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To calculate your shamanic sign and discover its characteristics, it's very simple, this mini-app is here to help you! Just enter your date of birth below.

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Shamanic or Native American astrology uses symbols drawn from the mother earth, it is made up of 12 totem animals. The totem is calculated by the month of birth, the year does not matter.
- The animal totem also depends on the wind that brings breath, movement and energy. The wind gives an orientation.
- The east wind is connected to Wolf, Falcon and Beaver.
- The south wind is linked to Deer, Greenpine and Salmon.
- The westerly wind is related to the Brown Bear, the Crow and the Snake.
- The north wind accompanies the Owl, Snow Goose and Otter.

As in Western astrology, shamanic astrology uses the four elements: fire, earth, air and water. The signs of the same element are grouped in "clans" with evocative names:
- The butterfly clan, linked to the air element, includes the Deer, the Crow and the Otter.
- Air symbolizes the force of ideas, intelligence, movement and exchange.
- The hawk clan, linked to the fire element, includes Falcon, Salmon and Owl.
- Fire evokes spontaneity, creativity, strength of character.
- The frog clan, related to the water element, includes the Green Woodpecker, the Snake and the Wolf.
- Water symbolizes emotion, love, confidence, hospitality and fertility.
- The turtle clan, linked to the earth element, includes Beaver, Brown Bear, and Snow Goose.
- The Earth is a symbol of order, stability and support.

The Falcon (from March 21st to April 19th)
The Falcon is full of energy, they are moving forward without fear. Their mind is lively and their optimism can take them far, into the higher realms. Dynamic, sociable, spontaneous, they naturally attract sympathy but they can be selfish and privilege their career at the expense of their family. They are a scorched person, they only do what they want but they are a good leader, able to make firm decisions. The Falcon does not like limits being imposed, for it is they who leads the dance.
The Falcon stone is opal, its color is yellow or green.

The Beaver (April 20th to May 20th)
The Beaver is a volunteer, they are a worker who enjoys a stable, smooth life. Their generous nature makes them a trusted person, appreciated by all. But they can be jealous or possessive, they cling to what they have, they are afraid of losing assets. Their lack of openness and tolerance may make them unfriendly to some, especially those who do not fit into the mold. The Beaver is a conservative homebody: out of their habits and their daily life they can feel a little lost.
The Beaver stone is jasper, its color is yellow.

The Deer (May 21st to June 20th)
The Deer seeks to communicate with those around them. They are able to seduce anyone with beautiful speeches, they are a charmer. Their intelligence, vivacity and eloquence help them climb the ladder. They adapt easily to life in society. They are a seducer who can be superficial, lazy or nervous. But we can count on them, the Deer appreciates everyone, without a priori. They are a communicative being and loving by nature.
The stag's stone is agate, its color is orange.

The Green Woodpecker (June 21st to July 21st)
The green woodpecker is emotional, their imagination takes them to hitherto unexplored regions. They are a poet, a tender and generous artist who is involved in romantic relationships. This great dreamer is a troubadour who is waiting for their beauty, they fly from town to town until they can build a welcoming home. But if they are betrayed, the green woodpecker never forgets, they are resentful and their extreme sensitivity makes them suffer. They tend to focus too much on people and events. Letting go is difficult for them.
The green woodpecker's stone is pink quartz, its color is fuchsia.

The Salmon (July 22nd to August 22nd)
Salmon is a born optimist. They are an enthusiastic sign that faces life with ardour and enthusiasm. Nothing stops them, they know what they want and they go for it. Ready to face the contrary currents, they are never lost. Their loving heart makes them likeable but they can be authoritarian or hypocritical, they are able to pretend to succeed. Salmon knows that appearances are numerous, that we must adapt. They do not hesitate to use their talents to succeed but they transmit their energy to others.
Salmon's stone is carnelian, its color is red.

The Brown Bear (August 23 to September 22)
The Brown Bear is hardworking, serious and orderly. They take on their responsibilities and perform their missions to the best of their ability. They have an excellent sense of organization, they are never late and they are effective without wasting time. However, they prefer to work alone, they are not made for team work, unless they are the leader of the project. They are a lonely, sometimes unsociable being, and their perfectionism can exasperate many. But with them, the work will always be well done because they hate disorder.
The brown bear's stone is amethyst, its color is purple.

The Crow (September 23 to October 22)
The crow expresses their intuition, they have no limit. They are a sensitive being who favors emotions rather than intellect. This sign is fascinated by pacifist characters like Gandhi or Martin Luther King. Idealist, they aspire to a better world. They are able to appreciate the simple things of existence and they need nothing to make them happy. Their smile and joie de vivre are a source of well-being for those around them. They wear their heart on their sleeve, they make for nice company, everyone appreciates it.
The Crow's stone is azurite, its color is blue.

The Serpent (October 23rd to November 21st)
The Serpent is full of imagination, it is a passionate sign, endowed with a powerful magnetism, they charm easily. The Serpent is mischievous, they easily identify the personality of others. This psychology helps them to evolve without being abused. In friendship as in love, however, they may be jealous and their rancorous nature makes them a formidable enemy if they have been disrespected. The Serpent loves righteousness and is uncompromising with people who disrespect them. They adapt easily to change because they consider each experience as a way to progress.
The Serpent's stone is malachite, its color is copper.

The Owl (November 22nd to December 21st)
The Owl is fair. Their wisdom and philosophy make them a calm and relaxed person. This sign appreciates books, tranquility and nature. they find happiness in the simple things of life and they are respectful of the environment. Their relatives are happy to ask them advice because they always find relevant answers. They are optimistic but they hate feeling like a prisoner, they need space to feel free. In search of the truth, they often move towards a career as a researcher or teacher.
The owl's stone is obsidian, its color is gold.

Snow Geese (December 22nd to January 19th)
The snow goose is of a cautious nature, they do not go head down. They are a thoughtful sign that acts only after weighing the pros and cons. Full of common sense, they inspire confidence because they do not take any risk. One can give them children because they will always be safe with this sign. The goose is sincere and respectful but can be pessimistic or arrogant. Their tendency to fatalism is not always very well accepted by their entourage because they have a depressing side.
The snow goose's stone is quartz, its color is white.

The Otter (January 20th to February 18th)
The Otter is a creative sign that seeks to embellish things. They love to build with natural materials: with a sheet and a pencil, they make beautiful drawings. They are an idealistic, honest and independent sign detached from everyday problems. Their rebellious side, can be eccentric when we do not know them but they always listen to others and know how to enjoy life with a passion. Light and deep at the same time, the Otter has an artist's soul that creates its own reality.
The Otter's stone is turquoise, its color is silver.

The Wolf (February 19th to March 20th)
The Wolf is a generous sign, loyal and altruistic. They are a good team leader, able to govern while remaining fair. The Wolf loves their companions and is always there to help them when needed. It is also a dreamer's sign, gifted in creative crafts. They are a talker and a seducer who can hardly be denied anything. But they tend to escape into their dreams because reality weighs them down. The Wolf needs friends to forget their constraints and relax.
The Wolf Stone is jade, its color is blue or green.

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