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Christmas preparations.
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What role do you play in your family?
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What type of parent are you?
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Dating through the internet

  Written by Mary

More than 18 million singles are looking for their soulmate (or just a date) in France and, needless to say, there are numerous suitors on dating sites. But which character traits could you serve you best or not once you have initiated contact with your partner through your love profile? This is what we will see with the zodiac wheel for all 12 astrological signs:

Aries: Don't Get Ahead of Yourself
Your burning nature may tend to ignite over a detail, a curve, the look in a photo, a way of writing and telling their story. Behind your screen, your entire temperament is helping, you could start to make an inflammatory statement even before meeting in real life, which would distort your meet up and the vision of your interlocutor. Know how to put an end to your fervor, which is a little overflowing, to avoid scuttling the beginning of a relationship.

Gemini: Don't Lose Yourself in a Role
Do not type the words on your keyboard faster than your thoughts. That is to say you do not want to devalue yourself but it is also not recommended to overdo it. Be fairly true, make your words reflect your personality and connect emotionally to the person without inflating your peacock feathers. Seek the heart, that's where the genius is, said the poet, so not too much intellectual brilliance and welcome the other while listening sincerely.

Leo: Seduce but Not Too Much
As you tend to exalt yourself quite easily, do not start bombarding your interlocutor with photos where you are to your advantage, where it is sometimes a little sensual, in short, do not let go in an atmosphere already incandescent because feelings are for you a hotbed of passion. Go step by step, listen to what the other person says, bounce off their words with relative measure and you will appear as an honorable person.

Virgo: Show Off Your Assets
You know for a fact that you do not really like to show off. This can simply block the dreams of your interlocutor about who you really are. Do not hesitate, highlight your career, your skills or even your diplomas if you have any. It's not about bragging but why hide your talents and qualities? Describe your merits and you will probably get a date quicker.

Scorpio: Cultivate Humour
Do not take yourself too seriously and do not take your exchange at the virtual stage seriously either. It does not mean approach it with superficiality, but in a more light and airy way. Since your heart easily becomes obsessed and does not let anything else in until it has conquered its coveted other half. Sprinkle your interactions with this partner with a touch of humor, after which you will be able to unleash your feelings so great that even the universe will be jealous.

Capricorn: Leave the Past Behind
Take a look forward and throw away your past for as long as it's possible. Because if you start talking about your ex and how some moments on the end have been painful, your interlocutor may think that you have not yet turned the page and it may scare them a bit. Focus on the good aspects of your past and present, and put some fancy colors on your realistic look at life.

Aquarius: Do not Engage in Controversial Discussions
You get along pretty well with this individual you met online especially since your ideas on life like independence and freedom match particularly well with them. But to make your appointment in real life, you will avoid launching any political exchanges because they may not share the same concepts as you. If it must become heated, do it in all voluptuousness under the duvet.
Taurus: Make Your Menu
You would be well advised to register on where single surfers share their love of small dishes, and you may have the opportunity to discover your gourmet soulmate. Between exotic dishes and pastillas you can slip in some tasty words which will lead to a romantic first date, full of sweets. The little extra: you can interact with a diet coach and even download the Marmitebook, full of good culinary ideas.

Cancer: Don't Say Everything…
Do not start building castles in the sky or think about a perfect couple in the heart of a sweet home while you are still typing more and more charmed words on your keyboard to your future date. Above all do not ask them how much they want children at this stage of virtual exchange or even during your first physical encounter. Your partner will think that you are moving too fast and that nothing else matters.

Libra: Do Not Fade
You are already so excited about talking to a stranger who has caught your eye that you are ready to unconsciously fade away and let them take the lead. For example, if you lie and say you love action movies just because they do too, what will happen to you during the real date? You will only erase yourself more. Give the best of yourself even if it is not totally in sync with the other.

Sagittarius: Avoid Awkwardness
You will avoid saying everything during your exchanges on a dating site and cultivate a certain mystery. The point is to find a balance between lifting a part of the veil on who you are and not telling your life through unrewarding anecdotes like those where you answer your mother on the phone every Sunday to draw up your shopping list. You are very spontaneous, so keep in mind that your interlocutor does not have to know everything before your physical meeting.

Pisces: Do Not Idealize Too Much
Only when you meet in real life will you establish a true relationship. Avoid great fantasies about your future partner when you talk online because you may be disappointed when you finally meet; nothing prevents you from getting excited about the image of this person but still keep your head on your shoulders by putting aside dreamy projections that would make the actual meeting less romantic.

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