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Descendant in Aquarius meanings in your Natal Chart

Written by Mary

The characteristics of the Aquarius descendant:

Your Descendant is Aquarius

This is an amazing combination, because you are a traveling mix of pride and tolerance. On the one hand, your sign pushes you to assert yourself and proclaim loudly what you want in life. At the same time, the Descendant is here under the aegis of Uranus, an unpredictable planet if any. It will open your horizons and make it so that you are not alone on your throne. But it could also bring its wind of unpredictability, even eccentricity and revolt because of the other!

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Behavior of the Descendant Aquarius

With regard to making contact, no doubt, you excel. First of all, you do not stop at any prejudice. Those who would have been snobby to you (the Leo Ascendant!) will be surprised to discover that you are comfortable with people from all walks of life. You know how to show empathy and curiosity, you easily propose many activities. It is true that all the difficulty will stem from proposing a different treatment to a particular person. At the beginning of relationships, you often take the first step and you opt for a very smart strategy: you invite the person you are interested in, out with a group of friends. This will already allow you to see how the interactions occur, because for you, overall harmony is very important.

However, your seeming ease and your playfulness also show their limits: you do not respond to passionate demands, an osmosis that could be important in a relationship. At a certain moment, you can even show a specific indifference that is not necessarily so, but that is due to the fact that you intellectualize a lot the relationship. Above all, you need complicity sharing experiences and a sense of humor. In other words, the pleasures of the senses are not your priority and this reservation can be confusing for potential partners.

The Love of the Descendant Aquarius

Love or friendship? At home, the two notions are close to each other. You need to enjoy each other and laugh together. Certainly, you have pride ( with the Sun governing the Ascendant): thus, this famous partner who pleased you because they stood out from the crowd, would not dare to commit high-treason and make fun of you. Apart from this detail, you are a pleasant lover who relies a lot on fantasy and speech. However, your sex appeal is sometimes lacking ...

Business for the Descendant Aquarius

With this combination, you are not too sensitive to the material aspects of the situation. Much less than the other way around (Leo to the Descendant, for example). What you are looking for in business is the unique opportunity, the file or the partner that comes close to genius, and it does not matter if it translates into financial benefits. As a philanthropist, you are careful never to push your advantage too far, at the expense of the other party. Ethics is also very important to you: not to harm the rest of the world will always happen before landing the business of the century. In addition, you always bounce back fast and surprisingly, so you trust the future.

Your Partner

Without admitting it, you love the idea of shocking the crowds thanks to your partner. In any case, audacity is there: the ideal candidate should allow you to experiment and to be bold, too. The right person must be able to show at least some originality in their look and behavior. They must be open-minded and not prejudice either. Your dream: to form a tolerant couple, who inspires society and shakes it up.

How to Bond with the Descendant Aquarius

Do not ask questions, what needs to happen will be done! With the help of Uranus, who governs this area, love always strikes without warning. The most unusual places and ways are often auspicious. A train delay, an event that revolutionizes the course of things, an emergency situation and oh, here is a person who is more interesting than others. Otherwise, places like a plane, a laboratory or a futuristic city, with its glass skyscrapers, are also conducive to these new age relationships.


With Aquarius as the Descendant, you do not see conflict coming: you are too idealistic for that. However, the planet Uranus is responsible for spicing up your program: boom, there is a beautiful storm that happens and you never saw the lightning coming. You are sure that you are doing everything right (with your Leo Ascendant). The fault therefore falls on the other, who suddenly does not show the expected face. Either by becoming too demanding, or getting tired of yourself, or by becoming outright marginal in the way of eccentricities. It must be said, instability marks your partnerships period by period and despite everything, the breaks are always sudden, even staggering.

Celebrities who share the Descendant in Aquarius :

Marilyn Monroe, Kate Moss, Rita Ora, CĂ©line Dion, Katie Holmes, Donald Trump, Johnny Depp.

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