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12 tips for job hunting

Written by Olivia

Going through a job interview is always an ordeal. Scaring. But not that scary. By elaborating the essence and the form, according to your astrological sensibility, you will procure yourself the means for feeling at ease face to your interlocutor. Here are several tips that will open you some doors in the course of a job interview, define your strong points, your weaknesses and what you can contribute to the enterprise. Sign by sign, we have examined this question so that your answers are the most targeted and most attractive possible on the “I” day.


Introducing yourself.
After saying your identity, make an accent on your dynamism. That's what your trump is. That's what your force is. Indicate that you have done this or that, that you have accomplished an ambitious project... It is necessary that your interlocutor joins the movement and your rhythm straight off.

Standing out. Do not say more than you are being asked. To a precise question, oppose a clear response. And an honest one. Do not try to embellish your past, to overvalue your competences, to overact your motivation; be simple, outright, and frank. This changes the show-offs and even usurpers ready to tell anything and everything for showing off. No, you do not eat that bread, authentic you are. Whatever happens, you are available and motivated.
Your strong points.
Respect for rules. No matter how you try to be independent, you follow guidelines, accept orders, you do what you are expected to.
Honesty. You are not the type to whisper behind someone's back or to play dubious tricks.
Your added value
The taste of challenge. What seems impossible, insurmontable, complicated for others is never a problem for you.
Your weaknesses.
Your susceptibility. You loathe criticism. But the fact of being stricken to the quick stimulates you.
Certain unconsciousness. Not afraid of anything, you occasionally get into delicate situations but you also go where others do not.


Introducing yourself. In the way you dress, stay moderate and at ease in your clothes. In the way you greet your interlocutor, look them in the eyes, assure a vigorous and frank handshake. You stand out by your seriousness, this is what your interlocutor has to point out in yourself at first instance.

Standing out. Be capable of answering all the questions you are asked, in particular concerning the company that you are applying to. This demonstrates that you do not arrive as a tourist, that you have made some inquiries, that you know where you are, with whom and why. From the very start of the conversation you are strengthening your hand.When you have to be there, you are there. When efforts have to be made, you ensure.

Your strong points.
Your common sense. When others panic, you keep your feet on the ground and your ideas are clear.
Your pragmatism. No declarations of intensions, facts, projects, solid matters. With you, others know where they are going.
Your added value.
The taste for work well done. Whatever you are charged with, you will do it the best way possible. This is a question of respect for yourself and others.
Your weaknesses.
Certain authoritarianism. You often take control of operations when no one is asking you to do that. But as soon as everyone scuttles, having found you seems a delight.
You work slowly. You take your time. Sometimes too much. What is more, you do not do anything that is not meticulously considered.


Introducing yourself. Wait for being asked before you speak. That is the HR who has to direct the conversation, not you who have to deliver a speech. Keep this in mind as you are so well at ease in your relations with others that you could quickly start to play fellows. And this is not to be!

Standing out. Your multivalency is a strong point to put forth. Whatever your qualification level, you adapt to any tasks, any environment and any projects. And if within your future company you could have a possibility to touch on everything or at least not to stay enchained to the same position and do the same things with no end of it, you might make some concessions in terms of salary. Be paid less and relish, your thumbs are up. You juggle cases and pass from one project to another with ease. In any sphere, you are in your sphere.

Your strong points.
Abundant creativity. You are never caught unawares. If jammed from one side, you rebound from another.
A sound mind. Funny and nice, you know how to install a pleasant ambience in the team.
Your added value.
Remarkable sociability. You are well at ease with everyone regardless their position or status. In case of negotiations this is an advantage.
Your weaknesses.
An inclination to chat. With you, coffee breaks stretch to eternity. Work does not always get done, but at the relationship level, what a talent!
Certain superficiality. Instead of getting to the heart of matters you hit the high points. You do not see into anything thoroughly but you've got an idea of everything.


Introducing yourself. Your CV speaks for you, it is true but if you can say more in what concerns your motivation, experience, competences, it is indeed better. Remind yourself that you are here to sell yourself, so it is required to display everything interesting you possess on the shop-window. As it is not sure that your interlocutor has no desire to push you to the wall and not sure that if he actually dares do it you will get out on your head.

Standing out. Stake on your sensibility. Your humanity should be sensed in your manner of explaining your career path, achievements, and errors. You are neither a number nor an employee among others, you are a personality and that is what your interlocutor should keep in mind. You accept that the others think differently and work the other way. Any idea, wherever it comes from, is good to take.

