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How to make real friends on Facebook?

Written by Mary

If Facebook has 1 billion users, admit that it would be a shame to not use it to have conversations, make new connections and enrich your social address book. But how should you do it? Here are some tips depending on the personality and sensitivity of each astrological signs. Let's go!


Shake Up Your Wall
For you, no question that your wall remains as white as a pill of aspirin. You need to energize it, even make it dynamic because you know for a fact that if you do not engage in social activity, few members of the network will be interested in your Facebook profile. Your wall will serve to create links by publishing your favorites, your rants and your brilliance: so your activity will accelerate the proliferation of new links or live interactions!


Share Your Interests
You are known to appreciate the concreteness of existence, but you could also suffer from some virtual computer complex and in fact, you will be able to build more friends through your Facebook profile. Feel free to share your interests since you love artistic creation in all its forms, like picturesque landscapes that revitalize. Play the game, ask users about your posts, your hobbies, your tastes and you will collect feedback from people sharing the same aesthetic inclinations, as well as likely new friendships.


Share Unifying Information
You don't pull any punches when it comes to sharing cultural or social information and you will do it at lightning speed. Perhaps you should hide less behind the news and support more your personal opinions without controversy because you could attract one group from the internet while rejecting another. The ideal is to gather as many friends on your Facebook profile so you build a network that, as it expands, will stimulate you because nothing is more exciting for you than to count hundreds and thousands of facts.


Take a New Angle
Make an effort to get out of your family's microcosm and publish something other than photos of your family or children in your newsfeed. You have to open up more and even if you stay in your domestic cocoon, change your angle or point of view, step back, distil a bit of humor to make your friends react, get "likes" and comments. Your popularity will be increased and friends of your friends will begin to take an interest in you.


Bet it All on Your Profile Picture
You know it better than anyone else, this photo has all the importance in creating links and it is even the first element that catches the eye when we arrive on a Facebook profile. If the picture is gray, dull or banal, members will pay little attention to you. You will put your energy in the service of a beautiful, vibrant and smiling photo, in order to provoke curiosity, which will attract new digital encounters and, who knows, more concrete links afterwards.


Kill Two Birds with One Stone
Your mind is so polarized towards the utilitarian side of things that you can miss out on Facebook. Unless you use it to advertise your business, but that will not bring you any friends, only potential customers. Do not be shy, create your Facebook profile and search for knowledge. To get started in the digital life, why not join groups related to your business; depending on the publications, you comment on them and as the exchanges progress, it can very easily become a friend request.


Make your exchanges dynamic
No one better than you will understand that a friendly relationship works both ways. Also if you lack a little daring, you will not get anything conclusive to make friends; in this context, post publications on your profile involving your contacts to discuss a pleasant theme, a deco element or how a romantic relationship works, etc. The more you comment, the more you will be known to friends of your friends. You could even ask a closed question to start the conversation and "turn on" the exchange.


Find a Happy Medium
Your motto could be "To live happily, live in hiding": thus, this does not start under the best auspices for making friends through your Facebook profile. Do not be afraid to reveal your personality, to share your points of view, to put a little humor in it (preferably, not too dark) and try to avoid the other extreme, namely making others uncomfortable with publications that would not be unanimous at the risk of losing friends.


Explode your network
You will have everything to gain by linking your Facebook account to other social platforms like Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. The further you go, the more you visit worlds with thousands of contacts. So when you post your photo on Instagram, it will be seen on Facebook and your audience will expand. Same with Twitter, your message will be reflected on your Facebook profile and this way you can quickly expand your social network.


Take Advantage of Groups
Thanks to your seriousness and politeness that commands respect, you can make requests to add people you have identified in the same group. For example, lovers of philosophy or rock music, just like you. Do not forget to add a little word to get their attention and be transparent in your approach so you can build an increasingly important network of knowledge. You will go slowly but surely thanks to your polite and humble process, which will not pose any problem to you otherwise.


Expand Your Social Circle
You're not in the least suspicious, the social connections you create in your life could even pass as a social network, according to you. But since they exist, you might as well benefit from it to expand your circle of friends. You'll pick up your address book to add all your favorite contacts and search for them in Facebook's Friend Finder. Once they have accepted you, you will see their list of friends and you can find others that you have forgotten about or even discover strangers who seem nice and interesting. Your quest is endless and it stimulates you to make new acquaintances.


Disseminate Your Wellbeing
Put your passions, art, and knowledge of well-being to the test and get them all on your wall. No one will be able to do as well as you in this regard and you could be a victim of your success to the point of not being able to accept any more friends. But beware of fake users or spam accounts because Facebook has many. Make sure to verify if the profile is a friend of your friend or ask them how they know you. This will allow you to identify what has worked in your profile and reuse it wisely.


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