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We also pay homage to Steve Jobs!

Written by Susan

On October 5th, 2011, the apple with a biting taken out of it presented the new generation of his next-generation smartphone, the iPhone 4S. Its creator, Steve Jobs, passed away the next day after a long struggle with sickness. This technological genius, born on February 24th at 6am in San Francisco, had an interesting fate. A string of new releases followed his death, which could seem a little upsetting at first, but, deep down, it is nothing of the sort. His job was done, and others will carry the torch. Steve Jobs left us at the height of his glory, as a symbol, at just the moment when Neptune was in exact opposition with Pluto, his natal planet, which represents the end, death, ceasing; it is the key to the realm of Hades. Jupiter in transit, and in opposition to another of his natal planets, Saturn, also had its own significant, and totally troubling, influence.

Steve Jobs is undeniably the man who has left the biggest mark on the beginnings of the information age and an indelible impression all over the world. His natal chart is far from boring, and for good reason. What is most striking at first glance about his natal chart are the dominants in his angular houses, which, traditionally in astrology, represents standing out socially, rising far above one's birth status, and having a powerful personality.

The first of these Houses is in Aquarius, in conjunction with Mercury, which emphasizes powerful intelligence, the ability to think abstractly, to see things more objectively and capable of innovation. Aquarius is the sector of the zodiac, remember, that marks the great trailblazers of humanity: Jules Verne, Michelangelo, Gorbatchev, Renault, etc...

Steve Jobs having a dominant planet in Mercury, won't shock anyone. He knew full well how to use this astrological talent, especially when reinforced by an opposition with his natal Pluto, which was in Leo, House 7. This means that his environment had a dynamic influence on his creativity. He was able to awaken his skills, to become aware of them. Group projects are favored, especially those related to research, studies, contacts, or commerce, in this type of planetary configuration.

The moon and sun are also in his First House. These two heavenly bodies being in the same Constellation of Pisces, represents intense creativity and openness to the current Zeitgeist, to the needs of the public. His Natal Moon is in trigon with Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn, forming the main theme of Steve Jobs' natal chart: a remarkable isoceles triangle linking the three Water signs of the zodiac. Air's inventiveness and Water's openness clearly dominate his natal chart.

A moon in such a good aspect as this indicates great creativity applied to Uranus' values (being ahead of the crowd, technology),and is assoicated with the influences of Jupiter, in domal dignity in Cancer, representing fame, official recognition, and social elevation.

In Scorpio, Saturn's trigons with Uranus, Jupiter, and the Moon marks Steve Jobs' inspiration, the fearlessness with which he delved into deep complexity to extract from them the creations that we can all use with ease. There's almost no point in saying that most of his inventions have ended up making PC use commonplace while creating more and more mobile and user-friendly versions that we all use on a daily basis.

Steve Jobs was a visionary, a genius creator, and the world now has at its disposable all of his creations, which will continue to be a point of reference for those to come. When Steve Jobs cofounded his business with Steve Wozniak in 1976, Neptune was right on the edge of the 10th House, while Jupiter was in sextile with his natal Sun, both highly indicative of forced removal.

The introduction of the iMac in 1988 is marked by Uranus' transit in conjunction with Steve Jobs' natal Mercury and by the southern Lunar Node in a perfect conjunction with his natal Sun sign, as well as by Jupiter's conjunction in transit with his natal moon. If these are only coincidences, as the skeptics might say, we have to acknowledge that mathematically speaking, the probability is through the roof!

When Steve Jobs launched the tablet iPad in 2010, Uranus and Jupiter were in conjunction, this time with his natal Moon, Pluto was in transit in sextile with his natal moon, and Saturn was in opposition with his natal moon.

Whe he launched his portable music device iPod in 2001, Neptune was in transit, in conjunction with his natal Mercury; Jupiter and Saturn were in transit, in trigon with his natal Mercury, and the northern Lunar node was in trigon with his natal Sun. Here again, we are face-to-face with planetary aspects that represent creation, the promise of great unquestionable success.

The launch of the multi-function telephone, the iPhone in 2007 coincided with Neptune's entering into transit in Steve Jobs' First House, as well as with the conjunction of the northern lunar node and his natal Sun, representing the completion of a vocation. Jupiter was also in transit on the edge of his 10th House (the height of his career),and Saturn was also in transit in his natal Pluto.

Jupiter being in transit, in opposition to his natal Saturn at the moment of his death stresses even more the fact that he would leave an impression that would be a springboard for others' creativity, as well as a model of tenacity (Taurus/Scorpio axis) from which others may draw the inspiration needed to take technological innovation even further, leading to services for all of mankind that we can only dream of.

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