Your strong points.
Your eagerness. You like being of use and need someone to be satisfied with you.
Your loyalty. Devoted to your work and colleagues, you have a keen concern in your company's interests.
Your added value.
Your discretion. You can be told everything, you will not reveal anything that is going on within the four walls of your office.
Your weaknesses.
Your timidity. If not prompted, you rarely ride before the hounds. Face to all those people with a swollen ego you dissociate yourself.
You are hard to define. It is never known what you have in mind. In case of negotiation your inscrutable face is an advantage.


Introducing yourself. Showing yourself for your benefit is normal and even desirable. With you, the annoyance is that you tend to add a spoonful to it, to overprice yourself and take yourself for a superhero who has seen, done and succeeded in everything. Stop! Smile, take on an affable air... Wait to be asked questions. In brief, stick to your place and stay moderate.

Standing out. It is your energy that has to be felt. Essentially your energy. Let it out by telling about your experience, speaking about cases you have initiated, projects you have accomplished. Rest upon facts and nothing but facts. They will speak for themselves without any need to add to it. When you believe in a project, in a mission, you do not count your energy or your time.

Your strong points.
Your loyalty. You support your boss and your company against all tides. If only one is to stay, that will be you, faithful to your position and to the word you have given...
Your assurance. Confident in yourself and in what you are doing, you motivate your partners.
Your added value
Infrangible ambition. You operate for your own. But also for the company's prestige as what is good for the enterprise is good for you as well.
Your weaknesses.
Lack of cooperation. Endowed with a strongly competitive spirit, you often take your advantage. But your implication is beneficial for the group.
You loathe criticism. Possible critical remarks hurt you so much that you react by devoting the best you can.


Introducing yourself. Say in broad who you are, what you want, where you would like to go. You have to arouse interest, not to beat it down like a pudding by flooding your interlocutor in details which he will listen to with one vacant ear at best or which will make him at worst wish to reduce the interview. That is to say if you are interested in gaining altitude in order to see further than your CV perimeter.

Standing out. Give a clear and precise vision of what you are, of what you are looking for and of your profile. This way the HR will know what to expect if you work together. Your realism and lucidity will differ markedly from your competitors' pellmell and non-professional approach. Not the style to drown in a glass of water, you envisage people and events with a pragmatism that gets the situation back on track.

Your strong points.
Your honesty. If you do not feel capable of doing something you say it outright. No time loss. No deception.
Easy to cooperate. In a team you are always ready to put your competences to the community service.
Your added value
You do not look for indulgencies. You want to be appreciated for what you do. Not more. Not less.
Your weaknesses.
Lack of ambition. Shining at any price, smashing the others, not your type. You remain at your own place...
Certain coldness. No excessive familiarity, you are all work. Jokes away, there's work to be done!


Introducing yourself. You will be well dressed, we trust you here. But still beware of going too far. Keep in mind that you are not attending a fashion show. If your bag does not match your shoes it is not a big deal. If you have forgotten your hanky just relax. Your natural elegance will speak for you.

Standing out. Truly talented for human contacts, put forth this lucky disposition by inquiring about working conditions and especially about the people you will be obliged to work with side by side on a daily basis. It is important that your interlocutor perceives how much you love being part of a team. Smiles, good moods: you connect people.

Your strong points.
Your availability. If you are needed, you put everything to use in order to be at the top.
Your benevolence. A little warm word, a sign of attention that pleases, some respect: you make everyone feel well.
Your added value
Deep comprehension of human nature. You are subtle enough to understand what motivates some people, irritates some others and you are quite dexterous for bringing this tiny universe to harmony.
Your weaknesses.
Your sudden decisions. Your difficulty to resolve often makes you decide in the heat of the moment. But at least, it is done.
Superficial punctuality. Deadlines, schedules... the notion of time is quite vague for you despite your efforts.


Introducing yourself. Stay on the surface. Inform your interlocutor about what he wishes to know but do not say anymore. It is not about making mysteries (this is neither the right moment nor your goal),it is just about making him want to discover you, to come have a look beyond appearances. You have a lot to contribute to the company, that is what should be felt and what should arouse interest.

Standing out. You arrive to the same result that the others but not quite in the same way and that is by using any means, by refusing to go with the crowd that you come to original ideas, to ingenious intuitions. Your methods are perhaps not understood or shared by your colleagues but this is your singularity that you can contribute. Reliable to people who reckon on you, you go beyond what you are demanded.

Your strong points.
You never let anything abate you. Difficulties, somersault of situation... you stick to your course and reassure your partners.
Mature reflection. You never talk to the wind. Everything you say is considered and weighed.
Your added value
An excellent memory. Details that others have forgotten are engraved in your hard drive.
Your weaknesses.
Individualism. Success is your merit. Failures are due to the others' errors. Nothing like this for touching your partners to the quick.
A tendency to oppose. In case of disagreement you can be disobedient or even obstinate. Even though your behavior irritates others, it makes them think more.


