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What role do you play in your family?

Written by Mary

Like everyone else, we embody a character in our family: we can be comfortable in all circumstances as we feel cramped with no room for maneuver. Be a leader or discreet, attentive or foreigner ... In short, the role we hold is specific according to the trends of our astrological sign. Let us take turns to decode the main feature of our character at the heart of the family group.


The awakener:
You are the one who will always give a strong impetus to your tribe to take part in an outdoor outing, a game, a discovery. In short, there is no question that one is bored very long and, thanks to you, one is certain to find matter to have fun and to be activated. And if we do not really want to follow you, you will not hesitate to do whatever is necessary... although, be careful not to go over the line.


The provider:
You play a reassuring role because, according to you, there is no question of starting a family if you are not able to support yourself. You participate materially in the life together and the money must be used to feed each member. You make the most of the bank account so that everyone can always be satisfied with their needs.


The communicant:
With you, the dialogue must be established and this represents the base from which everyone can better participate in family life. You were not afraid to set up meetings to discuss many topics related to practical life, solve any problem and decide on the spot. And if it can bring out more, new ideas to smooth out the difficulties, you are more satisfied.


The clan spirit:
Your presence is nourishing in your family: you are always on the hunt to find the recipe for a cake to make, to participate warmly in household chores and without bouncing, whether repairs, housekeeping or stewardship. There is no need to worry: you manage your SME as a business leader with affection for his family.


The regent:
You do not conceive of family life without having a leadership role. You need to advise your loved ones to feel useful and to bring them to play their own role for the good of all. However, you need to feel your loved ones spin around you, defining you as a kind of benefactor sun. And if your advice has paid off, it's warm to your heart.


The assistant:
You are unmatched in playing a role of mediator and facilitator within your tribe so that everyone lives happily. The spirit of mutual aid is second nature to you: you do service and act so that everyone sees clearly and can evolve on very organized bases that you have taught them.


The peacemaker:
You always make sure that balances are respected and that justice is done. Indeed, you hate inequality and beware of the one who will make a mistake in this regard. Conversely, in your moments of goodness, you leave all the space to yours because you love them, and not to destabilize your tribe, you sometimes approve all the opinions so that the union is stronger.


The objector:
You are known not to be afraid to express your opinion, even if it would not be unanimous. By playing the role of contradictor a bit radical, you impress others, but that does not prevent you to involve your whole soul within your tribe so that it cannot miss anything.


The foreigner:
You need to protect your independence and that's why, while assuming your responsibilities as a family member, you plan an outside schedule to refresh your head and feed your mind. In this respect, you cultivate a foreign role. However, you love to communicate your opinion on any type of question when we come to find you because your view of life is always rewarding.


The responsible:
You are the one by whom the expression "having a soul load" is earthbound right down to the core. Your actions are expertly addressed to each member of the family, so that no one misses his or her duty. Thus, everyone becomes mature enough in an organized setting, which does not prevent you from having a sense of humor that allows you to save some distance on life.


The humanist:
You embody a form of libertarian ideal through which everyone feels free to be who he is, to express his opinions and his interests. When an important decision must be made, you are in favor of everyone having a voice: this will play a decisive role in ensuring that each member feels considered and recognized within the family group.


The altruistic:
Your vision of the family based on a spirit of unity and you know embody the example because you are not without sharing joys and sorrows with yours, you can help when one member is not at best, etc. In view of your great sensitivity, it is crucial for you to communicate this "family spirit" in order to strengthen the cohesion of your clan.

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