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Ecological tips

Written by Mary

Going green is a new way to care for the planet and for oneself, too. If we all do our part, and not just to be trendy but to raise our consciousness, we can put well-being and health at the center of the discussion. Reducing household waste, keeping water consumption in check, and respecting the environment are all part of this growing school of thought where everyone does their bit.


Buy yourself a new car
Independent and a speed demon, you like to use your car to go wherever you need to. Remember: the slower and smoother you drive, the more fuel you will save. One study has even found that responsible driving can consume up to 40% less! Not only that, but you will pollute less, too, and avoid an accident. Stay cool!


Garden differently
You are known for loving the earth and nature. If you already have a garden, we recommend collecting rain water for watering your flowers and plants. Put a tub under the gutters or, if you have the funds, buy a cistern for catching that oh-so precious rain water. And voilĂ  - you'll have saved money on water!


Buy local
Get used to doing your shopping at farmers' markets once a month for food and supplies. Choosing locally grown produce, for example, reduces transport costs and therefore road traffic. At bigger, chain stores, buy organic so that you know that what you're buying respects the environment.


Shop smart
You are up on what makes your home better for your family, and, if a device would make life easier for everyone, you'll buy it. Nonetheless, pay attention to the quality of what you buy so that you're not stuck with them for years and years. Certain tags or logos can assure you that, in case of malfunction, you will get your money back or can enjoy a life-long guarantee. This is a huge step forward, and getting used to this new way of consuming will spare you from accumulating too much trash.


You are capable of pouring all of your energy into an idea once it's gotten hold of you, and this is one of those ideas that could really compel you. Put your ego to good use serving a good cause. Raising the planet's awareness is totally possible, and we now possess the technological means for doing so on a grand scale. Making a documentary, organizing a conference, recording all the progress made, bringing about real change - all this can be part of your vision of things. In short, you have the capacity

to get a real movement started.


Responsible spending
As someone who likes to save money, ecology could become second nature to you. Don't forget to shut off the light when you leave a room and to completely shut off any appliance not in use. For example, there is no point in leaving your router on when you leave for the weekend. You might also invest in a water filter pitcher instead of buying bottles of water that contain sulphates and phosphates, anyway. But, you are probably already in the habit of doing these things...


Fashion revolution
You are an elegant being, and dressing tastefully isn't out of the question if you want to go green. It is entirely possible to choose styles and brands that make ethical choices by using natural fibers from local merchants. From now on, you can rummage through stores that carry only ecologically friendly materials. Additionally, the cost has become more and more affordable, which is sure to please any consumer.


Profitable ecology
You aren't indifferent to cold, hard cash, which is your way of feeling more secure. To become more ecologically aware, start off by making money selling your old stuff. Sell your old iPhone for a pretty penny, which isn't nothing these days. Certain clothes stores even encourage their customers to resell what they no longer wear, as long as it is in good condition. In return, you will get a discount!


Slow and steady wins the race
You are without equal when it comes to moving, changing decor, traveling, or jumping in your car to spend a weekend by the sea. If you have too much baggage or too many accessories, opt for a trailer over a luggage rack. This way, you will save more fuel. And, if you want to go one better, find out what vehicles pollute the least and replace your car! You'll become a real eco-warrior!


Get an eco-friendly washing machine
Prefer to wash your clothes at a lower temperature, say around 85 degrees instead of 140 (Fahrenheit). The savings will be enormous if you avoid using too hot of water. Washing on cold has numerous advantages, including keeping colors bright and preventing wrinkling. You can keep up with the latest eco trend by skipping the pre-wash - just one more way to save energy! A good habit to get into, too.


Infrom your children, too
As is your style, you are totally capable of setting up a carpool with your friends, colleagues, or neighbors. This is a new way to get around that will also let you have a chat with people you don't know, which is your specialty. Your children won't have any complaints about getting to school this way either and will understand, like you do, that a car can fit up to 7 people. This is a good start teaching them to take responsibility.


Invest in a small waste basket
You have a penchant for daydreaming and coming up with new concepts while you stroll romantically through the woods, but remember not to throw your cigarette butt on the ground unconsciously - they take 2 years to decompose! Ditto for gum wrappers, which hang around for 5 years. Be more aware when on one of your poetic little walks.


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