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Introduction: So much air, so much air!

Libra ascendant Aquarius: You are a great idealist, with an uncommon perception of others and a real interest in all collective problems. You have a remarkable intuition, but you have difficulty putting it into practice in a professional life. You are not motivated by competition, because you do not like to fight, you give up a little quickly in front of the difficulties...

Strengths of the for Libra ascendant Aquarius: Humanist and sensitive
Weaknesses of the for Libra ascendant Aquarius: Inconsistent and distant

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Personality: You are unique!

You are endowed with an idealistic personality, naturally inclined to turn towards great ideas and especially to free yourself from the clich

Vitality / Temperament: Universalist!

Lover of freedom, but very sociable, you need to communicate, to exchange, to open yourself to others. Very human, tolerant, altruistic, you have a lot of empathy towards people and you have the art to put them at ease. Optimistic and idealistic, you aspire to osmosis in the world, love is your philosophy. Curious about everything, you like to learn new things all the time, but this makes you a bit fickle. You have many activities that you do not always complete.

Love and emotional relationships: Loving, but independent!

Generous, confident, you have high ideals, you want to see the best in life and in people. Romantic, you aspire to great love, one that will not ask you to give up your independence. In love, you need someone you can love unconditionally and who will not try to lock you into a routine. You have a great sense of humor and you particularly appreciate a partner who makes you laugh and who always has a lot to say.

In the family: Comfort above all!

Your domestic behavior is persistent and persevering. You tend to settle into the routine of a secure and comforting life. You put a lot of warmth and well-being in your home, it is a real haven of peace where everything is thought to decompress when you come back from the outside. You like noble materials, warm colors and good food.

Relationship with money / material goods: More diplomatic than relentless!

Sensitive, tactful and charming, you shun fighting, adversity, violence, which does not help you in the professional field, you lack a little ambition and will. But you can do wonders in public relations. You are an excellent conciliator, you always find solutions that suit everyone. Intuitive, clear-sighted, you adapt to all situations with ease.

Socio-professional life: You always guess right!

You have exceptional intuition when it comes to money, whether it's finding the best investment or spending the right amount of money on your purchases. You adapt very easily to take advantage of good deals, but that doesn't stop you from being gullible or naive at times. You manage your assets in an intuitive, sometimes even inspired, way. You discern, evaluate and seize opportunities skillfully, discreetly.

Sphere of friendship: Philosophical friends!

You spend a lot of time exchanging views, you are a light and original person who is appreciated in society. You avoid with ease everything that bothers you, you do not tolerate violence or constraints and you often express your opinion on this subject. There are sacred values in you, finding balanced friendships will be central to your life. You will achieve this when you dare to enter the world of human emotions.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in an Air sign

Your home is a place of dynamic exchanges with the rest of the world, you are open to all mentalities and all possibilities without being influenced. You respect all opinions and you want yours to be respected in return.

Your sun and ascendant are in trine

Curious, enthusiastic, adventurer, you are in search of truth and meaning, you want to understand the world. You need to fight to defend ideals, you like debates, discussions. You energetically communicate your ideas, you defend your convictions with courage.

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