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Proof that you are happy!

  Written by Mary

Your eyes shine a little more than usual, a solar emotion and creative intensity flow in your veins, you're off, you feel good, in agreement with yourself while your dreams come together. But each personality of the zodiac has its way of being or acting when they are happy, so let's look at what each astrological sign is likely to do when happiness shines brightly in our eyes:

Aries: - You play a sports match with a friend to show how much energy and dynamism you have.
- You improvise a fun outing with friends to feed on new and vitalising elements.
- You send an inflamed Whatsapp to your loving partner to tell him how much you love him.

Gemini: - You take a 2 hour shower so you can sing-a-long to the latest Ed Sheeran album while adding some words of your own.
- You go on a weekend, accompanied by your partner in love to discover a picturesque and refreshing site.
- You launch a new short-term project that will change your life.

Leo: - You open your heart easily to communicate your feelings and your great intrinsic warmth.
- You act spontaneously and unreservedly like a child in search of games.
- You meddle with the stories of those around you as if you knew all the ins and outs and give safe and inspiring advice.

Virgo: - You turn your spirit of service to full speed to help those who need it. .
- You work hard while showing an overdeveloped practical sense. .
- You take a break at noon to read an article in a magazine or a “feel-good” book to further fuel your good mood.

Scorpio: - You plan your next "extreme sport" outing in your diary: skydiving or climbing.
- You blame others for the sake of teasing just to conclude that in the end "who loves, punishes well. ".
- You let your magnetism express itself to intensify life around you.

Capricorn: - You are on the lookout for a juicy financial investment.
- You go hiking to test your physical endurance abilities.
- You fill your agenda with important dates for personal goals, so you can succeed brilliantly.

Aquarius: - You join a political party or a humanitarian program.
- You gather a maximum of friends around a playful idea in which you highlight yourself.
- You are experiencing a new sporting event or cultural activity.
Taurus: - You take your lover to a gourmet restaurant.
- You give free rein to your creativity, in order to give birth to a rich and sensual work.
- You put a frozen dessert tart in the oven so you can immediately say "Mmmmmmmh".

Cancer: - You take your partner and pamper them while you send them some subtle signals so they spoil you in return.
- You read a comic book to your children and you get emotionally involved.
- You invite your grandparents to taste a lovingly prepared by you.

Libra: - You communicate with everyone, even with strangers.
- You skim stores to find the latest makeup trends or the latest boots on sale ..
-You sharpen your aesthetic sense by browsing the best fashion magazines.

Sagittarius: - You are learning an exotic language to explode your mental boundaries. - You start practicing a new sport that you commit to exercise twice a week. - You go to the first tour operator website to schedule your next trip abroad.

Pisces: - You innovate in the creative field by writing a love song or by designing colorful jewels.
- You contact an ex to fix an appointment "that he can not not refuse" ..
- You are trying a new form of meditation to unify yourself to the greatness of the Universe.

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