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Loss of job: How to rally?

Written by Olivia

Losing your employment is the end of the world. Or rather the end of a world, of a way of thinking, of a lifestyle… since this professional twist could also become a perfect occasion to ask yourself some questions about life that you would like to have and to find a professional activity that corresponds to it best. According to the astral sensibility each of us possesses, here are some paths for starting all afresh.


Touching down. Since you are lucky to have a positive mindset, take this professional incident as a challenge thrown to you, an opportunity to bounce up for something else. You possess a winner temper. Therefore lead a gainer's life. Alimentation, physical fitness… You are assertive enough to provide yourself the means for attaining it.
Rallying. Wait until pressure and anger die down. Rushing headlong is out of question; you'd rather sum up. List your competences, identify what you like doing, what you have a knack for doing. Take all the time you will need as this break, though not customary for you, is however salutary.
Pondering. «Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell them, 'Certainly I can!' Then get busy and find out how to do it. Theodore Roosevelt


Touching down. Despite the shock, don't lose your common sense. Analyze the company's reasons to part with you. Losing your job due to lay-off does not have the same impact as dismissal for misconduct for instance. Common sense therefore. Since it is by keeping your feet firm on the ground that you will be able to pull yourself up.
Rallying. Impose yourself discipline. Get up at the same time you used to get up when you went to work and allocate two or three hours of your morning to job search or to editing your CV. Not more. As to the afternoon, profit from it for gardening, playing with the children, cooking something delicious… getting together with your close ones, living a family life is perfect for bracing you up.
Pondering. «People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it» Anonymous


Touching down. Adopt a solid position. It is not the right moment to swing in all directions under the stress of panic, to start a thousand things and accomplish none. Slow down. And come back to your essentials. As a child you were often asked what job you would like to have. From now on, ask yourself what life you would like to live and adjust to it a professional activity that matches well. This will change your point of view.
Rallying. Identify job adverts that correspond to your profile rather than sending dozens of applications in order to make an impression of doing something. Keep socializing. Activate your network, tell your relatives you are in search of employment. Your great sociability is a major advantage.
Pondering. «There is only one way to fail: to abandon before having achieved success» Georges Clemenceau


Touching down. Knock it well into your head: you are not a victim. Instead of considering yourself an unemployed person, believe that you are taking some time for yourself, resuming the relationship with your own self. It is just the issue of vocabulary, as well as a way of influencing your state of mind.
Rallying. Avoid negative people, you need neither compassion nor criticism. If necessary, resume your acquaintances, obtain a coach or contact an association supporting job applicants. Finally and especially, allocate yourself a day off, a day when you will let your thoughts adrift and awaken your intuition. Emotions, flashes will direct you towards what really suits you.
Pondering. «If you can dream it, you can do it» Walt Disney


Touching down. Keep in mind that it is not you who are under sanctions; it is the economic situation or the fact that you are the most recently employed one that is likely to be the reason of your dismissal. From the narcissistic point of view the impact is different. And narcissism is what you have to cherish in yourself in the first place. If you have a voluntary activity, if you used to do sports, invest yourself. Anything gratifying will come in handy.
Rallying. Set yourself weekly deadlines. Toss yourself small challenges (call a certain person, make an appointment with another person…),meeting these challenges will increase your self-confidence. Provided that it corresponds to what you actually wish to do. It is possible that options assumed in your first professional life were not of your own choice. In this second life you are offered an opportunity to associate your competences to your veritable endeavors. Profit from this!
Pondering. «Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen» Michael Jordan


Touching down. Strike the balance of your financial resources and of the rights open for you. Since you will be earning less money for a while, you have to anticipate. Next, be quite aware that you are not solely defined by your professional activity and that your benevolence, manual dexterity and amiability… are integral parts of your personality as well. That is what you are appreciated and loved for, too. Feeling loved, whatever happens, is the best invigorant.
Rallying. Resume your studies, take up a new education… Expand your field of competence. In the intellectual context it will do you good. To be precise, this will increase your chances of finding a job. Ask for advice. Ask for help. As to the rest of the time, do what you enjoy. Visit a hairdresser, have a cup of coffee in a summer cafe, go jogging at the crack of the day… This does good as well.
Pondering. «Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently» Henry Ford


