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Written by Olivia

Sometimes silly, serious or comical, the challenges spread on social networks to create buzz. A good idea and there you are reinventing a moment or a day in your life. To concretize an idea out of nowhere, is like a cloud that the sun colors at dawn. Your life takes a new turn, your being is adorned with a new personality, and you get out of your comfort zone, starting to meet a challenge that is perhaps nothing to someone else, but that means so much for you. Let's review how each astrological sign gets ready to take on a challenge!


Connect with Yourself
Close your twitter account, disconnect your Facebook profile and turn off your iPad. Go out, breathe, relax for a few hours and hop on a bike to make your way or to embark on new adventures that will make you discover how detours and turns are just parts of life that surprise you and relax you. Such a trip will energize you better and make you want to renew the experience.


Maximize Your Time
Make every effort to never be interrupted in your task. Stay focused on your work and aim to finish early, two hours, for example, before the agreed time. You will feel a breath of lightness and see your days differently thanks to your tenacity that will reward you in return for a bonus of time where you can daydream, stroll and think of new ways of being. A good idea sometimes simplifies life!


Cultivate Patience
Give yourself the trouble of being patient for a day. If you win this challenge, you will discover in yourself a facet that you did not see until now and it will make you perceive a part of you, so new and refreshing. The adage: "Infinite patience produces immediate results" will give you a new look at your talents and you will understand that you are in harmony with your projects and your environment thanks to a multitude of pleasant things that will come more easily to you.


Smile at Strangers
Give yourself a fantasy that is out of the ordinary. Get out of your clan, your family and your routine to try the impossible, at least what seems impossible to you. Smile at people in the street, do not be afraid of strangers and open yourself up to your inner being by doing all the sweet things that you do for your loved ones. You will experience a warmth between your ribs bigger than you imagined. This is a big step for you and probably for humanity as well.


Give Up Your Ego
Could you forget your little worries and your ego just to gain a little height? The best thing is that you find something exhilarating in the sense that, by scrupulously observing human qualities in others, this will be a sign that you also have these virtues in your depths because otherwise, how could you notice them? Get ready to spot a trait of kindness, a smile, a kind gesture and you will feel great.


Reboost Your home
Make your apartment feel like the country by attacking the decor of your home. Decorate your walls with floral motifs, locate the empty vases lying around in a corner, fill them with colorful flowers, push a vintage armchair into your living room and choose a rustic and cozy tone. By redoing your sweet-home, you will reach a level of energy that will stimulate you every time you return to your neighborhood.


Sprinkle with tenderness
Write poems and sweet little words, do it randomly, on a bench, in the subway, at your banker's house, at your parent's, as long as it's a declaration of love and deep well-being to you and others. You will gain a lot from being inspired and inspiring others. Act without hope of useless glory and sprinkle your surroundings with your spiritual and creative seed. This will not be without effect because you will have put your soul and your guts into it.


Make a Vow of Silence
You would have everything to gain if you submit to meditation sessions about letting go of your sometimes tormented nature. Quest for and cherish silence, and once you have taken the first step, you will reopen your eyes to a more beautiful, more alive, more loving world, and you will have a more buoyant energy. It's sometimes through small things that one makes big moves in their life.


Poetise, positively
Learn to see beauty in any situation and your perception will change dramatically. You do not have to submit to these setbacks that life sometimes brings you, but rather to return them and make yourself stronger, to imagine all that you are able to and feel positive even when it does not turn out as you would like. It could be the best lesson for any life.


Jouer un personnage
Although it may seem difficult at first, an inscription to an improvised comedy class could do you the greatest good. This will help you to invest in certain situations where you have to let go of your emotions. You will laugh more often, you will express yourself more honestly and we will see you in a new and more vivid light. If taking lessons scares you, you can always challenge yourself to be someone else, on the street or elsewhere, to spice up your day.


Get closer to the heavens
You may have always wanted to do it, so now is the time to fulfill your desires, to go to an observatory or a planetarium to discover under what skies you live. You will feel better in your shoes after such an experience because you will have the impression to carry in you the infinite. Nothing will seem impossible to you because you will have overcome almost useless barriers.


Get Rid of Nuisances
Once is not customary, flee from those who poison you spiritually and morally as though they were the plague. Your tendency to absorb any atmosphere and to help anyone who is in an indelicate situation often turns against you without you being aware of it. By protecting yourself somewhat and, in other words, by respecting yourself, you will achieve a challenge worthy of the name that will offer you a big breath of fresh air.


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