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Running After Time

Written by Olivia

A little pressure builds up in us to satisfy our responsibilities and settle comfortably in the world. The holidays are done, finished with melting watches Dali style, we must return to a certain time and organize ourselves while avoiding confusion. Each astrological sign has a certain idea of who they are, whether their character is receptive, dependent or closed to ticking clocks.


You do Things too Quickly
We can not certify that you are the most respectful of time. Your nervous and dynamic temperament is constantly being pushed forward to accomplish impossible tasks and to ignore any obstacles that may prevent you from evolving. With your passion, you go straight to the point, aim for quick wins, which undeniably puts your watch away. Time, time! You need more to make an impression.


Save Time
As you are perfectly ingrained in your habits, we can say that time is a kind of reassuring benchmark that allows you to measure who you are and what you have. You like to go at your own pace to enjoy the peace of existence and enrich your feelings of sweetness in life. In a way, nibbling a delicious little dish would be tantamount to nibbling time and anchoring yourself comfortably in the present moment.


Tricked by Running Time
You have so much to do, always and constantly, that you easily become anxious by the running of the hands on the dial of time. Avoid dividing yourself by running two hares at once and be attentive to your creative intuitions because it will connect you to the world of ideas, which is in another dimension where time has no hold. There, you will feel better than anyone else.


To Have Time Right
When you go too deep into your shell, time is gone but it is also not the ideal momentum to feel happy or fulfilled. Instead, spend the treasures of tenderness for your children and your loved ones, exchange with them and savor the haven of peace that you have made so that everyone participates in the animation of this sacred home. In this respect, your emotions and your delicacy will have been right for the time.


Love For Eternity
Love and radiating gives you the feeling of having a leg up, to always have a little spatio-temporal bonus as if the time stretched and the space before you opened to infinity. The more you decide to love the better you feel. At the top of your form, it's life that unrolls the red carpet and watches stop and break. When love is your kingdom, you do not grow old, you become the little child who charms their court.


In Good Time
Running after time is not really your credo because you use the big ways to organize yourself like no one else. In addition, you put yourself at the service of another, as well as arrange your schedule around your work allowing yourself to carve time as precise as a goldsmith. Saving money, investing your money, to be a stickler for the rules of your lifestyle are all parameters that constitute a most successful life in your opinion.


Grace Since the Dawn of Time
You know that urgency has invaded our lives but you have your little tricks to breathe and not fall into the madness of top speed: to appreciate a style of beauty and charm. A touch of romance, a carefully measured color, a decorative atmosphere and you are transported by a sustained aestheticism. You have conquered the dark times in nothingness. Let yourself go to the elegance of existence.


Put Pressure on Time so it does not Put the Pressure on You
It's innate in your home, your instinct knows exactly that your hour of glory is about to arrive and that gives you almost an advantage over time: your great enemy. For nothing can stand in your way to prevent you from fulfilling all your desires, which are those of having and not having, those of being and of not being. You are the architect of your own hectic life and, from this point of view, time can not be measured by the extent of all your fixed and determined projects.


Make Time for Yourself
As the great player you are, you have to taste everything, live and experiment. The taste of adventure explodes all the clocks in your path because they can only panic before your great desire of foreign horizons; as you want to be on all time zones at the same time. It is by knowing how to slow your pace down a little that your wisdom can make you understand that your ideal is not to run in all directions but to rest on a more stable philosophical basis.


As Regular as Clockwork
Time is your most precious ally and you know how to keep up with it. It is by defining your goals and drawing the details of all your projects that you will be able to go through your days, weeks, months and years. It's not you who runs after time but the time that follows you and respects your rigor of detail, your sense of work and your tendency to be matured by the experience and vicissitudes of life.


Ahead of Your Time
Independent in the soul, you are often against all that is conventional or accepted. If time is allowed for society, in general you will demonstrate by your way of being that it has no hold on you. Time limits are just a pretext for submitting to an agenda or obligations. All these notions mean very little for you! You will fulfill your being whatever happens, in all its complexity, richness and firmness.


Take Your Time
Time is a bit mysterious for you like an abstract concept. Run after, yes, but after what, exactly? You live in another sphere, namely that of your imagination or your unconscious because it is here that you draw all the answers to your questions. Even if you try to change, you sometimes feel out of sync with reality because you can see that there is nothing that bothers you as much as the imprint of time on your dreams of eternity.


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