Touching down. Solicit your friends and acquaintances, reactivate ancient relationships, it is important not to remain alone. You are an extremely sociable person, so keep being one. Out of question however to suppress what you are undergoing and to pretend everything is all right. Speak to your close friends. Evacuate what makes you angry or gives you a feeling of injustice.
Rallying. In parallel with your job search do some volunteer work in the sector that attracts you. There you will meet passionate people, make new contacts and add one more string to your bow. Finally, take care of your looks. Dress with elegance, even for staying at home. Fix your hair. It is not about dallying, it is about self-respect.
Pondering. «Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it» Maya Angelou


Touching down. Nobody is angry with you personally, it is not a complot, it is not you who were concerned even if it's you who were injured; in brief, fight your paranoid tendency straight off. If you are angry with the whole world, you will find it hard to restart in some other field with other people. Don't say foul things about your ex-colleagues or your ex-boss, you might have to meet them again or need them, you never know.
Rallying. You possess this enormous capacity of rather low sensibility to stress, of being able to work under pressure, use it in order to regain the frenzy, the energy you need for your job hunt. Networks, friends, education, employment center… there is more than one solution. Be dexterous and think big; take a broad view.
Pondering. «I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions» Stephen Covey


Touching down. Don't occult what has happened to you, even if it's painful, even if it hurts the fighter image that you have of yourself; assume reality and look it in the face. This will let you gain some time for striking your balance, for resuming the activities you have left aside or for doing nothing at all. Yes, you've got the right to idle. Yes, you've got the right to live in your own rhythm.
Rallying. Self-confident and enthusiastic by nature, you don't find it too hard to project yourself in the future. Even better, stimulated by the challenges and the competition, you've got an occasion to show what you are worth. The most difficult thing will be to stay motivated, as you often have an impression of making great efforts to achieve poor results. Things will not get arranged on their own, mobilize yourself. Fight.
Pondering. «They did not know it was impossible so they did it» Mark Twain


Touching down. Rather solitary by nature, you basically don't need anyone. In this particular case it is more like a chance, provided evidently that you don't retire into your shell, don't get isolated. Get closer to your family and to the people who love you. You might not be in need of others but you need to feel cared about.
Rallying. Sport, gardening, painting, cooking… Proceed with activities you enjoy. Except that now instead of cramming them into your overcharged schedule, you will have more time to dedicate to those activities. It is essential to maintain the core of your existence that seems turned upside down. Sum up what you have accomplished, twice a month for example and be proud of it.
Pondering. «Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts» Winston Churchill


Touching down. Being enraged, furious, disappointed is normal and even sane. Now it only remains to make something constructive out of this anger. Your good point is that you don't need others for taking the charge of yourself. By structuring your days, by identifying your objectives you will avoid running into hyperactivity which can be reassuring but can fast become unproductive.
Rallying. And if this dismissal is a chance, the chance to do something else, the chance to finally change your tack to the path you like, the chance to implement the project that you have long nurtured? Since you've got a capacity to accept the unexpected, step towards people, listen to what is said, listen to your tiny inner voice. A new life is taking shape, so rush!
Pondering. «I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward» Thomas Edison


Touching down. Look the things in the face. You should neither occult what has happened nor convince yourself that it's all your fault and bear the total responsibility for that. No, no and no, the question is just to be honest. You will have the courage for that, trust yourself. And get some help. Family and friends are essential for your balance. The fact of knowing that they don't love you less despite the circumstances is a phenomenal driving force.
Rallying. Say what is on your mind: express your anger, say what would do you good. It is important to free yourself from excessive emotions, to only leave the constructive ones. Desires, feelings, impressions will little by little guide your sensibility towards activities you would like to engage in or to projects you would like to implement.
Pondering. «It's not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It's because we dare not venture that they are difficult» Seneca

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