Zodiac Signs

Learn the Unconfessed Desires of Each Sign

Written by Mary

In astrology, one may tend to describe the personality of each person's characters. But we often overlook what is happening under appearances. What about in terms of hidden or unstated desires? Discover it immediately by referring to your astrological sign or that of a loved one!


Be the Best
In the deepest part of you, you want to do very great things, perhaps the craziest ever done by a human being. Your desire for leadership and your desire for thrills make you dream of extraordinary adventures where you create a new school or a new style so that it has an impact in today's society.


Feel Safe
Your most powerful desire is to protect yourself from any financial need and, in fact, to cover each of your loved ones. Once this security is established, you will rest on your laurels to enjoy the peace brought by the material comfort. But as that would probably not be enough, you would abuse good things, like food or cuddles lavished by your partner.


Be a Genius of the Mind
Your thirst for knowledge and discovery makes you want to access the genius of humanity and ultimate gifted creativity. Your appetite for things you have yet to experience traces in the secret of your soul a stubborn desire never to relive the same day, the same life. Your desire to broaden your knowledge is never, oh, never satiated.


Be Free of Your Emotions
You would like to become free from yourself, from your desires, and your emotions, to reach a form of independence that no longer puts you at the mercy of others, or those you love. The sturdy and stable facades you sometimes give to others does not reflect your whimsical and sensitive nature so well.


Be the Center of Your World
You wish to be the greatest lover in the universe and become the center of your own life. You want to be acclaimed for your charisma, your creativity, and your warm feelings. Let the spotlight shine on you with its luminous power to emphasize how much you exist more than anyone else. Bonus: have many friends who love you and who like to party.


Be Pampered
Your secret desire is that we take care of you by pampering you so that you never want for anything. A good tea, a good massage, a caring presence surrounding you that makes you feel safe, and the heart of a lover who beats only for you. In short, you want a partner who knows what to do on the emotional level that you will pamper in return because you are likely to return the favor.


Live in a Perfect Balance
What you want more than anything is to live a romantic relationship without a hitch, without a cloud, without trouble. You idealize your relationship like a long calm river where the sentimental and intellectual cooperation with your partner is exemplary and even eternal. In this respect, you aim for the perfect balance. And even if it fails, you keep believing in it.


Conquer the object of your desires
Your secret is to conquer every object of your desire, even unattainable. And even if others have failed, this does not discourage you. Your ambition does not come up against any limit. Your goals are high, and your determination is flawless. Under a sometimes stable exterior, there is an agitation inside you related to your aspirations as well as your appetite for conquest.


Live the Impossible
Your most secret dream is to embrace the least known and the most far-off lands. To feel yourself expand by knowing the world in all its richness. To live the impossible and to make it possible through ambitious companies and projects. To enjoy life and the encounters it brings you. To embody a philosophy of openness to joy and being.


Reach the Peak
Your secret wish is to climb the ladder of your social hierarchy all the way to the top. That every effort you put into working your way up is rewarded and that everything goes faster and faster to reach your target. That there are no more pitfalls, no more delays. And finally, the honors fall on you like a shower of fine gold and enrich you, while showing you as an ideal example of success.


Play Your Most Outstanding Role
Your most intense desire is to never become like everyone else and to embody your singularity. You differentiate yourself through your ideas or your way of life. It's your workhorse. Nothing will make you bend. You think that if you were to melt into the mass, it would be like letting go of your last breath. So you're doing everything you can to be who you are!


Realize Your Fantasies
Your secret desire is that everything you fantasize becomes a reality. Your imagination has a strong tendency to draw things and situations that are stronger than you. Everything you embellish through your eyes gives you the most beautiful reason to live. The beauty and sensuality that you design makes you progress in life. And you never lose hope that the boundary between dream reality fades one fine day.

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