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Support the confinement with children

Written by Alison

In times of confinement, the measures require us to stay at home with the children. So, without becoming a professional animator, it is possible to put oneself at the same level as a child to offer them an occupation that will mobilize their minds and solicit their creativity. We suggest an activity to do with your child(ren),which activity has affinities with your zodiac sign. In this way the association will be more accomplice. Make way for the zodiac signs:


Create a show
Push your children towards the creation of a show that they will have to do entirely on their own. Whether it's a play, a dance show or magic tricks, they're free to do it themselves. It is also up to them to provide the decorations, clothes etc. At the end of the day, they will have done their best and will perform their show to their great pleasure and yours. No need for Netflix, you have your favourite channel at home!


Making seeds germinate
Gather a small amount of cotton and a few handfuls of lentils, and you're in sight of some pretty shoots! Your child's curiosity will do the rest. Especially since you, the budding gardener, will enjoy it too. In addition, you can ask him to decorate and paint the pots to enrich the occupation. Note that there are special flower pots that can be personalized by putting a photo on it and coloring it with felt pens.


Getting started with origami
You only need paper for this activity. Children of all ages (and even adults) are interested because there are different levels. With this creative workshop, you will be able to ask them to design boats, animals, flowers, stars, jewelry. There are almost no limits except for their imagination. And this will teach them to work on their concentration and fine motor skills.


Playing a construction game
Make a construction set, he'll like it. He takes the initiative himself, allows himself to be led by chance, and there he is, building a house, a city, a world or even a car full of fantasy. His imagination is called upon and his manual skill is refined as much as possible. And if everything falls apart, he will take the measure of his actions and correct his project.


Make a collective drawing
Ask your child to do only the part of a drawing that represents a character from his or her imagination (e.g., the body). Then fold the paper and ask another small artist (or your spouse) to continue (he or she will draw the head). It is your turn to participate if you wish. And finally, by unfolding the sheet, you will make them discover the original drawing which will provoke a good mood. This is what we call "exquisite corpse", a poetic conception coming from the surrealists.


Do a sensory workshop
Blindfold your children and take out objects with a variety of textures to make them guess what they are. Then you can move on to things with very special smells. Finally, you can let them taste foods that they will also have to recognize. Make sure it's something they like, because if it's spinach, the food that blonde heads dread, it could be a problem unless you make it in puff pastry slippers!


Imagining a fashion show
Introduce your children to fashion. Ask them to put together their entire wardrobe as well as yours, but don't forget the most outlandish or original costumes and things. Once they have done this, you challenge them to put together a wonderful fashion show. Have them add rhythmic music to accompany them in their colorful and festive delirium. And here you are in the middle of fashion week kids!


Creating a Time Box
Get a Tupperware and ask your blonde head to write a letter that he/she won't have to open for 1 year or 10 years. Also have him/her drop off some nice little things like pictures, photos or drawings. It will be up to you to treasure this box and give it back to him/her in 1 or 10 years. This is a very original occupation that will require a lot of patience and fun on his/her part.


Go on an object hunt
Draw up a list of objects to be found such as pens, books, coins... that you will have stashed all over the house. If you have several children, make this game a fun competition to motivate them to find the hiding places. You'll see that they'll get active for good. This type of occupation kills time!


Building a hut
No need to have a garden, you can start this activity in your living room for example. It is certain to be a great success with your children. With blankets and cushions, ask them to make their ideal little nest away from the world where they can recharge their batteries and do what they want. You'll probably want to make your own personal contribution to this structure.


Drawing on a t-shirt
Take out your old plain T-shirts and give your children felt pens. Put a piece of cardboard inside so that the ink doesn't leak onto the back of the textile. And there you go, let your darlings' imaginations run wild and they'll have a field day. Funny words or drawings will come to personalize the new stuff. It is also possible to proceed on an apron, which will enchant you to take it out to cook once the work is finished.


Making collage
Gather a pair of scissors, glue, paper, and of course newspapers and magazines! Ask them to make a funny montage by building a funny and strange person: cut out a mouth here, a nose there, eyes and hair here and there, and then make a new creature. This can be fun and funny. And you can't help but get involved in their project, because it'll be a real challenge for you too!

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