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Stop complaining and whining?

Written by Mary

If you really want to stop complaining, you have to do one thing: express your true self and your desires. Use as much of your vital life force as you can and shake off the depression and blues that are eroding your very being. Complaining means nothing more than that you haven't properly channeled your willpower into your deepest aspirations. Do not push down what and who you really are. Find out how, depending on your zodiac sign, you can recharge your batteries.


Only through sheer hard work.
Who other than you can assert your will? Complaining will soon become nothing but a bad memory: you are the leader type, after all. Make decisions on your own and wherever there is risk and a challenge, throw yourself in, body and soul. The ideal thing for your personality is energetic action that requires boldness and grit. But be careful not to be too impatient or hasty. This will only lead you down the wrong path towards unexpected accidents or unexpected grief, at worst...


You love kindness and sweetness.
If you complain, it's because you haven't set aside time and energy for your own hobbies and activities, ones that enrich you and make you feel secure. Lean on what it is that you can offer to your family and love ones, materially speaking. You might start complaining again, this time about not being productive enough, when money gets tight. Do not forget, however, that you possess an inner richness that you can share with others. Get involved in some sort of artistic activity or into something that uses all

your senses. This is all you need to start feeling better ASAP.


Get around.
Your suffering will end once you assert yourself through some sort of activity having to do with communication, writing, media, journalism - or just having stimulating conversations. Debates and discussions that let your formulate your own ideas suit your wonderfully. You've got the travel bug. You are quick, good at traveling, and love doing several things one right after the other. On the other hand, commerce and travel suit your humorous character extraordinarily well.


Cuddle therapy.
Hearing you complain means one thing: you haven't cuddled enough or you're missing someone that you hope to coddle and spoil. And, to make matters worse, if you don't have family around you to make you feel like you belong, you're done for... Your outlandish sensitivity needs to be nourished by your loved ones; you are very emotionally vulnerable. You will, then, feel really alive in activities that involve the home, such as interior decorating or real estate, for example, since you are prone to

feeling things deep down inside.


Let your sun shine.
Your complaining comes from feeling out of the public eye, outside of the spotlight, or separated from your friends. Show your loyalty and warm authority, and your batteries will be recharged. You are the sign of the heart, of love, of children - of creation! So, direct your energy into these areas. Love and cuddle with your partner. Call up your friends and have them over, sharing blissful slices of life with them. You will be on cloud 9, and your complaints will evaporate on there own.


Your taste for good health and well-being.
You are prone to complain and criticize if you feel you are lacking adventure, work, or security. An activity that requires common sense and meticulousness is a slice of heaven for you. You need to use your eye for detail and clear thinking in a productive environment. A career in the health field is for you: therapist, social worker, paramedic. If you are out of work and whining about it, tidy up, organize your house, dust, clean, and your morale will soar!


Bring your energies in harmony.
If you complain, it's because you lack love or a relationship that works. You can't imagine life outside of a relationship, whether romantically or in business. Your partner's opinion about whatever it is you are doing means a lot to you. Your personal life is as important to you as breathing. Find another way to assert yourself; in something that requires arbitrage, reconciliation, or fairness. You have a knack for smoothing things over and balancing your energies.


An energy generator.
Protesting too much can become a bad habit for you if you lack intensity or passion. You are an instinctive person with deep reserves of energy that you need to put to use or else feel like a zombie. Fusing as one, and sharing particularly intense emotions, with your lover will calm your complaining. Anything that takes place under a veil of secrecy will bring you great satisfaction. You are a symbol for hidden treasures and gifts and possess great power that you can use in the service of some

hush-hush affair...


Full sail ahead.
You complain when you need space and freedom. You will regain your energy by being out in the fresh, open air. Get your body moving and let your mind wander. Whether overseas or abroad, big trips - whether mental or physical - are made for you. Adventure is calling! Follow your instincts and you will quickly regain your optimism! Answer exercise's call: horseback riding, archery - any craft that has to do with advanced study or travel will put your bellyaching to rest!


Quiet strength.
One effective way to stop complaining is to fix clear goals for yourself and work towards them over time with caution, care, and diligence. By getting involved in whatever takes effort, patience, and strategizing, you can hope to skip right over the complaining part. You gain enthusiasm and strength by thinking alone about how to succeed, reaching for professional perfection, or following a career plan.


Show your originality.
If you wallow in self-pity, it's because you haven't called upon your originality and individuality to form new relationships with those around you. You need great variety in your relationships so that you can interact and talk with as many different people as possible and about just as many various topics. This is the ideal context for you to feel in touch with your desires: humanitarian organizations, avant-garde groups, international organizations. Anything modern attracts you. You owe it to

yourself to go towards whatever makes your mind feel alive, since you requires constant and consistent stimulation.


Trust your imagination.
You will stop complaining once you've given your imagination free rein. Express your artistic gifts alone, away from others. Cutting yourself off totally is a good way to work on your vision and enhance your musical, photographic, or literary output. You can also dedicate yourself to others to maintain your inner energy. Your sensitivity and sensibilities love to tap into vulnerable souls in need. Self-sacrifice and compassion are your talents, which you have to exploit to feel in touch with yourself.

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