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Friday, June the 5th
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How to Manage Your Emotions While Using the Internet

Finding your professional path

  Written by Olivia

After losing, or changing, jobs, it is absolutely essential to get back on your feet. But not just anywhere, and not any which way. Sign by sign, we will list your skills, point out what areas you excel in, and give you some tips for finding what fits you, so that work isn't solely a means of earning money but also a way to thrive personally.
Aries: Your assets: Energy. Autonomy. Initiative. Gall. High spirits. A sense of responsibility. A natural authority. A real leader.

And what do you do with all that? Build a business. Why not be an entrepreneur, even? This way, you will get the chance to run your affairs as you please. Being your own boss, you won't have anyone to answer to, except your suppliers and customers. Which just means more freedom for you..

The right sector for you: Since you have the gift of gab: anything in sales or promotions, especially in real estate and auto sales - a drug rep, sales manager, PR... Since you hate monotony: E.R. doctor, veterinarian, journalist, reporter, humanitarian worker, or an events planner... Since you need to exert yourself physically: gym teacher, physical trainer, judo teacher, firefighter, mailman/woman...

Gemini: Your assets: Flexibility. Responsiveness. Curiosity. Ingenuity. Your immediate understanding of people and situations..

And what do you do with all that? Work as a freelancer so that you can create your own schedule. It is important for you not to feel imprisoned in routine work. A variety of activities, people, movement will put you in your element..

The right sector for you: Since you have people skills: anything in communications, public relations, organization, as a press attaché, government worker, teacher, tourist guide, lecturer/speaker... Since you are persuasive: lawyer, marketing specialist, salesperson, speaker... Since you are responsive: luxury hotel concierge, agent, doctor, nurse, executive assistant, tightrope walker...

Leo: Your assets : Optimism. Self-confidence. Loyalty. Respect for others and commitments. Charisma..

And what do you do with all that? Working in a sector that is full of opportunities for advancement is your sine qua non. You have great ambitions for yourself and for the company that employs you, and so need to feel recognized for what you do. If the salary is sufficient, you will move towards success on autopilot..

The right sector for you: Since you like shiny things: the world of high fashion, high jewelry, luxury leather goods, expensive cars, art galleries, agent, actor... Since you are a host at heart: team leader, project leader, or really leader of anything (a hard no to being under anyone else), hairdresser, beautician, department manager in a fashion outlet... Since you have a feel for authority: Doctor, teacher, marketing consultant, project manager, artistic director...

Virgo: Your assets: Rigor. Attention to detail. Efficiency. Organization. Devotion. You put the best interest of the business before you own..

And what do you do with all that? Having a precise function in a well-organized world puts you at ease. Glory, honors - you don't care. It is more important to you to work with people who do an honest day's work and respect your work..

The right sector for you: Since you care about others: dietician, pharmacist, doctor, naturopath, physiotherapist, organizer in a hospital or retirement home... Since you have a sense of responsibility: team leader, anything in social work or teaching, lawyer, legal expert, city councillor, executive assistant... Since you like order: archivist, accountant, policy writer, insurance expert, statistician, tax inspector...

Scorpio: Your assets: Ambition. Insight. Discretion. Determination. Analytical skills. The ability to bounce back..

And what do you do with all that? Behind the scenes is where you like to work most. From this strategic location, you can pull strings and enjoy greater freedom. The less you are seen, the better off you are. The most important things is that your name is known in a small circle of those in the know..

The right sector for you:: Since you know how to unlock the secrets of the human soul: psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, surgeon, sex therapist, lawyer, hairdresser, image or communications consultant... Since you have a taste for secrets: private detective, investigator, judge, celebrity impersonator... Since risk thrills you: police officer, customs officer, solider, adventurer, stunt double, stock broker, body guard...

Capricorn: Your assets:: Stability. Faithfulness. Autonomy. Organization. A sense of responsibility. High capacity for work..

And what do you do with all that? :You are ambitious and though you don't brag about it, you don't hide it either. You have an interest in careers that offer a real possibility for advancing and, lest we forget, a good salary. You are capable of working hard and long and are perfectly aware of your worth and what you bring to any business as an employee..

The right sector for you:: Since you enjoy concrete achievements: production or development lead, ergonomist, mining/bridge/road engineer... Since you are good with money: accountant, banker, foreign exchange broker, treasurer, management consultant, financial consultant... Since you are down to earth: landscaper, gardener, fishing or mountain guide, agricultural engineer, spelunker...

