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Reining in your expenses

Written by Mary

Managing your budget is anyone and everyone's concern, no matter how they go about it. Whether expenses are recurring, common, or last minute, we can rarely avoid having to handle our finances. Come with us as we throw the spotlight on budgeting for each astrological sign and learn to rid ourselves of the apprehensions that, at times, rein in our impulses.


Spring cleaning
How about sprucing the place up in time for spring? Open up the cupboards, take everything out, find out what you still need, and toss the rest. Do the same with your wardrobe, where you are sure to find a whole bunch of things you forgot even existed. Put it all for sale on Craigslist or add it to the next community yard sale. You might even be surprised by the money you make off it!


Be positively responsible
Find a way to monitor your accounts so that you can get a better handle on your expenses and income so that you can manage your finances as best as possible. And do it with a smile on your face, too, rather than with hesitation or else your funds will feel the difference. The state of mind you approach your finances in determines your financial trajectory. Be confident and at peace.


Think ahead
Think ahead so that you can expect the unexpected, the imponderables that pop up from time to time in life. An emergency water heater repair, a sudden car breakdown, little family expenses, life's little hazards and vagaries have to be taken into account when budgeting. You are a Gemini through and through, so prove your flighty and shallow reputation wrong by taking things more seriously than usual.


Get squeaky clean
You have a real knack for certain things, like money, for example, and financial management doesn't scare you. But, when you are really down in the dumps, you can really let loose. Never run from your debts, pay your bills, and be self-assured. Paying your debts is the first step to getting rich! And, the cleaner your credit, the more you will get to plan other things - and with help from the bank.


Grow your business
Your independent side should have you thinking about building your own business as well as expanding it to keep your clientele satisfied. Develop a web platform so keep track of your income. With all your talent, and if your business plan is well laid out, you might surprise yourself with how profitable your business might be.


Be grateful
If you want to attract prosperity like a magnet, open your mind up to abundance. This isn't done just by measuring how much you have in your wallet, but by taking stock of all that you possess. See money first and foremost as a means of exchange that lets you obtain things. Take a little time to examine all that is in your possession and be grateful for what you have.


Call up a life coach
Decide to meet up with a coach specializing in financial management so that they can help you change your beliefs and expand your horizons. Anything that might hold you back from fattening up your wallet, from thriving and flourishing, comes from your own thoughts, your guilt, your emotions. Outside advice and opinions will help you overhaul a good number of your ideas, to see things cleary and regain self-confidence.


Play the markets - carefully
If you desire to put your money on the line and in the market, go for it, but know that you are taking a risk. Do you have enough faith? Have you really done your research? If you are really obsessed, then to start off on the right foot, first find a licensed broker and invest a relatively modest sum into various stocks. Above all, set realistic goals for yourself without looking for the deal of the century.


Meet with your banking adviser
Don't be afraid of your adviser and don't think he only deals with the rich, either. If you have plans in mind (and who else in the zodiac is teeming with so many ideas as you are?),schedule a meeting to talk with them and get information on any possible financing opportunities. Even if this will lead to nothing concrete, you will at least have shown that you are willing to work and might even give you a few ideas about how to beat the competition.


Hone your talents
There is one thing that you are totally and completely positive about, and that's managing your finances. You are very committed and know how to take measures to seize great investment opportunities. You could even go further if you decide to really wrack your brains and come up with ingenious ideas, which you are entirely capable of doing.


Clean up your finances
Don't be afraid to write up a list of all the debt you hold so that you can get your finances in better order in the near future and see how much you can pay towards them on a monthly basis. Start off by paying your smallest debts first. Using this strategy, you'll start to feel much better right away. Being responsible also means bringing more positivity into your life.


Find the right software
In order to manage your personal accounts, you need to do it efficiently and quickly. This doesn't mean that you aren't serious, but you will be more comfortable having software help you with this task. Any method that makes life easier for you is best, since you don't like to be bogged down by life's little daily obligations. The common sense thing to do is to give yourself more time for leisure time.

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