A loving relationship between the Taurus and the Libra sign

Written by Alison

Your tastes for beauty, luxury, and comfort bring you together, but in Taurus there is a sensual and somewhat exclusive approach towards their lover. Libra is more concerned about a certain elegance in feelings. Libra likes to go out, Taurus likes to stay in. You are both kind but between the jealousy of one and the frivolity of the other, there could be sparks...

Love compatibility between Taurus and Libra

It's make or break. What will make it is your common values: sociability, love of comfort and beauty. For it not to break, Taurus will have to pull himself out of his rut, and Libra will have to not be too superficial. You are both friendly, but Taurus can be jealous, and Libra can be flippant, and this is where sparks could fly - or passion could grow...

Compatibility between a Taurus woman and a Libra man

In this couple, male Libra will have to stop hesitating and questioning things over and over when it comes time to make a decision, and woman Taurus will have to open herself up to the outside world more, or else this could turn into a relationship of two different people, instead of a real couple, brought together through love, sharing, and a common future. Their taste for beauty will bring them together to create a pleasant and harmonious household. Communication is an absolute must for getting over their emotional differences and eventually understanding each other deeply.

Compatibility between a Taurus man and a Libra woman

If Taurus can keep his temper in check and be less jealous and possessive, lady Libra could very well be charmed by such a self-confident, thoughtful, and attentive man as this. She can make life more thrilling, more pleasant, and less routine, and could even push her to question herself from time to time. This could lend Taurus a real helping hand, as he has trouble rapidly adapting to outside change, unlike his partner. The erotic will a central theme all throughout their relationship. Taurus' instinct and Libra's elegance create an offbeat yet lasting couple.

Compatibility between a Taurus woman and a Libra woman

Dear Libra, you must learn to settle down and enjoy the good things in life with your partner. Don't always be caught up in your head or always be running from a meal out with friends to a working meeting, and so on and so forth. Rest your mind, breathe, and savor the good times - this is life, too. Especially with lady Taurus, who needs intimate alone time to feel fulfilled and get to know your best qualities. Your partner is endowed with a great sensitivity that you'd do best not to oppose, or else see her shut down and go pout in a corner, which could last a long time. Learning her limits is essential for avoiding these tendencies.

Compatibility between a Taurus man and a Libra man

You each have different temperaments, but that doesn't make you enemies. Taurus reflects coolly, makes solid conclusions, and looks for practical solutions, but will rarely change his mind, and can be a little rigid in his attitudes. Libra changes their mind like they change shirts, interested more in form than in substance, and loves having brilliant conversations, even about pointless or superficial topics. Your relationship stands out for your shared taste for comfort and beauty, your dynamic conversation. Your life together can unfold in a wonderful setting.

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