Your relationship between the sign of Taurus and the Leo

Written by Alison

Everyone must take care of their jealousy, especially since it does not have the same origins: a greedy and sensual possessiveness in Taurus, pride in Leo. With your loyal and honest mentalities and your common values, you can achieve a very good love story that is likely to last if you make room for the other and don't to try to dominate the situation.

Love compatibility between Taurus and Leo

At first sight, this is a perfect match: you share the same material values, and you are sensual and tender. Watch out for power struggles, though! Each one will have to keep an eye on their jealousy, especially as it arises for different reasons in each person: for one, due to possessiveness; for the other, misplaced pride. Both of you being honest and loyal, and sharing the same values, you can have a wonderful romance that has every chance of lasting.

Compatibility between a Taurus woman and a Leo man

If woman Taurus can make room for her dear and tender spouse, this should be a long-lasting relationship. You are both headed in the right direction and on the same page when it comes to the issues of modern life! You could even pull off some real challenges, so listen to each other and just be yourself. Woman Taurus' intense femininity pleases her partner very much, and has many ways to push him to expressing his affection more, which will balance out his authoritarian nature. This relationship needs a pleasant environment; financial security is too far-removed from their ideals for this relationship to get going.

Compatibility between a Taurus man and a Leo woman

This Lioness may struggle in a relationship with this hedonistic Taurus who is satisfied with the pleasures life has to offer. Lady Leo wishes to resonate, take hold of all that glitters, take to the front of the stage, always going after more. This will be a lackluster relationship, unless Taurus has ambition and acts on them accordingly, in which case Leo will put her all into pushing him towards new heights, which will in turn free her from her emotional bouts and cement their bond. She needs to admire who she loves - and so she will. Taurus will become deeply attached to her, given that she agrees to resonate authentically.

Compatibility between a Taurus woman and a Leo woman

Dear Leo, relax and show your partner signs of affection from time to time without worrying about your pride. It's so easy, and yet so important for your partner, that she can only admire you even more! Despite her intense social life, don't forget that you're the center of her life. Cutting her off from her friends would be a suicidal move for your relationship. She would interpret this as a lack of trust that she won't be able to tolerate and that will only make her close herself off from you. Leaving her the "lion's share" in public is essential and will afford you greater concessions in private.

Compatibility between a Taurus man and a Leo man

Leo is enterprising, can become quickly domineering, and seeks to mix what he has learned with his point of view to become more rational. Taurus is stubborn, hard to sway, takes his time before forming an opinion, and hates being pushed around. You must remain completely flexible and tolerant in order to understand each other and accept that you both have wildly different temperaments. If you can manage to do this, each person will benefit from the other's view, and your matching sides can come out. Start by telling yourselves that neither one of you are right or wrong; each one just sees different facets of the same reality, which can lead to very enriching discussions as well as squabbles, depending on how mature you are...

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