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Quitting smoking

Written by Olivia

Quitting smoking, of course, is a good idea, but how can you resist the onslaught of temptation? Some tips exist but the main idea, no matter what, remains will and motivation. To change one's habits in a meaningful and lasting way you must set new priorities and engage fully, both body and soul. It probably does not follow the method of Oscar Wilde who said humorously: "Smoking is easy, I stop twenty times a day.” Let's see the little tricks to stop smoking through the different signs of the zodiac:


As you live in a state of emergency and your cravings manifest instantly, chew on nicotine gum every time the need harasses you, or even a candy without sugar or a licorice stick. If that is not enough, make a habit of organizing time for physical exercise to invest your body and use your energy in a way that will mobilize all of you. A change of scenery, a walk or a run is just right for you.


An old wive's cure will be in line with your traditional principles and your ever demanding taste buds. Although far from unknown and as simple as it is, this method proves to have very good results. Every time you want to smoke a cigarette, put salt on your tongue. This powerful taste will end your desire very quickly. Of course, start with a tiny bit and increase if necessary.


In case of urgent desire you will be interested in working your abdominal breathing under a relaxing approach. Inhale deeply, fill your lungs with air peacefully and block your breathing for a handful of seconds; then exhale gently and do this exercise three times. This will oxygenate your brain and relax you deeply. It will also result in excellent management of your stress.


Take Care of Your Sleep Habits
If stopping smoking disrupts your sleep, avoid any substance that aggravates this problem, such as cocoa, alcohol or caffeine; make sure you do not watch TV or surf the web just before going to bed, as this will delay the arrival of sleep. Prefer relaxing activities such as, immersing yourself in a book that stimulates your interest but is not likely to excite your emotions because you are in a period that requires calm.


Take Into Account
You will keep track of your savings from quitting, and by realizing the profit you'll make over days, weeks, and months, you'll be motivated to put that money aside. After which you will please yourself with a very nice gift that complements you. And you who likes gifts so much, if you follow this method perfectly you will get full satisfaction. The cost of an average smoker is 100 to 180 euros a month, so just imagine a little!


Your mind needs understanding and logic, so you will probably be better off writing a list of all the disadvantages of nicotine use. Also list the benefits of a tobacco-free life; For example, stopping smoking between the ages of 35 and 39 increases life expectancy by 5 years, on average, and most importantly, your skin is doing much better because you are accumulating significantly fewer wrinkles. Think about your health because it is a precious asset for you.


Unite Your Friends
You will feel much better if you get support from your family to help you quit smoking, so warn your loved ones to be supportive the first few days you avoid smoking. Also avoid places where people smoke a lot because you could give in to temptation thanks to your great sociability. You have to encourage yourself to stop smoking in order to develop a sense of pride with results.


Take Care of Yourself
To avoid replacing tobacco addiction with a new addiction, aim to increase your resistance by going to sleep relatively early and getting into the habit of exercising or relaxing. In short, take care of yourself. If flushes of anguish or irritation occur, you may want to get involved in art projects or even go further, such as following a therapy to engage in an acceptance process or to identify the causes of the problem.


Don't Delude Yourself
Since you are not very friendly with the limits, do not fall into the trap of taking a single puff of a cigarette because you would end up relapsing. Know that it is always easier to refuse the first cigarette than the second. However, if lack thereof leads to a hard time, use nicotine substitutes that will double your chances of success because they act on your brain via nicotine receptors.


Outwit Your Habits
You will have everything to gain by avoiding the places or even the situations where you were accustomed to smoking. Do not hesitate to change your habits: for example, once your meal is over, immediately leave the table, ditto for your coffee break. Be aware that the urge to smoke usually peaks for five minutes and then dies down. As soon as the urge is felt, resort to a diversionary activity such as drinking water, chewing gum or taking a walk.


Partager son expérience
What would correspond to your temperament would be to communicate and verbalize your experience. Find a support group of people looking after their own addiction in order to learn from them but also to support them in their efforts. Many people admit to having quit smoking thanks to the support of individuals going through the same thing. You motivate each other, and it creates a social connection, which is far from displeasing to you.


Try Hypnotherapy
Your sensitivity to alternative therapies could lead you to a solution such as hypnosis in addition to a treatment already in progress. It will affect your deep thoughts without you even realizing it. When it is suggested that you change your behavior, your perception will change through self-relaxation, thin desensitization, and the birth of new imagery within your mind.

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