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Calculation of Pluto in sign and house

Written by Alison

Discover Pluto's position as a sign and house on your natal chart to find out how you manage your urges. By indicating your date, time and place of birth, you find out your Pluto in sign and house (Note: for cities of birth, it is necessary to put the hyphens if there are any):

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Pluto is the slowest of the planets of the Solar System, and it completes its revolution in 248 years and so remains about 25 years in each sign, marking an entire era and a whole generation. It symbolizes all that is hidden, buried, and instinctive. It influences the destruction that prepares renewals, death, and rebirth. Pluto speaks to us about the power of our passions, drives, libido, and influence. It's the master planet of Scorpio.

The sign that Pluto colors, therefore, affects a whole generation and its influence is not very personal. The house in which it is located is much more individual and indicates in what area of your life you are ready to question yourself to start from scratch if it is necessary.

By nature, Pluto is a dreaded planet because it holds destructive power. Pluto cleanses and regenerates situations or outdated relationships, promotes awareness, and strengthens those who need it. It requires us to understand that it is necessary to evolve, and it pushes us to exceed ourselves, even to surpass ourselves when the circumstances impose it. It gives those concerned a powerful sense of analysis, and it expresses a sense of destiny to be fulfilled, determination, perseverance, silence, courage, and a spirit of sacrifice. But arbitrary judgments, pride, obsession, and dark ideas are also explained by Pluto. This planet is in analogy with the 8th house, and its home is in Scorpio, it is in exile in Taurus.

Like Uranus and Neptune, Pluto is a trans-Saturnian planet, and it concerns an entire generation. However, its influence is felt mainly by the house in which it is located. If you were born between 1957 and 1972, you have Pluto in Virgo. You like everything to be perfect and managed, and you have trouble with the unexpected. If you were born between 1995 and 2008, you have Pluto in Sagittarius, you are a universal person in search of benevolence, and you particularly appreciate your freedom. If Pluto is in home 7, marriage or life as a couple can quickly become an obsession if you do not control your expectations. If your native Pluto is in house 2, you perceive money as power, and you must use it wisely so that your relationships evolve serenely.

Do not wait and discover your native Pluto and the nature of your transforming powers!

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