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Which occupations to your sign?

Written by Mary

Would you like to know what is the ideal occupation for you? Take a look at your astrological sign to find out what it covers in terms of skills and talented predispositions. The zodiac can help you see a little more clearly. Let us get started!


Assertive leadership:
Handyman occupations that require decision making are ideal for your dynamic personality. Leader to the end of your fingernails, you need ambitious goals and to surpass yourself through challenges that can sometimes border on the impossible (That does not scare you!). Firefighter, sports coach, or stuntman, this is a good idea for robust people who also have a taste for risk. Company director or team leader, it fits perfectly with your competitive spirit coupled with natural authority.


Hardworking and sensitive:
Your ability to get the job done makes you a sure bet for anything that requires endurance and results. Your stamina combined with your dedication places you among the best in a company or in your industry. In the same way, your sensitivity to the beauty of natural things or art in general can lead you to the professions of horticulturist, forest ranger, farmer as well as musician, actor or visual artist. In addition, jobs related to financial activities such as real estate sales or bank management are suitable for your "materialistic" sensibility.


Active and curious:
Your communication skills may lead you to work as a journalist, speaker, or lecturer. Disliking routine, you will also be comfortable in tourism activities including those of a steward or travel agent. You do not mind straddling two activities, negotiating two deals at the same time, juggling on several fronts; hence the fact that you may find yourself doing the tightrope walker, the clown, the lawyer, or the salesman. In this respect, you are second to none in seducing an audience when the objectives motivate you.


Traditional and intuitive spirit:
Your traditionalist fiber leads you towards occupations that reinforce your own "safety" values. For example, the hotel or restaurant business may be suitable for you, as well as nutritionist, notary, antique dealer, or real estate agent. Your keen intuition puts you at ease in business to negotiate, advise or land juicy contracts. Note that you like to surround yourself with the same people because they make you feel secure; in this respect you are appreciated for your benevolent sociability.


Leading and creative:
Your natural authority carries you into areas where you are a force to be reckoned with. Leading men or driving force in a project are social positions essential to your fulfillment; you need to occupy a position in relation to your intrinsic qualities and linked to your charm, your virtuosity. The occupations of actor, director, costume designer reinforce your creative talents and your taste for acting. And if you are a salesman, prefer this activity in a context that sparkles like luxury or jewelry. Finally, do not neglect occupations that put you in front of an audience.


Perfectionist and meticulous:
A great worker in front of the eternal, you are in your element in the health professions or activities that require a great spirit of service. Physiotherapist, veterinarian, pharmacist are very well suited to you. In terms of service, social counselor, librarian, and executive assistant will also fit you like a glove. Furthermore, your meticulous mind can lead you to occupations such as watchmaker, writer, financier, or mathematician.


Sociable and graceful:
Your exemplary sociability combined with your taste for balance puts you in a good position for occupations as a mediator, diplomat, negotiator, marriage counselor or judge. You love working with others, so always think of activities rich in social contacts as a receptionist, travel agent or wedding planner. Also consider that your developed aesthetic sense can lead you to the occupations of decorator, fashion designer, aesthetician, painter, landscape artist, florist or movie actor.


Receptive and penetrating:
Your very great internal energy pushes you towards occupations that connect you to the psyche of others. This is why you can be found in the professions of psychologist, tarologist, astrologer or even salesperson. On the other hand, you like to find out the hidden things and your obstinacy allows you to reach your goals; you feel at your place in the professions of scientific researcher, policeman, private detective, radiesthesist... Crisis management is also part of your skills, which ideally positions you for financial or human resources occupations.


Straightforward and optimistic:
Your openness to the world and your need to push the boundaries can lead you to occupations as a foreign language teacher, translator-interpreter, or ambassador. You know how to give the best of yourself, so the profession of international business ensures your success and suits your curious nature. As a philosopher, politician, consultant, or writer, you will be able to deliver your optimistic vision of life. And your unparalleled communicative enthusiasm makes you an excellent facilitator or team leader.


Thoughtful and organized:
Demanding and meticulous occupations match well with your qualities of seriousness and stamina. Architect, engineer, mechanic are perfect jobs for you. Scientific activities find in your advanced reasoning skills and sense of logic an appropriate person. Finance jobs as a wealth manager or insurer suit your qualities of distrust, tenacity, and prudence. The teaching profession also suits your love of history or tradition.


Awakened and creative:
Your independent and innovative mind needs a space where your creativity can express itself. Your career ideal is in humanistic professions such as medicine, biology, psychology, or science in general. Anything in the humanitarian or associative field naturally attracts you because you like to work collectively to fight all forms of injustice. Your ability to communicate clearly can lead you to teaching because interactions with students stimulate you intellectually.


Empathetic and imaginative:
Artistic occupations can allow you to express your inner world. The image related fields such as photography, advertising, media, cinema, or drawing are appropriate, but not only; music and poetic writing speak to you. Spiritual professions are also adapted to your developed intuition: this can blossom through magnetism, tarology. The gift of self and your gentleness characterizing you, the therapeutic professions are then recommended to you.

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