Love compatibility for two Sagittarius

Written by Alison

You are a brilliant couple, loved by all for your energy, your good mood and your love of parties. You are neither possessive nor resentful in love and you respect the freedom of others. Be careful because each of you has a little tendency to no longer maintain the bond and to take it for granted. You could lose heart if you do not remain vigilant and attentive to each other.

Love compatibility between Sagittarius and Sagittarius

This is a common but brilliant couple that is well-liked for their energy, sense of humor, and party-going lifestyle. In everyday life, however, things are less simple. Whatever happens, you will remain friends, as neither of you hold grudges or are very stubborn, and you both respect freedom. Pay attention to your finances. There will be few problems, except for having too much energy and spending too much, but if you start a family, you will make excellent parents who agree on everything!

Compatibility between a Sagittarius woman and a Sagittarius man

These two signs will be challenged and strengthened when they come together. Their journey will be shot through with paradox: failure and victory, anger and joy, tears and smiles - but since neither one holds a grudge, this will be their true strength and greatest value, which will give the ability to bounce back no matter what test they are put through! They live life to the fullest - a life that is far from boring, though at times can be tiring. In this way, it will be smart to spare your energy, to make time for moments of peace and calm, so that you can jump back in even stronger.

Compatibility between a Sagittarius woman and a Sagittarius woman

Dear Sagittarius, here you are with one of those rare women in the zodiac who is at once capable of understanding you and standing up to you when she needs to. She will admire you, and yet, for all that, won't lose her own individuality. She will gain your respect without even trying... Her love of life, more innocent than yours, will be an additional source of strength for you that will put you in the paternalistic role without boxing you in. Her sense of fantasy and whimsical moods shouldn't make you forget that your partner also has a capacity for emotion that is very much alive. It will be essential to let her have her moments of calm, and, whatever you do, don't give her sentimental nature a shock with too much harshness.

Compatibility between a Sagittarius man and a Sagittarius man

You are both reactionary, spontaneous, impatient, open-minded, and enthusiastic. Your tastes are similarly eclectic, and you are both interested in the same things, and so communicate very easily, though you risk jumping to conclusions, ignore details that could turn into a monkey wrench thrown into your relationship. A bit of lecturing from both sides could lead to fighting, fierce arguments, and even outright conflict. Fortunately, neither one of you holds a grudge. You very much enjoy travelling together, and share the same friends without a problem.


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