Aquarius: Your assets: :Efficiency. Ingenuity. Cooperation. Communication. Open-mindedness..

And what do you do with all that? :The ideal thing would be to work alone on your projects and ideas so that you can compare and contrast them with others' plans and suggestions. You would also be more at ease in a small or medium-sized business where you won't feel like you're just another, regular worker but a human being who is recognized for what they are and what they have to offer..

The right sector for you:: Since you are a good communicator: public relations, local politics, social work, press attaché, sales and promotions... Since you are on the cutting edge of technology: video gamer producer, web manager, researcher, inventor, software engineer, information assistant, aeronautical engineer... Since you are autonomous: freelance work, own your own shop or bed and breakfast...
Taurus: Your assets : Your team spirit. Mind. Wisdom. Perseverance. Common sense. Pragmatism..

And what do you do with all that? Join a structure where you can make your own little nest, find your place, and feel almost like family. You don't seek power, though you insist on being recognized and rewarded for all that you do. If your talents are put to good use, you will go far - slowly but surely, yet far... .

The right sector for you: Since you are methodical: architect, site foreman, asset manager, banker... Since you like nice things: work in a luxury business, window dresser, work in aesthetics, hair-dressing, at historic monuments, museums, chef, or restaurant worker... Since you seek security: tax worker, public sector work, auditor...

Cancer: Your assets: Intuition. Empathy. Hard-working. Love of a job well done. A sense of responsibility..

And what do you do with all that? Working as a family gives you a warm feeling of security and solidarity. With, and for, others, you are able to give the best you have to offer. And, even if you aren't working with your loved ones, you will seek out this team spirit to give you the feeling of growing and evolving within a cocoon where everyone can join together..

The right sector for you: Since you like to reach out to others: teacher, babysitter, social worker, human relations worker, nurse, childcare, medicine... Since you are attached to the past: antique dealer, museum guide, tourist guide, historian, cabinetmaker, archivist, archeologist... Since you need solid foundations: anything in banking, running a business, as a notary, or anything having to do with real estate...

Libra: Your assets: Availability. Enthusiasm. Intellectual agility. Compromise. Tact..

And what do you do with all that? You thrive in a calm but buoyant environment and hate being pushed around. You do things at your own pace and oh well if others don't like it. Conflict makes you uncomfortable, which makes you the best suited to reconciling both sides' interests. You know how to make yourself valued..

The right sector for you: Since you have generally solid taste: stylist, decorator, beautician, hair dresser, manicurist, sales manager in a store, art merchant... Since you have a sense of fairness: mediator, lawyer, legal expert, referee, career advisor, school principal, human resources... Since you have people skills: representative, salesperson, humanitarian work, psychologist...

Sagittarius: Your assets:: Versatility. Dynamism. Confidence in yourself and the future. A taste for competition. Faithfulness..

And what do you do with all that?: You need to be surrounded by others, which broadens your horizons and makes you question your own way of thinking, your methods, your goals. Your goal is to advance, to be on the move, to learn something new every day. This intellectual stimulation makes you adventurous and curious about everything..

The right sector for you:: Since you respect the law: magistrate, judge, bailiff, lawyer, police commissioner, local governmental council member... Since you are attracted to the foreign: flight attendant, pilot, interpreter, reporter, importer-exporter, language professor, travel agent, vacation club organizer... Since you like the open air: forest guide, mountain trail guide, lifeguard, farmer, agricultural engineer, works foreman...

Pisces: Your assets: :Empathy. Creativity. Sense of feeling. Friendliness. Flexibility. Listening skills..

And what do you do with all that? : The ideal thing would be to have neither bosses nor team members. It's not that you like to work alone but that hierarchy, with all its restrictions, constraints, and fears, does not fit well with your generous and unselfish nature. Short of that, you will thrive in an unstructured environment where everyone gets their chance to speak and take part in the responsibilities..

The right sector for you: Since you are a natural mediator: social mediator, marriage counsellor, financial consultant, foreign exchange broker, human resources director... Since you are a devoted person: nurse's aid, nurse, humanitarian doctor, toxicologist, psychologist... Since you have a keen intuition: veterinarian, pediatrician, psychoanalyst, family court judge...

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