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Jealousy is a feeling that effects everyone. Quite often, and for no good reason, it slips into couples. In most cases, it shows itself subtly, in the form of a normal reaction that proves you care for your lover and don't feel like sharing. But, for some, it's always there, even to an obsessive degree. In these cases, the relationship can quickly turn into a nightmare. How do you handle jealousy? This is the question we're going to try to answer for each sign.


Aries is a passionate, excited lover who is natrually jealous. Aries throws themselves deep into a relationship, but their jealousy can push them to try to possess the object of their desire and to lose objectivity. So, if someone is looking at you a little too much, Aries can lose their mind and jump into confrontation without worrying about the damage this could cause. You belong to them completely and Aries intends to let you know it. Even if they trust you, you will have to remember that their jealousy will always be there, deep down. It's up to you not to get him going and to figure out how to deal with someone so easily riled if they feel there's a rival.


Taurus is extremely possessive. More than any other sign, they can't put up with anyone encroaching on their turf or getting a little too close to their lover, especially. Taurus' jealousy tends to be at an obsessive level. A look, a conversation, text, or email immediately instills doubt, and they'll instantly imagine anything and everything. With Taurus, expect anything: their reactions can be violent, uncomfortable, and completely over the top. But, if you prove to them that their reactions are completely unjustified, they'll quickly regret getting angry and will try to make you forget about it in any way they can.


Independent, tolerant, and not possessive whatsoever at first glance, Gemini seems unable to feel an emotion as ugly as jealousy. In fact, it can be funny to them that anybody might lust after you and, if they do feel legitimately threatened, will avoid the matter. So, Gemini will tend to appear cold and reserved or use their scathing sense of humor instead of showing that the situation bothers them. For Gemini, admitting jealousy would be admitting they're committed. You'll be free of all outbursts of jealousy with Gemini. But it won't be because they're made of stone. Rather, they're terrified at the idea of losing you!


For Cancer, emotional security is essential. So, if a little suspicion turns their mood sour, even more negative emotions are likely to follow. And yet, Cancer also tends not to show it. Loathing confrontation, they prefer to retreat into their shell, let their ideas run wild, and dwell on things over and over by themselves. Rather than discuss, Cancer prefers to pout, stay stuck in a vile mood, and totally ignore you. It's up to you to understand that their behavior is a call for help, and to start up an opend and honest conversation in order to clear the air and put them at ease.


Leo is possessive, but much too proud to admit they're jealous. In every area, and in love especially, they wish to prevail and won't put up with another person trying to usurp them, and so Leo will grab hold of their lover as their property. Taking a backseat or getting their ego bruised is out of the question, and so, if you make them jealous, confrontation will be inevitable. He'll roar with anger and see to it that they have the last word. Their words will hurt and their reactions will be violent. Out of a lack of self-confidence, they will always be jealous. It's up to you not to provoke them on this subject and to know how to put them at ease.


No worries here: Virgo isn't the jealous type and is more likely to think before acting rather than blowing up. If outside circumstances or other people stir up trouble, Virgo can be rational about it. If they sense a real threat, or if they feel that they're losing control in the relationship, rather than losing their cool, they'll talk about it peacefully, one-on-one, and keep their cool. Still, there is no point in lying or trying to play both sides: Virgo is much to intuitive and analytical to be tricked or to just bury their head in the sand.


Libra doesn't appreciate emotional confrontations and can make many concessions. At first sight, this sign seems impervious to jealousy. Libra is very good at resolving small emotional conflicts with ease. They tend to come off as very confident to their partner, and so are not one to read into the slightest gesture or action, or imagine the worst. Libra never make an unpleasant scene, and, if they must bring up a delicate topic, they'll do it extremely tactfully. Still, if you misbehave, they're capable of feeling a jealousy as firey as any of the other signs.


Scorpio is terribly jealous, possessive, and vindictive. Excessive and not one who does things only halfway, Scorpio can arouse jealousy and suspicion unknowingly in their lover and cause explosive situations. If they fear for their relationship, they can,over several weeks, have fun tallying up all their partner's mistakes and weaknesses before sparking a confrontation and getting revenge. With Scorpio, you can expect anything, even the worst. If you're not careful, they can cut you off from the rest of the world over time to prevent you from ever leaving, which means you'll have to set some limits at the very start of your relationship.


Sagittarius doesn't feed their jealousy. Confident, tolerant, and open-minded, they're not at all the kind to make a fuss if one of your coworkers asks you out for a drink or if your best friend spends all night on the phone with you. Quite the opposite: they'll urge you to pursue your social relations and are ready to sympathize with them. Still, if you are the love of their life and they sense that the relationship is in jeopardy, Sagittarius won't hesitate to hit you with a few barbs and well-chosen truths to hurt you and make you feel bad. But, their anger dies down quickly and they know how to forgive quickly as well and move on.


When Capricorn feels a twinge of jealousy, they are very careful not to let it show. As is the case with all of their feelings, they fear losing control and prefer to keep everything inside and make every effort to maintain harmony. It's only when they feel that the relationship is in real trouble that they'll sound the alarm and become very possessive. If there really is a betrayal, they'll become a force to be reckoned with, so don't expect to be able to talk it over and even less so to be forgiven. If you stay loyal to Capricorn, you have absolutely nothing to fear!


On the surface, this sign seems incapable of jealousy. Aquarius isn't possessive, trusts easily, and lets their partner have a lot of freedom. So, they won't give you a hard time if you receive numerous emails or go on vacation with friends. Aquarius is not once to show their feelings out of fear looking weak, and so if they run into relationship troubles, they prefer to put up a smokescreen and suffer in silence instead of expressing their fears. Still, if you do betray them, they'll sooner shut the door on the relationship than launch into a drawn-out discussion. It's up to you not to let them down!


On the face of it, Pisces can adapt to even the most diverse situations and circumstances, which makes them seem incapable of jealousy. But, in reality, they are prone to imagining a whole host of things that aren't happening. Much too sensitive, if they start having doubts, they can dwell on them and blow them well out of proportion and imagine totally unjustifiable scenarios. When they have to actually face up to feelings of jealousy, they will be completely thrown off balance, will play the victim, and won't hesitate to resort to emotional blackmail. In order to avoid any mix-ups or to make them unjustly suffer, it is recommended to clear things up as quickly as possible.

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