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Jupiter: your social development

Written by Alison

The sign in which the node is located indicates how we should proceed, and the house tells us in which domain we should act to evolve spiritually. By indicating your date, time and place of birth, you find out your Jupiter in sign and house (Note: for cities of birth, it is necessary to put the hyphens if there are any):

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Jupiter is a big planet that goes around the zodiac in 12 years. Its action is generally beneficial, Jupiter symbolizes physical and intellectual evolution. It is also associated with the acquisition of knowledge and helps develop a more philosophical vision of life.

Jupiter's positioning reveals how we evolve and integrate socially and our way of cooperating with others. It symbolizes "luck" in general but also the ability to teach, educate, advise, and organize. Jupiter stays about one year in a sign and, therefore, concerns a lot of people who were born the same year as you. Jupiter in house nuances the considerations of Jupiter as a sign.

By nature, Jupiter symbolizes expansion, opportunity, luck, success, victory, abundance, optimism, zest for life, and generosity. It says a lot about your sense of humanity, what you think about the laws, and how you exercise power. It reveals how you organize yourself and what method you use to evolve. It indicates how you are changing course, and you are doing things differently. Besides, Jupiter promotes and encourages your social, professional, relational, and family integration. It is with Jupiter that luck presents itself, that you attract sympathies, and that you respect others. But it is also because of Jupiter that you can be proud, arrogant, conceited, and develop delusions of grandeur. He is in analogy with the house 9.

His home is in Sagittarius, and he is in exile in Gemini. Knowing the sign of your natal Jupiter tells you more about the nature of your luck and the ways you evolve. If, for example, Jupiter is in Gemini, luck comes to you through your many relationships, and you can easily scale in your exchanges. If he is in Cancer, you are caring with others and sometimes far too lenient, he reveals that you succeed through real estate, whether as a profession or not. The house in which Jupiter is located gives interesting indications on the sector in which he deploys his talents. If, for example, your native Jupiter is in house 2, you have facilities to make money and to spend money on it. If he is in house 10, you are predisposed to succeed professionally, and luck favors your evolution.

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