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Qualities of Cancer

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A Cancer is imaginative, sensible, protective, creative, loving. This is a dreamer sign showing amiability and benevolence. They hate lies, duplicity and relish their reputation of integrity and sincerity. They lead a calm and regular life in the shelter of a happy home cocoon where they introduce a touch of poetry. Romanticists, they transform the ordinary into extraordinary and take most possible care of their tribe.

What are their best qualities? Cancer are loved for their freshness, helpfulness, romantic spirit and receptiveness.

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Love Qualities of Cancer

Cancer are receptive, generous, delicate, intuitive and tender
They are helpful and responsive partners whose feelings overflow with protective affection. Their prudence and intuition protect them against strong blows and their reactive sensibility adorns them with finely subtle and personal charm.

Single: They are truly romantic lovers, minstrels of old days. They are gallant and possess great talents for assiduous wooing when their heart is touched.

In couple: They are reassuring and protective partners, often excellent parents. They are in need of a stable and warm relationship, sheltering them from their irrational anxieties.

Friendship Qualities of Cancer

Cancer are flexible, serviceable, dynamic and cunning
Cancer often merge their friends to their family, which places them in the centre of a solidary and cordial tribe. Becoming their friend requires creating strong bonds by virtue of important life events.

Long-standing friendship: To maintain a Cancerian's friendship you have to accept that their home is their utmost wealth and be willing to participate in family events.

Party: Cancer rarely go out but when they do, they relax, forget their complexes and take their benefit. They suggest others singing and drinking in their company and talk with frankness and simplicity, even to strangers.

Family Qualities of Cancer

Cancer are affectionate, quick-witted, amiable, prudent
A Cancerian has an indolent nature that makes in general a peaceful and respectful person, all this until their sensibility is affected as when they feel hurt they can fight back and keep a stiff upper lip for a long time and really obstinately. This is a changing sign that you'd better not be short with.

As parents, Cancer take their role very seriously. They are gifted for adapting to children, following on their heels, especially in their discoveries of the exterior world, in order to protect them. They reassure, guide, nourish, without ever growing tired.

Children Cancer are hypersensible and intuitional and possess a phenomenal memory focused on sensations. This is a child greedy for signs of affection. Being collectors they are untidy and can go for timid, distrustful or introvert ones; however they observe everything that takes place.

Financial Qualities of Cancer

Cancer are intuitional, prudent and cunning
For a Cancerian money represents security. They search stability and certain comfort but prefer investing for long term when possible. They are particularly prone to investing early in real estate.

How they manage money: They manage their assets with due care, without too excessive spending or too frustrating restrictions. They do not take up useless risks but they've got an enormous flair for digging out splendid affairs.

How they spend money: Everyone's well-being is the centre of their financial concerns. Their expenses are often made on an impulse, they love offering presents, inviting and sharing their delights with the close ones.

Vacation Qualities of Cancer

Cancer are spontaneous, appeasable, nimble, gentle
Cancer are on holiday to get some rest and have a good time. Their temper encourages them to a perpetual siesta but they will take great pleasure in slipping away for a stroll at a local market, a water trip or an improvised picnic. They feel relaxed with the people they know.

In summer: They are attracted to everything concerning water, they love the sea, the sun and tranquility. A hydrocycle ride, a sea excursion, a beach volleyball game. Here are some healthy and pleasant activities.

In winter: In winter they often prefer a portion of raclette cheese beside the fireplace to sports exploits. However they can take real pleasure in practicing cross-country skiing or sinking into childhood with snowshoes on their feet…
Come with them, you've never had such a relaxing vacation before!

Memo of the Cancer's qualities: sensible, affectionate, intuitional, devoted

Cancer dread changes that could trouble their routine, home or affections. Their inertia force disarms the enemy… Under their delicate exterior hides a robust temper, they face their existence with conviction and common sense.
A little + : Cancer warm up their environment with nothing but their presence, affectionate and attentive to everyone. They are loyal friends, devoted partners, courageous and tenacious workers.

Home Qualities of Cancer

Cancer are easy to live with, diplomatic, independent, self-sufficient, sociable
They are cool fathers wishing for peace at home, no one could be more pacific. But if a close one is at issue or if they think their security is under threat, they are capable of incredible determination and tenacity.

In duet: A Cancerian is deeply sensible to the ambience and often needs being reassured. When treated badly by a brutal partner, they might retire completely into their shell.

In family: Their paternalistic aspect can make them a reference and transform them into leader in certain circumstances.

When they get up: They love sleeping in late and napping after lunch. They find it rather difficult to hit the road; however once started, they prove to be courageous, active and tenacious.

In the evening: Cancer love their bed, they don't appreciate sleeping somewhere else. Bedtime routines and rites (like reading) can be greatly favorable for their sleep.

Work Qualities of Cancer

Cancer are affable, intuitional, tenacious, imaginative, devoted
Their workplace is quite like their second home, they invest a lot of emotion in their activity. They need a peaceful and friendly environment. They possess an excellent sense of business, all the more fearful because hiding behind a somewhat fragile exterior.

As colleagues, they are devoted, capable of great deeds for their boss or a colleague who is worth it. Their perseverance is legendary: they can be entrusted the most intricate cases.
As bosses, they are firm and fair, patient and warm in expressing their satisfaction, but they can also be cross for a long time with someone who has deceived them.
If independent, they possess a redoubtable sense of business as despite their taste for a bohemian ambience, they perfectly distinguish their interests and their intuition helps them a lot to seize opportunities.

Fitness Qualities of Cancer

Cancer are prudent, loving, solid, responsive
Cancer translate their emotions in their metabolism. They compensate their eventual sorrow with a bulimia of feelings and meals. They are in perfect shape when they feel loved and protected in a stable and long-standing relationship.

In sport: Cancer are not full of physical energy. For feeling well in their body they could practice a water sport as this sign has a great affinity with water. In addition, walking and golf are also particularly compatible with their temper.

Nutrition: Cancer often are excellent cooks and grand gastronomers. It is difficult for them to resist sweet dishes or stews as they love the classical cuisine. But this is a strong-willed and tenacious sign, truly capable of evolving towards more dietary tastes. When well informed, they will be motivated to balance their alimentation smoothly and without any frustration.

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