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Descendant in Leo meanings in your Natal Chart

Written by Mary

The characteristics of the Leo descendant:

Your Descendant is Leo

With a combination Descendant Leo (and Ascendant Aquarius),it is the axis of individualism and place in society that is highlighted. In any case, it is certain that you need others, even if you oscillate between a need for independence and that of being approved. Be that as it may, you are not made for loneliness: such an axis also indicates the good that can make the other attracted to you, especially in terms of marriage.

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Behavior of the Descendant Leo

What can we say, even if you are very tolerant, you want to stand out in your relationships. You often have an unusual way of creating contact, playing on surprise (Governed by Uranus for the Ascendant). You do not lack a magnetic charm, light and angelic. But you are attracted like a magnet by all that shines: indeed the Sun governs the field related to others. It is therefore the most reassuring people, those who love life and have a strong presence, that you are attracted to. Sociable by nature, you will find a way to create contact with those who seem inaccessible to others. A celebrity as a partner or at least an official lover, why not? You have to admit that you are also very imaginative and that you go to the end, relying on luck, even bluffing.

Another aspect is also interesting with this combination: if you are the king of love or contracts 2.0, always looking at your social networks, you prefer that the other be seen as a safe bet. Beauty, authority, for you, must be universal and especially timeless. If there is a vintage part that has to go somewhere in your Aquarian (Ascendant) life, there is every likelihood that it comes from others. You also need, in return, for the other to approve of you, support you and if possible, fill you with compliments or gifts. As long as it allows you to continue to be the modest part of the relationship, it suits you perfectly. Beware of anything too crude, but apart from this detail go for it.

The Love of the Descendant Leo

It's clear, you need the most beautiful or the most beautiful from you neighborhood. As you place great importance on the opinion of the crowds, it will be necessary that your partner knows how to succeed at their introduction. Otherwise, you risk becoming distant. But once the conquest is made, your relationship will be under the sign of generosity. It is even the most obvious common point of these two opposite signs that are Leo and Aquarius. So you will do a little contest to find out who gives the most, who does the most for the other. You are both noble and loyal to each other, which means an above average love. One without tension, with the ambition to last for your whole life and to make beautiful children ...

Business for the Descendant Cancer

In this area, you see big, and you're right. You will often come to attract prestigious partners: big names, who are well-established and have financial strength. What can we say, you do not lack insurance or luck. Luxury is often a natural way to evolve for you, whether it's the mood or the area itself. Needless to say, contracts bring you multiple benefits and will no doubt allow yourself to express the creativity represented by the Leo Descendant. Management or artistic activities are promoted through the other.

Your Partner

To make a quick sketch, he or she has a natural class. And besides, they have the taste for cultivating it. You will often yield to the charms of physical appearance: in these cases, your tastes are rather consensual. You need a nice face, a haughty look and above all, that they have style, at the risk of even impressing people too much. As for their social position, it also counts for you: it allows you to fill your own wanderings, since you will be the rebel of the two.

How to Bond with the Descendant Leo ?

Even if you have no prejudices in life, your meetings will often be marked with the seal of prestige. It's not at the supermarket that your partner will have the opportunity to stand out! The opportunity presents itself more easily in trendy outings, in chic villas or a seaside resort under the sun. This sector being marked by Leo, does not imply a relationship built around obligations or efforts. Everything is easily put in place for a life for two, one that will flourish best in a luxury setting.


These are ego stories that can put grains of sand in your relationships. It may happen that suddenly the other takes up too much space and swallows you with their pride and mania for wanting to direct everything. If they drape themselves in pride and refuse to see your open-mindedness, the tone may rise. Moreover, it is especially on the verbal plane that conflicts arise. You badly experience the failure of your partnership, whether in love or in business. Avoid especially "saving face", it would be worse than anything.

Celebrities who share the Descendant in Leo :

Christina Aguilera, J.K. Rowling, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Barack Obama, Matt Damon.

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