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Hold onto your friends!

Written by Olivia

Friendship is a precious bond that takes tact, subtlety, and kindness to maintain. Friendship is nourished with communication and sharing and evolves over time. For a friendship to last, each person involved have to do their part, make an effort, devote energy to it, and be good at giving as well as receiving. Some of us are totally capable of doing so, while others are a little more unstable and have trouble holding onto their friendships. To find out how to maintain your friendship over the long term, we're going to offer you, for each sign, a little advice to help you in this area.


You tend to get absorbed in your many activities and to not take the time to find out how your friends are doing. It's not enough to wait for an important moment to phone them up. Calling them out of nowhere will always be welcome, so don't settle for just an email - pick up the phone a little more often. You also lack the organizational skills you need to share time with friends. By sharing bonding moments, you will be able to nourish and support your relationships with others, so know how to unplug from the daily grind and devote yourself to your friends more frequently, planning dinners, nights out, or group activities. Don't wait for others to invite you -you take the first step!


You are not the type to be there every time your friends have a night out. You prefer the peace and tranquility of your own little cocoon. But, this doesn't mean, however, that you refuse to see them, are trying to sneak away, or that you're not thinking of them. In order to avoid any misunderstandings and to take responsibility for this weakness that characterizes you, know how to tell the truth. By trusting them in this way, you will be sure to win their trust. To make up for time not spend together, surprise them and please them by organizing heart-warming get-togethers at your house. Plan a surprise party and spoil them like you know how to do so well.


You make new friends quite often, but tend to jump from one to the other without a care and to not be there, so, if you wish for your relations to last over time, even if you can't see them regularly, it would still be smart to keep them up to speed on your life. Moreover, figure out a way to avoid continuously cancelling meet-ups over and over and consider bringing your friends into your life a little more by having them meet your other acquaintances. Know how to listen to your friends and be there for them when they need you, too. Don't forget that communication is a two-way street!


Come out of your shell and stay confident in yourself. You have a plethora of things to share with your friends - that's what you're there for, actually. So, stop hiding away. Prove to them that you love them and take action: invite them over in kindness, as you know so well how to do. If you're short on time, why not plan a night out or a weekend where you can all get together? Some of them haven't caught up with you in a while? Don't expect them to contact you first. Send them an email or call them up. Whichever you choose, be there for them, win their trust, and dare to confide in them a bit more.


You are better at holding relationships over the long term. But still, don't be too demanding or inquisitive, or always want your friends to be there for you to go with you off on your adventures or nights out. Stop expecting them to be at your command. You are undeniably a ringleader, but don't abuse this role or become intrusive, however. Let them have their own freedom and don't be offended if one of them turns down an invitation because they're tied up elsewhere. Nothing is that serious, so know how and when to compromise and extend your invitation another time.


You tend to be pretty critical, so, if you don't want to end up annoying or offending your friends, it would be good to admit that others can be different from you and won't necessarily share the same desires, tastes, or viewpoints as you. As long as these differences aren't at odds with your values, learn how to accept them. Stop needing to always plan nights out or other activities in advance. If you don't, it could really be a restricting pain. Just be more open and spontaneous! Battle your shyness and lack of self-confidence, too.


By just always going with the flow, never suggesting anything, and always counting on your friends to organize your outings, you can quickly becoming a bother. If you don't want your friends to get tired of this little fault of yours, then stop being so passive. Take control, pick up your phone, and plan something. Shock them by being as capable as they are to send out an invitation for a party at your place or a good idea for an upcoming weekend. You'll get to have a good time, your friends will get to have fun, and you'll all have something to remember.


Don't be so obsessive and moralizing. If you don't share the same point of view, there's no point in being biting and critical or overreacting. On the contrary, be tolerant open. Be aware that friendship is about accepting differences as much as encouraging others' decisions, even if they're not decisions you'd make. In any of your exchanges with others, listen, empathize, and have a sense of humor. For your friends to really be able to figure out your personality, appreciate you fully, and truly trust you, break down your barriers and learn how to trust.


Your desire to expand your friend possibilities a little bit more can make you unreliable. So, if you wish to cultivate your friendships over the long term, it'll take more than just being there from time to time or by getting out of hanging out by saying your schedule is booked. Even though your schedule might very well leave you little time to go out, thanks to technology today, you no longer have any reason not to send an email or to Skype with your friends to find out how they're doing or just for a chat. Make an effort to be more available and attentive!


You know better than anyone how to maintain friendships over the long term, but still, your exclusive and possessive nature can make you a little oppressive. You need to realize that just because someone is your friend, it doesn't mean that they have to abandon all other relations or feel obligated to share their free time only with you. Friendship is also about sharing friends! So get to know your friends' friends and expand your network. This way, you will prove your attachment to them and will be able to share new experiences and bonding moments and create new bonds as well.


Even though you have really great positive qualities and believe you are doing right, you do tend to be unpredictable and to lack consistency. For your friendships not to wither away and die over time, figure out how to be a little more available. Don't be there only for the good times. Be there when things aren't working out, too. Needless to say: "no news is good news!" React to your friends' silence, too, and don't let too much time pass before calling them up to find out how they're doing and suggest sharing a meal or a night out together.


Because of your hypersensitivity, you frequently become withdrawn or evasive and feel uncomfortable. This behavior can be puzzling for your friends. To remedy this and become 100% involved in your relationships, you will have to make an effort to stop constantly doubting yourself. If you friends have chosen you, it's because you have so many good qualities, so stop thinking you have nothing to offer them or that you're not good enough. Get your confidence back up and take initiative, organizing nights out or get-togethers with friends.

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