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How to manage stress!

Written by Olivia

After tragic events and the morose conditions that follow, anxiety can set in. In the face of this upsetting reality, each of us is more or less stressed out. It's a tough time that must be overcome. How do we successfully manage stress within us? This is the question we will try to answer while taking into account that each sign has a different temperament.


Aries generally dominates their anxiety by staying active. If there's a situation weighing on you, start up a demanding sport or take on an adrenaline-filled activity (bungee jumping, air diving). Generally, constraining yourself to a regular physical activity will have a great effect on your morale: daily jogging, walking, biking, or just taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Resistance and laziness will only make difficult matters worse, and you'll run the risk of then exploding with anger, impatience, or sadness. You can confront things much better if you feel in control of your own life, so hold onto your autonomy.


Taurus usually takes a long time to react, but also takes a lot more time to decompress. A nice and stable life is the main condition for your psychological well-being. Don't persist in useless conflicts, but learn to be more tolerant, to put things into perspective, to forgive, and to forget. Your steadfastness is your greatest enemy. When anxiety arises, you incorporate it into your daily life while "making do", instead of tending to the source of the problem: your stubbornness and paralysis. Gluttony is often your reaction to life's daily worries. Eating consoles you, but watch out for gaining weight.


Gemini copes with tension with their mind, sense of humor, mockery, and often with writing or drawing. You need to express yourself freely to resolve most of your tensions. By speaking up, using your voice, writing, and arts and crafts, you'll be able to keep the metaphysical angst that attacks your mind at times in check. Maintain a rich and active social life in any circumstance. You'll easily forget your worries around your friends, and your socializing will offer you opportunities to resolve your problems. This is your greatest advantage - so take care of it...


Cancer can fight back against their bouts of anxiety with meditation and yoga. But, since you can be a bit of a hypochondriac, you'd do best to seek advice a doctor first. By maintaining your emotional relationships, you'll have the best shot at escaping your anxiety. You need a warm, welcoming home and a united family or good friends. During temporary crises, reading a book, watching a movie, or taking a walk for an hour will help you relax and perk back up. It is imperative to entertain yourself, since you naturally tend to blow everything out of proportion and your imagination can easily play tricks on you.


Leo always pulls through by boasting! So, either make out as if everything is going just swimmingly, you're still the best, strongest, and most magnificent despite what's going on, or join a theater group. The most important thing is to express and comfort yourself with recognition and esteem from others. If you just can't shake the blues, force yourself to express your feelings. You can do this by writing. Even if nobody reads it, it can still be a great release. Confide in your best friend or go onto forums - anything will work, as long as it allows you to get things off your chest.


Virgo fights anxiety by sorting, cleaning, analyzing, and making lists. Your anxieties grow most often out of situations that are out of your control and that seem to be. Talk about them with someone you trust will most likely resolve your biggest problems. Seek out constant activity: idleness creates its own problems, guilt, and feelings of worthlessness. Anything having to do with arts and crafts, especially something hands-on, have therapeutic value for your sign. So: knit, weave, draw, basketwork - it's up to you to freshen up your home while maintaining your psychological comfort.


Libra is comforted by others. When harmony is broken all around you, you have to quickly find a place of balance, and if possible, beauty. Go see an exposition or to a museum to help you take your mind off things. Despite it all, it's through your relations with others that you will be able to curb your existential angst. So take care of you friends and flee any and all conflict. If you manage to create your own little peaceful oasis with a few handpicked people. The noise from the outside world will be much quieter this way.


Scorpio fights their ever-present, deep-seated anxiety through what can sometimes be obsessive introspection. Therapy suits you better than anything. You are already given to deep analysis, so you might as well have help from a professional that you can trust, and you'll most likely save time and be more effective. If you're hit with a temporary case of the blues, only intense effort or an absorbing activity will get you out of your negative thoughts. Take up hard exercise, endurance sports, or physical, even grueling work. Or, another way for your sign to decompress is a wild night of unbridled sensuality...


Sagittarius isn't one to fret quickly or for very long. In principle, your natural optimism keeps the upper hand in most situations. And yet, things can still go south at times, and, since you do everything excessively, you are liable to become deeply distressed. The best thing to do in this case is to move, go out, see people, take part in various competitions, or take up a new discipline. In fact, nothing consoles or relaxes you as much as the feeling of learning something, of evolving. Learn to limit risk in your life by being overall more careful.


Capricorn is often born pessimistic and makes the best of it. A stable and well-structured material existence will make you feel the most safe. You will be able to decompress by organizing your daily life and your future in total freedom and independence. During bouts of the blues, you should force yourself to get out, see your friends, and confide in them. Underneath your depressed look, you tend to internalize too much and to blow your problems out of proportion. Your friends' objective viewpoints will help you start being positive again. Never forget that negative thoughts lead to negative actions - and vice-versa.


Aquarius doesn't have a very anxious temperament. And yet, when a situation does weigh on you, you tend to fight back, though without always realizing the possible damage. Your very personal viewpoint of things doesn't really gain a lot of support, and so you run the risk of being misunderstood and frustrated. Your intellectual honesty encourages you to go to a therapist, while some might do well with a Bach flowers remedy, acupuncture, some similar discipline. If you're even down, getting out and discovering things in any way (travel, art, intellectual activities) will do your heart good. So, if you're down: get moving!


Pisces is very sensitive to what's around them. You are often soak up others' depression and are influenced by the general mood. The first thing to do then is to set up a welcoming, safe, and, above all, peaceful household. Treatments actually often harm you: you have allergies and tend to become dependent. You can become well-balanced through a decent lifestyle and by constantly battling against your natural sluggishness. If trouble arises, don't make mountains out of molehills and get advice from your best friends or your family to make it through your situation.

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