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How to resolve a conflict in love?

Written by Mary

Your duo begins to heat up? A baffle is emerging on the horizon? Wondering how to get by? To do this, we deliver a few keys specific to your astrological temperament. To find yourself on the same wavelength with your half, evaluate each zodiacal sign.


sing joint victory
You will have everything to gain if you go beyond your mad individualism. In other words, you are not going through a sporting event where there is a winner and a loser. So do not systematically force your partner to subscribe to your point of view. If instead you confront your personal impressions with those of your other half in order to reach the middle ground, your duo will emerge from the conflict with a stronger and more solid love feeling.


create a positive dynamic
Do not fall into the trap of reactive or even vindictive behavior. Being able to react without attacks will create a situation where your duo goes around in circles without finding out. Aim for proactivity to unravel what puts you and your other half in an uncomfortable situation. So. you will create a virtuous circle of good intentions and good questions that round off the angles.


do not talk your way into trouble
Discipline yourself not to entrust all the time your intimate and personal concerns around you. Parents or friends do not have to know what ultimately belongs to you and your partner. If you want to talk about it, go to a professional who will give you a more objective opinion than your loved ones. This will be less negative in the place of your relationship.


quarantine themselves
Work to be willing to communicate. Talking is the key to success. However, it is a thoughtful review that is essential, so a time of reflection will work in your favor and there is no need to blame your other half for the silence you will reflect. In peace, you will find the inspiration to say the words and solve your conflict rather than rush into too spontaneous emotions that could be hurtful.


tolerate a different opinion
You will make great progress in understanding that you and your half do not have to agree on everything. By achieving this awareness, your disagreements will fade away gradually and your duo will be better, enriched by the diversity of views that drive it. You will not have to say in a conversation with a third person "on" but "me" or "him". Contrary to the general opinion, we can be united despite different opinions. Many couples have shown it.


paint the situation with method
You are a fan of methodical approaches, so you will derive a significant benefit from a methodical approach that has provided proof. After an argument, ask yourself what you and your partner have learned. As a result, you will highlight the salient points that caused the problem. You will learn a lot as you practice this exercise and the conflict situation will be repeated less and less; you'll go a little further each time until it's a giant step along the way.


reduce underground tensions
Your duo spiritually nourishes your life and your vitality, so you must agree to address some points that deserve to be debated. Your nature should not be overpowered by things that, in the long term, might undermine you by not expressing them. Make a summary of what is likely to be improved in your duo and you will find yourself creative in this respect.


avoid extremist positions
Do not fall into extremes because with you it can be "all or nothing". Your partner would only feel frustration and distress, which is not ideal for defusing a marital dispute. Ask yourself, "What I like is it in sync or not with my partner? " And vice versa. With this questioning you will come to understand where you are and how to get closer to your half in serenity.


do his mea culpa
If you want to know a radical way to neutralize a dispute in your duo, you must do your mea culpa. Even if you feel that you have nothing to do with it, start by apologizing for a trait of your character that would not be most appreciated; you will then show kindness, openness, and that will put an end to your conflict. And indeed, your partner will become more inclined to recognize himself wrong!


be flexible
Do not try to see perfection at all costs in your half; you must understand that his defects define him as much as his qualities. To have only qualities is simply the order of the impossible unless you are an android or an angel. And anyway, that's how you like him, so it's useless to want to change him. Start by modifying your look, that is to say, become more flexible, more tolerant.


listen to your partner
Never be convinced that you are right all the way because it will close you to your partner and his attempts to express himself. If you interrupt him all the time, there is no more exchange but only an accusing and hostile behavior that closes the dialogue. If you give importance to what your half feels, it will undoubtedly pay to calm the game.


Face the truth
From the outset, avoid any possibility of settling your dispute by email or text with your partner. It is important that he can hear you and especially perceive the tone you adopt. The way you have to express yourself is as good as what you have to say, and that is precisely what can make the difference! Your interlocutor can imagine so much on the basis of a written message.

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