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Descendant in Pisces meanings in your Natal Chart

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The characteristics of the Pisces descendant:

Your Descendant is Pisces

With this axis, you are a living paradox. In everyday life, you show organization, you are methodical and you do not want to impose yourself. On the other hand, as soon as it is a question of relationships, romanticism and idealism dominate and could tend to consume you. Nevertheless, your real sense of service makes you appreciable to everyone.

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Behavior of the descendant Pisces

Even if you are reserved and do not want to shine, you feel instinctively how to put others at ease. It may be necessary first to overcome your usual mania (a frequent fault with the Ascendant Virgo) in order to let the other in. But once on the right track, you do not need big explanations to pierce the secret thoughts of those who interest you. It turns out that despite a certain shyness, contacts are formed rather in a flowing and easy way. Moreover, you know how to evolve in social circles and find your way in without being obvious.

Perhaps you seem reserved, in fact, you are immersed in your impressions and these will depend on the possible introductions. Neptune, who governs your Descendant sector, is a planet that does not make it easy to understand your intentions. If you feel in osmosis, your sensitivity just needs to reveal itself. On the other hand, if the group is too dynamic, if the stakes of the moment push to show action or authority, you happen to liquefy yourself on the spot. Fortunately, you are animated by a real humility and a willingness to do well and to serve, which allows you to make often numerous contacts.

The Love of the Descendant Pisces

Once you have left the habit of the Virgo (at the Ascendant),you are a romantic partner. While Mercury makes you talk all the time when you're in love, Neptune makes you feel rather than describe your emotions. You can be a bit awkward, too preoccupied with melting into the relationship. For you, moreover, there is only one way to experience love: total osmosis, sharing and generosity. A beautiful program!

Business for the Descendant Pisces

While you are often fearful, you can trust your intuition to spot a good deal. So for this selection, this combination can be interesting. On the other hand, you have trouble negotiating. You lose your critical sense because you are afraid of offending the other. Plus, you sometimes have the knack of getting into nebulous business. Finally, with Neptune who deals with this sector, you can easily suffer from the lack of concrete aspects in your contracts. But this can also bring you incomes as vast as the Neptunian ocean, without you even looking for it.

Your Partner

At first, you are looking for someone who is your opposite. You are the one who will hold the reins of the relationship, leaving it to the other to enchant you. Poets, pop singers and instagramers can seduce you with their ability to show the wonder of life. This partner must know how to embark on an adventure full of promises and mysteries, which will make you hover very high. It goes without saying that you are not interested in only social success alone or ambitious people.

How to Bond with the Descendant Pisces

In your well-established routine, it's a grain of salt that will change everything. Someday, something indescribable will catch your attention. Without even realizing it, you will be exchanging your impressions with the person you are interested in. Crowd gatherings, concerts and meetings, anything that shares a common interest is the ideal setting.


To use an easy expression, let's say that when it takes a bad turn, with this combination, it often fishtails. This is not the hint of open conflicts, broken dishes or threats. On the other hand, there is a risk of abuse or deception or simply disappointment. It can come from the other, when you fall back into everyday reality and the fairy tale ends. Or the conflict can also be yours, if the Virgo nature (of your Ascendant) decides to classify the beautiful bohemian or the seductive mermaid.

Celebrities who share the Descendant in Pisces :

Madonna, Marion Cotillard, Brigitte Macron, Sophie Marceau, Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, Johnny Hallyday, Yannick Noah, Chris Martin.

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