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Descendant in Sagittarius meanings in your Natal Chart

Written by Mary

The characteristics of the Sagittarius descendant:

Your Descendant is Sagittarius

With this combination, you will be able to broaden your horizons. Gladly curious and eager for communication (thanks to your Ascendant Gemini and ruled by Mercury),your relationships are placed here under the sign of Sagittarius who sees big. Moreover, Jupiter will take care of extending your friendships, which often take a socialite turn. Basically, you are comfortable in the world, geographically speaking, and in high society!

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Behavior of the Descendant Sagittarius

You are often told that your personality is charming: you know how to evolve in society, find the right words, the easy joke and establish the flow of communication. You flirt with pleasure, but when it comes to building a stronger partnership, a real relationship for two, whether you are a couple or in business, you are more sensitive to social conventions. With Jupiter in the house of the Descendant, you expect the other to allow you to go further and see bigger. There is some exaggeration in your curiosity, which is welcome.

In addition, you are lucky. As luck would have it, you'll be in the right place to meet exactly the one you need, at the perfect time. Moreover, you are more entrepreneurial when someone really interests you than in everyday life. You become less fickle and you are even ready to conquer! A little Don Quixote around the edges, you make a big effort: you roll out the red carpet for the other and you constantly text and send other proposals, especially the most friendly kinds. Because often, an invitation to a fancy restaurant will seem like a good introduction to you.

The Love of the Descendant Sagittarius

Enthusiastic, you become a little naive when you are in love. You put aside the very cerebral facet (of your Ascendant governed by Mercury) to let yourself go to all the Jupiterian excesses. Your lover deserves the best and your generosity is limitless. In addition, you do not see any pitfalls because you are loyal and proud in nature, always three steps ahead of ordinary people. You are moreover convinced that your partner is the same way. And by chance - because you are like this most often, it's you who are right.

Business for the Descendant Sagittarius

With this sign of fire in the contract sector, which focuses on both values and their material scope, we can say that you are spoiled. Often partnerships will bring you a lot. They will allow you to go further in business, to give them an international twist. Relationships with foreigners are indeed under the protection of the master of your descendant, Jupiter. And even if you stay in your region or city, you know how to attract noteworthy people and decision-makers. Clever, you will benefit from your alliances, moreover, everyone benefits because you are generous!

Your Partner

Under the auspices of Jupiter, your ideal partner really has all the qualities. In love or in business, it is the right person for the job or that special someone that you attract. Besides, you do not look for crooked people. You love those who are popular, have a caring nature and are naturally generous. You often boast of knowing the potential of your alter ego. There must be favorable signs, where you can feel their human side and their ability to impose themselves in society. You want to find an anchor that you lack, as an eternal teenager.

How to Bond with the Descendant Sagittarius

It is on the road that you will make your big meetings, the road in the broad sense: in an airport at the end of the world or on a cruise ship. Just being away from your habits already puts you in favorable terms. It is often interesting foreign cultures, especially if they are distant from your origins, where you create a link easily. Afterwards, in your relationship, you need movement. It would not be surprising if a wedding leads you to live far from your home country. Or, you welcome the exoticism at home.


They are rare because you avoid many pitfalls in your life. But they can happen when you have really exaggerated! For example, you risk, occasionally, to find partners for whom social success counts more than anything and where, finally, appearances take over. When things go wrong, you can not stand to stay locked in a relationship. This axis is one of movement and two double presidential signs (Gemini and Sagittarius): you break quickly, sometimes a little too much! Having no time for regrets, you move on to something else ... sometimes leaving out people who deserve more attention.

Celebrities who share the Descendant in Sagittarius:

Kristen Stewart, Sandra Bullock, Sarah Jessica Parker, Pamela Anderson, Mick Jagger, Ashton Kutcher.

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