avoid leaving some feathers. Side hugs, they have a lot of imagination and everyone knows how to tame the other in their intimacy. Their passion is remarkable to the point of making their business endless, over a very long time in any case.

Gemini and Sagittarius: Daily routine, don't know!

Attention, shock duo! The generous fire of Sagittarius and the enthusiastic air of Gemini form a combination of the most dynamic, even a little too much for an entourage that sometimes needs a break zen away from any possible agitation. Indeed, both are ultra-independent who always aim new shores, social or geographical spaces to discover and unknown horizons. They adore each other because they share the same values of exploration of new ideas and unexpected encounters. Boredom is not really their forte: they prefer to leave this bad habit to others. And everyone respects the freedom of the other. There is no problem when their respective schedules do not meet: they know very well that it is to better end up in a refreshing intimacy: the absence of the partner will have only stimulated their reunion. It is perhaps this point that is the secret of the duration of their duet. As for hugs, they like fantasy, exoticism, and prefer foreplay always very enthusiastic and full of energy.

Leo and Libra: The infinite charm

Leo and Libra agree on many things, the first being the cult of glamor; they love beautiful things and cultivate seductive appearances. You are perfectly in agreement on this point and give chic and shine during parties and society. Your taste for beauty and elegance comes from the fact that your appetite for charm and harmony awakens your sense of aesthetics and your appetite for creativity. Another area where you find yourself: romanticism. You like to love, hug your partner and declare your feelings to each other as if it's all the time the first time. Where there may be water in the gas is your tendency to seduce those around you and, in fact, arouse envy from the partner. But you both know how you function: this need to charm is inscribed in your genes because your conception of life is deeply epicurean. So, it is useless to bicker if you trust each other.

Capricorn and Pisces: The ideal completeness

Here is a timely association: the Capricorn Earth Element is nourished by the Pisces Water element and when the latter lacks pragmatic support to realize its dream, Capricorn is there to offer it a solid framework. This duo completes perfectly, especially as they each appreciate the calm and solitude to meditate and go about their respective affairs. They will be able to live under the same roof by barely speaking because they are connected by heart and thought. It is a union that has many assets to grow. If Capricorn hardened certain principles, the Pisces could relax it with its gentleness and humanity. And if Pisces dreamed a little too much in its parallel dimension, the Capricorn could offer it a sense of reality reliable and lucid to return to the mainland. In this association, Capricorn will take the reins, and this will be very suitable for Pisces. And cuddle side, if the Capricorn can be a strand and lack of pleasure, the Pisces will have no equal to provide a grain of madness and sensuality.

Taurus and Virgo: The quiet force

Here is a duo with common values. They like to live relaxed, laid and set as clockwork. Their element Earth makes them both very sensitive to the question of security from where they tend to be anticipating and to shelter themselves from any financial need. However, if the Virgo can be insecure, the Taurus will be able to counterbalance the anxiety of his partner with certain assurance that will soothe him. Suffice to say that to two, they will know how to unite their imagination and their practical sense to unfold a quiet and inspiring way. Helpful, the Virgo will deploy treasures of ingenuity to satisfy his partner Taurus and the latter, kind, will return the favor by teaching him the pleasures of life. Besides, cuddly side, his extremely sensual nature will overcome the character a bit pinched of Virgo. The latter, once launched, will be positioned on the same wavelength of feeling full confidence with the teaching of his soul mate taurine.

Cancer and Scorpio: A secure merger

Cancer and SCORPIO are singular: they communicate within words. The water that is their element traces between them an invisible link where their bubbling feelings meet. Their emotions are so strong that they release an almost palpable energy that makes them commune together. Their common passion makes them come together in a single impetus, and while the Scorpio can be sometimes fussy about certain details of daily life, Cancer knows how to do it by calming and tranquilizing it thanks to its enveloping and reassuring presence. They have such a need for emotional security that they cannot do without each other. However, sometimes unstable, the Scorpio can trigger existential challenges by bringing Yang energy sometimes necessary, while Cancer, thanks to its tender heart, will be able to provide a more Yin energy, full of finesse and delicacy. And in terms of their love intimacy, the climate is often hot, bubbling, overheated but never devoid of sensitivity.


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