Introducing yourself. Since nothing is more sinister that listening to candidates speak in a monotonous manner, pick a lively tone as soon as you are asked to present your identity or to specify your marital status. This enthusiasm, this good mood will provide information that is not part of your CV and make the other wish to continue the conversation.

Standing out. Your flexibility is your best advantage. Whatever is proposed to you, you adapt and are capable of doing anything. If someone needs to be replaced off-hand, there you are. If something needs to be changed in your modus operandi, well you do it another way. Not only with you, everything is possible but the change is even desirable. Routine annoys you, novelty exhilarates you. Reliable, proper, when you commit yourself: you are on top.

Your strong points.
A competitor spirit. You contribute your best for being proud of yourself and keeping at the altitude of your partners' expectations.
You keep a cool head. When others panic, you stay calm and take control of operations if necessary.
Your added value
Your multitasking side. Quick-responsive, motivated, you are able to replace anyone straight off.
Your weaknesses.
You loathe criticism. So enthusiastic that when a mistake is reproached to you, you fall down from very high. Without hurting yourself. Because you can bounce.
Lack of practical mind. Ideas, theories, that is fine, you master it all. As soon as implementing is required you prefer delegating.


Introducing yourself. Nothing but the quality of your CV and motivation letter shows that you can adapt your competences to what is required from you. This shows that technically your profile is often in conformity with the offered position. That is a very good point, add one more by attaching more warmth in your manner of expression. Not only are you a qualified and talented candidate, you also are someone affable and pleasant.

Standing out. Solid arguments, common sense, the HR should feel that nothing of what you say is the words thrown to the wind. Use language adapted to the vacancy for showing that you have worked ahead. More than any other candidate are you conscious of the competition and will be able to do everything possible in order to stand out from the crowd. Your time, energy, skills... When you have to tackle a task, you devote everything.

Your strong points.
You do what you say. When you commit yourself, you do the job, keep your word, respect deadlines. People can rely on you, you never deceive.
Your obstinacy. You bring the mission assigned to you to its end, whatever it is worth you.
Your added value
Your self-sustainability. No need to draw you a layout, you know what you have to do and you do it even better than expected.
Your weaknesses.
You are stressed. You wish to do so well that you impose incredible pressure on yourself. That is why you do a good job.
Your coldness. You do not engender familiarity. With you, all jokes aside.


Introducing yourself. Go beyond what your CV tells about you. Those are broad words; in the course of the conversation keep off the beaten path. Specify the content of your last training and what you have accomplished there. Explain your previous professional achievements. Consider non-verbal communication as well: a smile says a lot about you, as do crossed arms and a stiff posture.

Standing out. Your mind's vivacity has to be immediately perceptible. For this you have to raise follow-up to every question you are asked, to every piece of information you are told. This responsiveness makes the conversation more dynamic. With you it palpitates, goes fast and nobody is annoyed. You are quick to understand, act without waiting, you are responsive faster than the others.

Your strong points.
Your communication capacity. Expressing your ideas and projects with ease, you make others understand you without effort. In writing as well as orally.
Your good nature. Pleasantry, witty words... You know how to make yourself appreciated within a team.
Your added value
Great flexibility. If it does not go in one direction, you try another. Open to everything, curious about everything, you always find original solutions.
Your weaknesses.
Tendency to do too much. A desire to manage everything is a good one. Except that you are quickly overwhelmed and have to delegate.
Negociating is not your strength. For fear of conflict or of endless discussion, you give way instead of fighting.


Introducing yourself. Adapt to your interlocutor's style. If you feel his domination, explain him who you are and what you are in detail. If you find he is meticulous, prove able to give precise dates, precise facts, clear and well supported argumentation. Evidently all this is to your appreciation but with the intuition that you benefit, you will be able to discern the features of your HR.

Standing out. If you are required to start work straight off, you are available. Or if necessary suggest a subsequent appointment. Since you are one of the rare candidates who is ready to contribute everything to the company and to your boss, it is important that your interlocutor perceives your motivation and that the success of your team or of your company is a bit yours. Interests of the company are and will always be above your own. The collective comes first.

Your strong points.
Your conciliation spirit. In case of litigation you approach each of the parties and try to reach compromise.
Your amiability. You are sober-minded and often kind-hearted. You truly cooperate with others.
Your added value
Your flexibility. When someone has to be replaced right off, you are irreplaceable.
Your weaknesses.
You quickly throw in the towel. Face to difficulty you are fast demotivated. But if others manage to lift your spirit, you resume work.
Your work can lack order. Moving in all directions at once, you lack consistency. But as you wish to do good, you will make all required efforts.

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