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5 things to help you be in a good mood in the morning

Written by Mary

No one is immune to feeling unwell when they wake up. To get up with a smile and experience the morning in a good mood, we suggest 5 tips based on your astrological sign. Sometimes it is enough to know what can make us vibrate to live a morning that is useful, and contradict getting up on the wrong side! Let's go! A little tour of the zodiac that stops on each of our signs!


- Find the bright sun when you open the curtains.
- Have a good breakfast with your favorite ingredients (without wasting too much time).
- Plan new things to try during the day as part of your work, for example.
- Take a hot shower and finish with a jet of cold water on your legs for blood circulation.
- Listen to 20 minutes of your favorite podcast.


- Be awakened by a hug from your partner.
- Do not jump on your Smartphone right away! Devote yourself to yourself only.
- Treat yourself to a little sweet.
- Design a morning routine adapted to your personality (a little ritual with things that make you feel good).
- Brush your tongue to help transition from sleep to wakefulness (using a tongue scraper).


- Swallow something even if you are not hungry, such as a smoothie or a good flavored coffee accompanied by a savory or sweet dish.
- Learn new information on your cell phone that you completely ignore.
- Read an inspirational quote that excites your mind and spirit .
- Visualize the most beautiful things that you want to bring about during the day.
- Adopt a yoga posture to energize your body.


- Change the "beep, beep" of your alarm clock to your favorite song.
- Share a knowing look with your other half.
- Open your eyes and see that there is still an hour of sleep left.
- Find a soft towel in the bathroom.
- Share Nutella sandwiches with your partner or your children.


- Create a playlist of “feel good” songs.
- Stay positive: instead of, "Brrr, it's freezing when I get out of bed", say to yourself: "Nice, a good hot shower is waiting for me!" ».
- Reflect on your creative skills to improve them.
- Express your feelings to your other half or in a notebook.
- Engage in physical exercise that releases endorphins.


- Plan your day so that you are focused and productive.
- Eat a balanced organic breakfast.
- Wake up at the same time each day to help your body keep its own pace.
- Find all of your things that you prepared the day before.
- Evolve with plants that purify the ambient air.


- Leave the shutters ajar to wake up with the first light of the sun rather than those emitted by your Smartphone (it's more pleasant).
- See the smile of your other half flourish on their lips.
- Fold the sheets at the foot of the bed to ventilate well during the day and find a healthy bed at night.
- Select the right outfit that gives you style.
- Think about your next vacation with your other half.


- Use an olfactory alarm clock to get out of sleep pleasantly.
- Stretch and breathe well to oxygenate your body.
- Appreciate the small tender gestures of those close to you.
- Let your partner tell you that you're sexy.
- Spray yourself with a fresh and tangy scent.


- Devote a quarter of an hour to stretching.
- Listen to lively or cheerful music.
- Read an inspiring book to embark on thoughts around the world.
- Settle in your sheets for about twenty minutes.
- Play whale sounds in the background while you get ready.


- Practice a meditation session to feel calm and serene.
- Commit to tackling the toughest task early in the day to clear your mind.
- Set goals for the day.
- Make toasted rye bread with honey and salted butter.
- Take a little time with your children and tell them a beautiful story that empowers them.


- Listen to the news or watch a muscular debate of ideas on TV.
- Do something that makes you happy like playing a sport or writing on your blog.
- Prepare yourself even if you have not planned to go outside.
- Think about your next outing with friends.
- Walk with your head up, looking for new or original ideas.


- Drink water to boost your immune system and get fit.
- Stay away from electronic devices and screens.
- Wake up gently thanks to a dawn simulator imitating the sunrise.
- Prepare a healthy balanced snack to counter the day's hunger.
- Realize that it's Sunday.


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