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Who are the OK boomers?

Written by Mary

The expression "ok boomer" has entered everyday language. It comes from the younger generations (Generation Z and millennials) to qualify the older generation (baby boomers) who live on worn out and ancient principles. "Ok boomer" is, therefore, a kind of ironic formula addressed to those who live in the past. Maybe we each have a little "boomer ok" in us. But what is our share? Let us reveal the facet of this movement in the astrological signs. Let's stop at each sign of the zodiac to pierce the idea that looms in them...


Yes to combative energy
In your mouth, "Ok boomer" sounds like a call to assertiveness. You would rather join the cry of revolt of the young generation because they wish to take revenge and fight for their ideas. And if we do not advance in life with a beating drum, what good is living?


Yes to the protection of nature
Despite your traditionalist side and your fear of change, "Ok boomer" is all the more moving for its will to take charge of the planet and restore it to its lush beauty. This generational divide shows that things can move forward, but ... for better or for worse. You have an affinity with these protest movements for the planet.


Yes to the young spirit
With a young spirit, you tend to join the young generation for their intellectual independence. Speaking freely is an essential element in asserting yourself and circulating innovative ideas. You do not conceive of a society without communication, without movement, and without initiative. Truth be told, only a young mind is worth it to you, regardless of the age of the individual.


Yes to grandiose dreams
The young generation has been called the "snowflake" generation for its fragility: this speaks to you on a certain level. You are also in your bubble because imagination and sweetness are at the source of who you are. But then you also understand Generation Z who nourish their own dreams, who doesn't have one?


Yes to great feats
You are sensitive to noble ideas that advance society and inform public debate. Your idealism has a die-hard side. Your sense of spectacle can attract the spotlight to provoke and awaken the world. At home, "ok boomer" is a formula that comes from the heart.


No to the seeming mess / Yes to global health
The organization among "ok boomers" does not fit with yours. You need flexible working hours or opportunities to work from a cafe or anywhere but an office. You need a way of expressing yourself on crucial points in violation of the rules of the hierarchy... You need a defined framework to work. On the other hand, the health of the world challenges you.


Yes and no: finding a fruitful balance
With Baby boomers or "Ok boomers", it is always good in your opinion that the points of view differ because they can meet. What seems unfortunate to you is not finding a way to facilitate synergies between these generations. Each generation should be able to understand why they are thinking in a certain way to understand themselves better and work on common areas for improvement.


Yes to societal transformation
You are not afraid of disturbing truths. If new founding values convince you, you will go to the end of your business. Even lost causes don't scare you because you're great at finding new solutions. "Ok boomer" is the forerunner of the profound transformation of society.


Yes for an ideal
Where you join the "Ok Boomers" is that you are not ready to follow the orders of any superior in the workplace. Do what needs to be done for a salary, okay, but as long as it makes sense according to your vision and your ideal. Generation Z can feel demotivated in this context. You also need to flourish there.


You would rather be on the side of the baby boomers. Thanks to the work of the elders, this world knows a form of security that generation Z benefits from today. Without this stability, it would not have this great latitude to seek happiness today, for example. You are for a form of social progress, but the respect for the elders must be there.


Yes to change
Deep down, the idea of "OK Boomer" speaks to you instantly. It's a phrase you could have said. You see, the principle of change as an integral part of life. Whatever your age, the avant-garde, novelties, even new technologies interest you and fascinate you. Anyone who refuses it turns to a past which no longer exists and which is, in a way, sterile.


Yes to a better world
Like the "Ok boomer", you aim for a better world. You see environmental protection as vital and crucial to the future of humanity. If your elders are less sensitive to it than you, it irritates you and radicalizes you to a certain extent. You know that the world has to change. And you do not budge from your hook.


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