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Saturday, July the 11th
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Don't Suffer from Your Emotions Anymore

  Written by Mary

The Internet is second to none in tracking and exploiting our emotions. Our feelings are a wealth of information and a way to keep us trapped on the Web. To remain independent, we suggest an idea based on the weaker characteristics of your astrological sign. Let's go through the zodiac and stop on everyone's profile.

Aries: Be aware of your feelings
You can quickly get carried away by reading some offensive comments on social networks. Don't let them influence you. Nothing prevents you from being in a bad mood. However, you will benefit from being consciously attentive to your feelings to allow them the opportunity to express themselves without losing your mind. Through physical activity or even by writing a letter full of anger that you will burn later. It could even allow you to realize what motivates your actions and make new decisions.

Gemini: Change your environment
You can quickly get carried away with news intended to make you react. Your thoughts are going faster than the music. You should use the lively emotions running through you as alerts to change your environment completely. How? 'Or' What? By going for a walk or going to a place you like. By doing so, you will break the associations of ideas that are linked to where you are. You will quickly feel better. Simply because the immediate environment around you will be completely different. You will see it is effective!

Leo: Act on your biological system
Any image conveyed on the Web that challenges your personal power affects you. In this case, act on your internal way of operating. It takes a bit of training, but it does pay off with habit. The principle is to manage to transform some of your biological constants. Your heart rate, breathing, and muscle tension can change when you are overwhelmed by emotions. With a few practical exercises, you can take control. Through this, you learn to better observe who you are and to be more lucid about these little moments that organize your life.

Virgo: Do an introspection
Whenever you find yourself facing an image of the anxiety-provoking Web, take stock of your emotions. You are good at self-analysis. Ask yourself, "What's going on with my emotions?" Write in a small notebook those moments when you got angry, when you were afraid, when you felt joy... Ask yourself, "Why do I feel that?" "Why am I getting angry?" And write your answers in your notebook. Coming back to it later with a restful head will make you realize how easy it is to fall into the trap of pre-engineered internet emotions.

Scorpio: Use your finesse and instinct
If something moves you via the Internet, use your emotions to identify your own needs. You can know yourself better by observing your own behavior and positioning yourself around good and evil, pleasure or torment. Besides, you also have a keen eye, which allows you to detect what is true or prefabricated. Use it! You will thus be able to stay away from the scams that flourish on the Web and trigger unnecessary emotions.

Capricorn: Find yourself
Even if you are realistic, you cannot resist certain internet shop windows, which charm your ambitions. Turn to relaxation, which is an ideal activity to better manage your emotions. You can relax in the morning before going to work or on a break during the day. Five minutes may suffice. Put yourself in a quiet place, close your eyes, and start breathing deeply and evenly. Focus on your deeper and deeper breathing. Exercise once or twice daily.

Aquarius: Have a clearer vision
Putting limits on the sometimes provocative Web also means knowing your place, and not absorbing prefabricated emotions like a sponge. It should also be pointed out that you like to take part in chats with the theme of current affairs and that you can get carried away with imposing your point of view. Admit also that if certain things go wrong, going wrong with them is not buoyant or creative. You have to pull yourself up to try to get a more holistic view that will give you more positive energy.

Pisces: Cultivate simplicity
As sensitive as you are, the Internet can be a source of many emotions for you. If you tend to internalize your emotions, you may find it difficult to get in touch with your true self. And conversely, if you react quickly, you risk emotionally attacking your loved ones and causing conflict or problematic mistakes. Finding balance by cultivating your "personal garden" is essential, by reading, listening to inspiring music, or by meeting an open and warm friend.
Taurus: Visualize
Rather than let yourself be led by certain emotions conveyed on the Web, refocus. You are a personality full of inner wealth; it would be a shame not to exploit your imagination. During a difficult moment in front of your screen, keep this in mind. Turn it into a positive moment and make it a session for visualization. Leave the positive emotions infused, then you can act on your emotional state. Mental visualization allows you to quickly change your mental and physiological state. It helps to really change automatic attitudes.

Cancer: Relearn how to feel
Beware of your addiction to the Web. Sad images or videos made to revolt the hearts of sentient beings like you can follow you inside for a whole day. And by experiencing anger, your thoughts ruminate around that anger, nourishing it. At this point, it is necessary to have a keyword that stops these thoughts. It could be "stop", "it's over", or some other word that works for you. After which, write down your toxic thinking. For example, exasperation... and write its positive equivalent next to it. In this case, it would be joy or happiness. Even if it doesn't seem to work, a priori, a slight feeling of appeasement sets in, which reduces your distress. Try it!

Libra: Smile for yourself
The Internet conveys images intended to make you buy beauty products or that are supposed to make you happier in love. Don't feel demeaned! A fun and enjoyable exercise to do: when a negative emotion seizes you, run towards a mirror. Look at your reflection and smile! Even if you don't want to, make a smile. For a few minutes, don't let go of your image while smiling. This exercise will help you be more objective and calm. Thanks to the smile, you release endorphins. Also, you will be able to control your emotions and get a better perspective on this kind of situation.

Sagittarius: Decide your life
You may know that the Internet sells you dreams. You let yourself be led because you like escaping outside of the sad everyday life. However, this shows you the gap between your obligations and the possibility of experiencing an attractive trip won in a draw, for example. Become your own boss from a psychological point of view. This is an excellent option! Program your schedule in line with projects that are important to you and your desires will become more concrete and will help make you more satisfied in the end.

Don't Suffer from Your Emotions Anymore - 2 comments
(last message on the 27/04/2020 am30 05:48)

I like it I don't like it
Susan from the site
Posted the 27/04/2020 at 05:48
Pisces Lyccy, sign for Pisces
Posted the 24/04/2020 at 11:04
I would like to know why can I not keep people that I'm in love with in my life for ever and when will my love come a long because the man I loved very dearly just left and marry another woman what's wrong with me
Dear Lyccy, thanks for your comment. I'm sorry but I cannot answer to your personal question on this page of comments. However, you can have a look at your personal astral forecast, here is the link : Your personalized astral forecast offered
Have a lovely day ! Susan.
I like it I don't like it
Pisces Lyccy, sign for Pisces
Posted the 24/04/2020 at 11:04
I would like to know why can I not keep people that I'm in love with in my life for ever and when will my love come a long because the man I loved very dearly just left and marry another woman what's wrong with me
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