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Even though it might seem like globalization has won out, each of us still have our own tastes that resist whatever may be imposed upon them. Imagine you are about to have friends or new guests over and have to whip up your favorite recipe that has this certain something that makes your heart race. So kindle the fire of your creative power, and the dish you want will slowly start to take form. We will give you a close-up look at each zodiac sign to see what they like to eat.


Dessert first
With you, cooking means enjoy and living life to the fullest. You are a romantic, drawn to anything that is good and sweet. You might even skip right to dessert, and so you'll learn to make chocolate-covered pears with ice cream so that you can welcome your friends to an atmosphere that is just as sweet and sugary. What you love most is melting the chocolate, mixing it with cream, and then dipping the pears in it. Plus, since you are a born innovator, you will decide to make a fancier version by sprinkling it with crushed pecans!


Meat and potatoes kind of guy
You are an American through and through and so love to stuff yourself with meals that aren't the exactly the lightest... Your thing is hamburgers, but your dream come true is hearing bacon sizzle in the pan until it's crispy. Don't get annoyed while you're cooking up your meats: the kitchen is all yours. It is your own well-guarded territory, your own turf, so to speak - but hold the "surf", please... In the end, you will be thrilled to share your masterpiece with your lover, too.


Appetizer or dessert?
You usually can't decide between two ways of doing things, two ideas, or two people, and the same goes for your cooking. And so you'll cook up some spring rolls - with chocolate-covered banana! Plus, it takes thirty minutes at most to whip this together, which fits well with your hasty way of doing things. You are totally fine with what was supposed to be the main dish becoming a dessert. In any case, you are a gifted individual, and your guests are sure to be blown away as soon as they taste it.


Something for everyone
To keep your whole family happy, especially the kids, choose something easy to make that everyone will love. Perhaps homemade fries and chicken nuggets or a simple steak. The kids, as we all know, get the last word, though, so it would be good to have some s'mores waiting in the wings. Roast your marshmallow treats over a fire, even if just on the stove, and happiness and good times will ensue.


A generous surprise
What you want is to blow your guests away, even if just for brunch. To work your magic, you won't pull any punches and will have your heart set on pineapple and mascarpone dumplings. You will throw all your heart and talent into it: it is part of your nature to want to please everyone and to want them to remember you for your generosity and showmanship. For you, it is a sure sign of success if you are asked to do it again soon. You'll realize that you are a real chef!


Simple and savory - and clean
Figuring out what you want to make is easy: anything that won't drop crumbs when it is eaten. You hate disorder and dirtiness, hence your tendency to not just whip something up quick. There is nothing easier, then, than sautéed shrimp over basmati rice. By aiming for simplicity, you can blow everyone away when you serve your dish. Once everyone has gone home, you won't even have to so much as run the vacuum cleaner to clean up after, making this night one of the most successful ever.


Go whole hog
It's not so much cooking that you enjoy but rather having people over, sharing, meandering discussions about anything and everything in a cheerful and intellectually stimulating atmosphere. At the last moment, you'll grab a pot of salted, boiling water, throw in some pasta - and voila! Pesto, basil, and a little arugula will add a refreshing flavor, along with a strong and aromatic wine to help everything go down. You are appreciated, too, for your sober, yet tasteful, charm.


Anything with some bite
With you, it's all or nothing. So, if you have to have people over, you might as well show them a great time. A leg of lamb would do the trick, but since you like it with some spice, add a dozen cloves of chopped garlic if you really want to cook with fire. Sprinkle the whole thing once it's done with more chopped garlic, without forgetting salt and pepper, and you've got it in the bag. A spicy, lively, and biting night - this is the best recipe one could ever dream of!


Spice up your night
No need to say that you need to travel a little in your cooking, which is why you will opt for a dish with Indian flavors: your one-way ticket to a foreign land. You will make duck with spices and covered in a coco sauce for your friends to enjoy, and, while preparing it, cut up some peppers, too, in order to spice up the palate as well as your night. This is totally your thing. Flavoring your time together with moments of sharing is just the recipe for never going to bed and laughing your head off until your throat is raw.


Success is certain
Skipping a meal is out of the question. Everything must be perfect, and since uncertainty always seems to be lingering about you, you will count on a sure thing: pizza. Nothing could be easier, and everyone loves Italian, right? You won't mess up this time, that's for certain. After all, you're not a fan of surprises, even happy ones. In twenty minutes, you'll know whether your gamble paid off, and your guests will love it.


Your own version of veal stew
You like to have lots of people over, so you'll have to cook up the right dish: a hearty veal stew. You might even ask a friend or two for a hand in preparing it. After all, the more the merrier! You will surprise everyone when you tell them that you've replaced the veal with chicken, since, after all, life is all about change and novelty, but also because it takes less time to cook, which gives you more time to chat!


Beef à la Coca-cola
You are an original individual and go where no one expects. What you enjoy is adding your own personal touch, so what sauce will you add to your beef bourgignon? Coke, of course! Rethinking the traditional is right up your alley. You love to cultivate your own little seeds of creativity and awaken others' curiosity. Without personal inspiration, the nights would indeed be sad and bleak. In any case, your guests are sure to not be left hungry for more.

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