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Overcome your complexes

Written by Mary

You think you are less intelligent than the average person, that your lips are puckered, and you hide your over-sized behind. In short: you have more than enough to talk about. Your complexes are taking over your life and ruining your days. Find out how to pick up on them so that you can handle them wisely after. Understand, too, that we all tend to make mountains out of molehills, so let's start going through the zodiac and figure out your problem:


Be more humane
You feel like you are miles ahead of everyone else even if you don't say so. In fact, you are hyperactive and might scare off who might have been hard-working collaborators. What's more, you know full well that you should take a break and unplug from the hectic pace our society imposes upon us. And it's at this point that you will become aware that you are seen as an over-demanding boss. You can manage to recharge your batteries by forcing yourself to get out into the country side regularly and checking in with yourself.


Lose some weight
You're a big eater and can pack on the pounds without even realizing it. It is only afterwards, once you've stepped on the scale, that you'll see you've gained weight - and then try desperately to get rid of it. Your weight will become your obsession, and you will go on diet after diet without finding satisfaction. The best thing to do is just to start exercising. To motivate yourself, go to the gym with a friend to get some healthy competition going.


Discover your own value
You have trouble expressing your feelings and so seek refuge in your intellect, where you feel much more comfortable. And, if someone can't follow you, an aggression that is the sign of a superiority complex will manifest itself. This kind of trouble is a mechanism for hiding the low esteem you hold yourself in. Your challenge is to realize that you have value even when you aren't showing off your intellectual prowess.


Chase away the butterflies
Before a date, a meeting, or public speaking, your hands get wet, and you sweat more than you need to. That's your nerves. You can't do anything about it, it's just how you are. Regardless, and no matter what you think, you can take action and push away this negative habit in your beliefs if you avoid catastrophizing. Stay positive by visualizing comfortable situations and project yourself into good scenarios. If the negativity still persists, go to a hypnosis session and bring out your hidden fears gently.


No one is perfect
You like taking charge, expanding your network, changing up your lifestyle, and holding forth to attract attention. Despite all this, deep down inside, you feel that you are not good enough to attain the goals you've set for yourself and come out of your theatrical performances disappointed. You have chronic low self-confidence because of your perfectionism. Accept that you won't win someone over at first contact and allow yourself to fail, as this is how every genius has learned: from their failures.


Don't devalue yourself
You keep all your emotions inside because you feel like you aren't as important as others. And it is this lack of confidence that makes you surround yourself with people that criticize you. Realize that you are making a conscious choice to have critical people around you in order to prove your idea of yourself right. Change who you hang out with, and you'll have already taken a huge step towards not discrediting yourself anymore.


Assert yourself
You feel like you go unnoticed in public because you hate the noise and posturing that seem burdensome to you, which holds you back. You even wonder sometimes if you exist at all and what your identity is based on. Don't be afraid to assert yourself and to speak up, to look whoever you're talking to right in the eyes, instead of mumbling to yourself. If you follow these principles, you'll be noticed sure enough.


Remove your inhibitions
Your main complex is your guilt. It developed out of your feelings about your irrational fears, your often uncontrollable willpower, or a feeling of shame that you constantly hide behind a dubious mask. This emotional chaos causes a pain that can make you antisocial and unhappy. The best thing you have to do is to talk with a specialist so that you stifle this complex. You will make great progress as long as you are not judged for anything.


Create a space for your emotions
Your emotions overwhelm you to the point that you end up expressing them tactlessly and without thinking, which can put you in situations where others might pigeonhole you. You have developed a sort of complex over it, one that forces you to constantly keep an eye on your mental state in order to conform. But, the only problem is that this is not you and fills your innermost self with rage. It would be wise to find a place where you can express yourself, that nurtures your well-being, perhaps through an artistic endeavor, comedy, or dance. And your complexes will leave you.


Trust yourself
You don't like seeing pictures of yourself, because you assume they'll all be terrible. Your complex has to do with your physical appearance, which you blow out of proportion in your mind and then get caught up on a fault, assigning blame for all the ills and bad luck in your life to it. If you can forget all about plastic surgery, this will be a good start toward greater well-being. What you have to do is regain your self-confidence outside of your physical appearance. A life coach could really help you out there!


Don't wrack your brains
You feel that you don't have the intellectual credentials to face people you consider more cultured than, or superior to, you. You know full well that knowledge is a key power in our current society, and feeling that you lack the necessary skills in this domain leaves you feeling humiliated - and unjustly so. Realize that if you set the so high, you will never feel sufficient or capable. Be more fair and easy on yourself.


You are shy but take care of yourself
You are, deep down, very shy because you feel like you are standing outside the "normal world" or just "off" in general, so to speak. Choose a career path that makes you feel at ease and that focuses on your positive qualities. Expand your field of knowledge and skill to such an extent that you are the first one people turn to for your unique and specific talents. Little by little, you will stop belittling yourself and start approaching life with confidence.


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