Affinities between the couple who are both Gemini

Written by Alison

The superimposition of two signs as constantly changing as Gemini may give a relationship an unstable spark. You are both sociable, intelligent, and agitated. All this excitement, however, does not guarantee stability. For the relationship to last, the least carefree of the two must decide to take on their responsibilities or develop their sense of organization...

Love compatibility between Gemini and Gemini

This is a common, yet not always stable, duo. For this to work, the less carefree one will have to handle the logistics... You'll make each other laugh like a couple of nuts. You like to go out, move, and see people. Everything interests you and your partner will tag along - magical! Problems may stem from the responsibilities that neither one wants to take on. Foresight isn't your strong suit...

Compatibility between a Gemini woman and a Gemini man

Gemini can very easily become charmed, impassioned, and whisked away on adventures, but are liable as well to scamper off just as quickly! The problem with this union is that they always what want they don't have. Which of these two Gemini will remain faithful once a commitment is made? Only an Earth or Fire influence can strengthen the roots of this relationship over the long-term. In order to find harmony and mature together, these two will have to be simplistic, humble, and tolerant.

Compatibility between a Gemini woman and a Gemini woman

Dear Gemini, here's a woman who's just like you and who brings you face to face with your weaknesses without even trying! That might not be easy to accept, but you will be able to create a stable, solid relationship if you show her the same tolerance and allow her the same independence that you yourself require. You will have to work on certain qualities that she needs. You will have to be aware of your fundamental needs in order to address your partner's, to reassure her of your feelings, and to show her your own tenderness. Let go of your biting wit and leave behind your shell when you are alone together in this relationship.

Compatibility between a Gemini man and a Gemini man

Bringing together two signs as shifting and changing as two Geminis is liable to form a relationship that is as lively as it is unstable. You think in the same logical, yet adaptable, way. You share an intellectual flexibility, and probably have long, thrilling conversations, since you are both often on the same wavelength. When you are away, you have an attitude that attracts sympathy and makes it easier to be welcomed anywhere. Make sure, though, to not lose your intimacy among all these different, but superficial, exchanges... You might also have a hard time taking on important responsibilities.


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