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Descendant in Gemini meanings in your Natal Chart

Written by Mary

The characteristics of the Gemini descendant:

Your descendant is Gemini

This is a rather easy combination, since the common point between these two signs is their desire to open: the Sagittarius side (Ascendant) pushes you to approach life with optimism, driven by a curiosity that is always alert. While the Gemini Descendant, is also interested in knowledge and makes contacts whenever he can. If a Sun in Sagittarius can make you snobbish, this is less the case (with the Ascendant),since the Gemini who presides over the relationship sector frees you from any prejudices. For you, any meeting is good and likely to enrich you on the spiritual front, of course, because this combination especially stimulates your cerebral side.

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Behavior of the Descendant Gemini

As you suppose, your connections are very easily made. On the one hand, because this axis is related to the mutable mode, which makes it very adaptable. Instinctively, you know how to put yourself at the level of your interlocutor, whoever they are, university professor or simple bartender. With Mercury governing the Descendant, it is the planet of communication that is needed: you know what to say and it is through this that you create an interaction. You are willing to be curious about the other person, about their life, about the context in which he or she is evolving. In addition, you know how to do it with lightness and finesse, without insistence. You can also flutter, picking up contacts from one person to another. In addition, you have no preconceived idea in matters of the heart.

First of all, you want to find a sponsor, someone with whom to conduct interesting exchanges. A comrade, a friend, this is your first source of interest, before thinking of a possible more intimate link. In any case, you do not stay in your corner, you are unable to remain silent and wait for the other to take charge of the debates. Besides, you love to debate, precisely. No need to be stuck in your opinion, you find it exciting to enrich yourself with other points of view. And you are also, it must be said, capable of a devastating humor. This is part of your charm, which has an effect on almost everyone, as if it were nothing.

The Love of the Descendant Gemini

Loves, with you, are often light like those of teenagers or serious like them! Because you are looking for part of a game with the other: you do not fall into the routine, you like to share good times, make jokes, relax. But also, and above all, communicate, continuously. Because secretly, behind your charming nature, you are looking for a soul mate. Your double, the one who will know how to work, who will have comparable expectations. With two double signs, (Sagittarius Ascendant and Gemini Descendant),you often have two great relationships (at least) in your life. The first marriage, in particular, is sometimes concluded without realizing the scope of your engagement. But it allows you to learn!

Business for the Descendant Gemini

What luck, it is Mercury that points you in the right direction! So, no opportunity, even small, will escape you. You have the sense of trade, flair, and skill. Etiquette doesn't matter to you, you tend to move quickly to the practical stage. Be careful however for the risks to which this conduct exposes you. Impatient, you do not read all the clauses and you can go wrong. In any case, you have to have a way out, because you are more than afraid to find your hands tied. Since you know that you have the smarts to bounce back. One affair chases the other, in your case. You often even have several partnerships to juggle in parallel.

Your Partner

More than formal beauty, you are sensitive to the charms of the intellect. It is by their patter or conversation, even by their writing skills that a potential partner will hold your attention more than another. It also happens very often that this position indicates an attraction for someone very young. That is to say, less aged by the number of years or more so someone who has remained very young in their mind. You can be "taken" by a nice talker, cute, and with superficial skills. But you will be thrilled with an intellectual, language teacher, journalist or performer. As soon as he or she will make you laugh half the way will have already been made. On the other hand, you are running away from partners who want to lock you in a straitjacket and are cumbersome.

How to Bond with the Descendant Gemini ?

You do not have to ask yourself these kinds of questions because meetings happen anywhere. On the bus, with your next-door neighbor next to the mailboxes, walking down the street ... Your curiosity immediately alerts you to the people you care about and you catch the ball. More than others, places of knowledge, such as training centers, libraries, media, are an ideal meeting ground.


With the Descendant in Gemini, relationships are easily tied but they can still meet obstacles. One of them is the risk of manipulation. If you come across someone who can pull your leg, there is a risk of falling under their thumb and not see their crippling flaws. Instability, lack of honesty and fear of commitment are some of them. This is also true in love as in business. Sometimes the ink of a contract is not even dry and you are already sorry that you signed.

Celebrities who share the Descendant in Gemini

Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, Jenifer, Brad, Pitt, Sylvester Stallone.

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