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Tips for getting along with your boss

Written by Evie

Astrology can help you understand certain things in different areas. It also allows you to see more clearly in your work, starting with the character of your boss based on their zodiac sign. Once you have drawn the main features of their personality, this will make it easier for you when you come to cohabit or negotiate with them. Now let's talk about the character of your boss according to their astrological sign.


Be Entrepreneurial
To be in the good books of your Aries boss, play the frank card with them. And if you need to ask them for a favor, do not beat around the bush because they have no time to lose. They are the perfect leader who embraces having a lot of things to do sometimes at the same time. Just like them, be dynamic and enterprising, and they will appreciate you for your energetic spirit: they will also be more receptive to your requests.


Adopt the Program
Never take chances without consulting your Taurus boss first. Besides, do not improvise your work because it would be badly perceived on their part. It is crucial for them that a program be defined and followed almost to the letter because they have full confidence in its potential. If you have problems, they like to be kept informed because they need to feel that their employees are working in the best possible conditions. Understanding, they can help you if you encounter some difficulties.


Show Yourself to be Flexible
Do not show them that you disagree with their way of being and their vision of things. Indeed, they can be destabilizing by making sudden and unexpected decisions, doing a complete 180, and adopting a new strategy. It is, of course, focused on efficiency but at the cost of improvisation and inspired spontaneity. We must learn to follow them in their free and creative efforts. Besides, their curious nature is open to any proposition that you might make them to renew their way of working on certain points.


Play the Sensible Card
It is by showing yourself sensitive and human that you can evolve with your Cancer boss for the best possible. They like to feel supported in their work and decision-making, so do not take your boat too far away: they might feel helpless and see you as a kind of stranger; there is nothing worse for this boss. When they lock themselves in their office, never disturb them. They are taking care of their moods, and they don't need help doing so. However, if you want to get something from them, solicit their feelings with finesse. They cannot resist.


Respect Authority
Endowed with natural authority, they have their own vision of work, and they do not like it to be questioned. In general, they have little doubt, and the orders they give have every interest in being executed. To put them in your pocket, move in their direction, and flatter their decision making. If you bring them something concrete, a success, or a triumph, you will be in their good books. It is in these moments that you can negotiate a raise because they are likely to reward those who participated in their prosperity generously.


Be a Hard Worker
To agree with your Virgo boss do not come to them with overflowing emotions because that is not for them. Uncomfortable with the emotions of others, they prefer to move towards a work plan defined by them and see how much you have contributed. The more you are pragmatic and clear in your way of being and collaborating, the more you will enter their sphere. If you have something to ask them, take good care of your arguments because, in their eyes, nothing is more important than the box.


Have Team Spirit
The Libra boss is friendly and has a pleasant mood for those around them. Also, they are listening and likely to spread a "friendly" atmosphere. However, they love justice, and if you do not give the best of yourself, you will not be able to get much from them. And if they have to favor someone from their team, it's someone who has managed to soften them because they like nothing more than putting everyone on equal footing. To put your Libra boss in your pocket, suggest ideas that will weld the team; it will reinforce their spirit of harmony, which, according to them, is a cornerstone of work.


Act Wisely
The basis for getting along with your Scorpio boss is not to contradict them. If you want to qualify one of their ideas, use kid gloves by submitting yours smoothly. Because if they feel in danger, they could become unbearable. The best way to get on their good side is to show all your energy to achieve the goals as effectively as possible. Thirsty for success, they will see you as a good ally. And if you want to be even more appreciated, give them very personal info about yourself because they love to access the hidden things.


Be Sharp and Diligent
Incurable optimist, the Sagittarius boss, transmits their will to their collaborators and makes every effort so that they can succeed. If you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to come and tell them about it, they will always try to put you at ease. With a unifying spirit, they want their team to feel positive. They hate social inequalities or wage inequalities, so they ensure that everyone finds their account. If you want to be well perceived by them, always adopt a steady pace and a lively way of being because they hate slowness and lack of energy.


The Capricorn boss is one of the most formidable. So, if you want to make an ally, you have to show that your work skills are out of the ordinary. Never talk to them about your personal problems; there is nothing they hate more than hearing secrets or gossip. And humor, do not talk about it: it does not work very well. Only if the objectives have been largely exceeded. Develop a speech focused on work and performance; it will be at your disposal and almost acquired to your cause!


Be Creative
Sometimes a go-getter, sometimes a dreamer, the Aquarius boss has this particular need of alert collaborators who are always on their toes. Even if they are sometimes stubborn, they remain very open to your ideas that could breathe new energy into the organization of work and make it better. They will appreciate you for all that you bring in terms of original ideas: their avant-garde spirit only asks that you go ahead by experimenting with new strategies.


Be Transparent
The Pisces boss may have trouble clarifying their intentions and their work strategy, so never hesitate to find them to talk to them and understand how things are organized in their mind. Gifted with great empathy, they are receptive to your requests. Always stay honest and demonstrate flawless righteousness as they like to move forward sure of themselves. Moreover, do not block their possible states of mind and act as if everything was self-evident.

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