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How to Manage Your Moods?

Written by Mary

Moods are not only experienced by poets, great romantics, or sensitive and fragile artists. No one escapes a mood swing, swaying between melancholy and tranquility, resentment, and joy. So, how do we manage them? See what we propose below according to your astrological sign.


Recycle the Positive
If your mood swings are commonplace, they nevertheless make you progress; they prevent you from stagnating and allow you to get into action. To act is to tear anxiety from its certainty, said Jacques Lacan, and that is typically what characterizes you. By acting, you assert yourself and your moods become a kind of foundation that you rely on to lead big projects that are important to you. And with hindsight, you understand that your moods have become opportunities to progress and reinvent yourself.


Be Productive
Your moods could stem from an organizational problem in your productivity. Do not hesitate to do even the smallest tasks to make good progress and streamline your work. Otherwise, you will progress less and less, and it will cause dark moods. It is your capacity for production that takes you out of moods. Take everything into account, even if you delegate certain things. Know that the smallest tasks to do are important to lead your boat.


Use Your Mind Wisely
Managing your moods is possible if you give your mind a goal. Having a pleasant conversation with a friend will not be enough: you have to conduct an investigation, understand the workings of a business, interview an interlocutor, write your report, and your feelings. All this gives meaning to a process that obliterates the instabilities of your nervous moods. Producing something new through this exercise is great!


Pick the Right Information
Sensitive as you are, avoid exposing yourself to bad news that you discover on the TV or in the newspaper. This will not fix your moods. Instead, you'd better immerse yourself in something entertaining and distracting like reading a novel where you'll throw yourself into it wholeheartedly. This will inspire you to progress on your emotional path, and your projects will only take a good turn. Exit your moods!


Dissolve Your Moods
Face your inner turmoil by opting for a hot bath that will reconnect you to your well-being. It is the guarantee of a perfect relaxation for you. By using bath salts and wading in flavored essences, you will immerse yourself in a bath of detoxifying and tonic happiness where your toxic states of mind will evaporate. Do not follow only what you read, experiment to gain a return from this relaxation ritual: we assure you it will do the greatest good!


Organize Your Workspace
To soothe your moods, choose a calm work environment. Anything that interrupts and disturbs you will confuse your mind and emotions. Protect yourself from disruptive elements such as the arrival of emails, phone calls, or requests from your colleagues ... Do not hesitate to redefine your workspace, learn to say "No" or "another time" so as not to be distracted from the goals that matter to you.


Watch a Romance Movie
For a positive cure, do something straightforward: watch a romantic movie. A good love story will make you forget your feelings. You will relax for about 2 hours, and your emotional temperature will soften as desired. Even if the show is sometimes a little sad, a love story by proxy will put you in step with your romantic soul, and it will make you dream. These stories on the screen fill you with hope because you know that love throbs somewhere in this world (even if it's fictional).


Practice Relaxation
It is important to get out of the trap of your emotions and not work in automatic mode. Learn to become aware and observe your states of mind that arise without warning. Yoga or meditation and relaxation techniques practiced in the long-term are excellent ways to look inside yourself and soothe your sometimes overflowing moods. The essential thing is to become a master of yourself. Or in any case, be less caught off guard by your psychology.


Play a Team Sport
When mood swings come or even anger; sometimes, it is because you lose sight of yourself, you do not see how vast you are inside. To sweep away these toxic emotions, practice a team sport. You will feel how much energy you draw from yourself, and it makes you feel better. The interactions with your partners will be very stimulating. Besides, you will optimize your physical capacities and strengthen your musculature. All this will make your moods a thing of the past!


Adopt the Right Posture
We know that our states of mind influence our gestures, but we know less that the reverse is also true. Our actions influence our emotions, so it may be good to apply this principle throughout your body. Smile at a person (or even smile at yourself),take deep breaths to relax, be still for a while, sit quietly without moving... In short, cultivate an inspiring attitude to overcome your emotional discomfort.


Privilege Your Profound Self
Your moods come from the fact that you feel you have not been found or realized. Consider your small feelings of insecurity as warning signs and doors to open on personal awareness. From there, you will be able to make a layout of your life and review your projects so that they match who you really are. Gradually you can weave the fabric of your new future again.


You can overcome your mood swings by volunteering. It can even be fun sometimes if you are engaged in an activity equal to that of a hobby such as walking dogs from a shelter. As long as you love animals. On a human level, helping people who are having a hard time can help you make sense of your life. It will stimulate something in you that is much more rewarding than financial compensation.

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